Back in August of this year, Facebook released a completely rebuilt app for the iPhone that was much faster than its predecessor thanks to its new coding. The social network ditched HTML5 in favor of a native approach.

Today, the app gets even faster with version 5.3. The update also includes a few new features, like the ability to choose an album from within the app while uploading photos, but the main focus here is definitely speed…

Here’s the full change log from the App Store:

Post your photos to albums and enjoy a speedier app.
• You can now choose an album when uploading photos
• News feed loads more quickly
• Completely rebuilt timeline opens faster on your iPhone

After playing with the update for a few minutes, I have to admit — and this could just be the placebo effect — that it feels a bit snappier than before. I also checked out the new photo uploading feature, and it works as advertised.

As always, you can download the latest version of Facebook from the App Store, for free. And if you already have the app, you can find the new update in the App Store’s ‘Updates’ tab.

What do you think of the new Facebook update? Is it faster?

  • Actually It was pretty fast, they should improve start up time

  • Seems snappier to me!

  • The Facebook app has failed to open, or crashed within seconds since I’ve tried updating using the last 3 most recent versions. It’s also not uncommon from what I’ve read from the app reviews. Anyone else been having this issue, or does anyone know why this keeps happening? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, restarting my phone, nothing works…

    • Kevin

      That has been happening to me too (I have an iPod touch 4 on iOS 5.0.1) anyway…. I’ve reinstalled an old version from installous

      • I’ve done the same thing, but it’s frustrating that the latest update with all the new features and speed keeps crashing.

    • Heard it’s the iAP free that causes the problem, just disable it’s mobile substrate add on

    • and it does not play nice on jailbroken device

  • Falk M.

    It was fast already, definitely seems even snappier now.
    Very nice. Also wink wink to the Android folks, they got an update, too.
    For them, today marked the first release of a native code app, something we enjoyed for weeks now.

    Also, is it just me or is Facebook getting much more stable and bearable again as of late?
    I see myself going on Facebook much more again as a result.

    I love how you can mute all those liked pages you liked for the reason to show you like something but can’t be arsed to get spammed by. I know that’s a little older, but recently I made use of it and buy, love how my feed is bearable and readable again. 😀

  • Javier Gore

    Where’s the share option?

  • still no notification alert

  • yes this is really a great improvement..

  • Marginally faster.

    I really miss landscape support for Facebook though. Something that I’ve been scratching my head trying to understand why they removed it in the first place.

  • Thanks superb