Over the last few weeks there’s been a slight buzz about a so-called iPhone 5 jailbreak from some unknown and unproven entity. So as not to draw attention to the folks behind what is almost assuredly a hoax, we’ll refrain from linking or name dropping.

The bottom line is this, if you don’t see word from a respectable member of the community, a member from proven teams like the Chronic Dev Team or the iPhone Dev Team, then it’s almost always fake. Please don’t get hyped up over something that isn’t real, only to be highly disappointed in a few weeks…

Update: Okay, so a few readers didn’t like the fact that I outright don’t believe any news about an iOS 6 jailbreak from some unknown entity. Fine, I’ll play devil’s advocate.

Suppose an iPhone 5 jailbreak does drop on the 22nd, and it does work? If so, I will happily apologize to the man behind the Dream JB, and create a post outlining how wrong I was for lumping his project in with all of the other fakes that we’ve seen over the years.

Make no mistake, I don’t want this to be a hoax. I want it to be real. It’s in my best interest for this to be real considering that I cover jailbreaks, tweaks, apps, hacks, and everything else in between for iDB.

Yesterday, a post was added to the “Dream JB” website outlining the progress of the iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak. It went a little something like this:

Proof will be posted both here and on my Twitter account on Wednesday. As far as the video that will be uploaded, it will be a single-take shot of the entire jailbreak process, including a restart and usage of the device to prove it is untethered. It will be uploaded as raw video straight from my camera to YouTube. So no edits in any form. Thank you all for your patience and support. Also, with the extremely high volume of tweets and over 4500 emails, I will try to address the public as I can. I ask that you read the FAQ before contacting me by email. I will update the FAQ for you all tomorrow morning. I’ve also moved past website updates to the bottom of the page. Goodnight everyone!

So he says that proof will be posted tomorrow in the form of an unedited video. Excuse me for being just a bit suspicious about this whole thing.

This guy claims that he’s a “one man army”, which is fine. BUt explain to me why it took a literal Dream Team of talented hackers to orchestrate the last Absinthe jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1?

Again, if this is real, I will gladly make a video outlining how incredibly wrong I was.

I understand you guys want a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. I do too, probably even more than many of you do. That being said, don’t look at me like I’m nuts just because I have serious doubts about the relevance of this tool’s existence, and its function.

If this so-called Dream-JB is anything but a dream, then one of two scenarios happened:

1: He’s GeoHot.
2: He’s Comex.

Judging from the content of his website, neither of those scenarios are within the realm of likelihood. Like I said before, just don’t get your hopes up too high.

  • David Strater

    Folks were too angry with Jeff just because they hope for a jailbreak tool too much. I hope for it as well. But hope is different from unreasonably waiting for a train that won’t come. Not to mention we may be on the wrong station altogether.

    Jeff, we got your back!!! We will see what the guy behind Dream JB will do, but anyway, when it comes to jailbreaking, not so many people are better than you, Jeff!!!

  • Who cares guys! 1 day before 22nd is the end of the world, so we’ll never know that is true or not. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • dan bacon

    Dream JB site says that video upload has begun. Does anyone know the youtube username he’s uploading with?

    • Rob_Huska

      OfficialDreamJB, he has a link on his site to video 1.

  • Even if it were real, and this so-called video “proof” were irrefutable, I really couldn’t care less. Until its available as some kind of download I can apply to my own device, it’s about as useful as no jailbreak at all.

    Want to prove its real? Then release it. Until then everything else done in the public eye is a waste of time.

  • Jeff

    Proven fake.

    • Agreed. The guy now claims he will release the jailbreak tonight instead of the 22nd. My guess is, people started scrutinizing the video and found flaws so quickly, finishing his prank on the 22nd would have drawn almost no audience. Time to skip to the main event! πŸ˜‰

      • Jeff

        Couldn’t have summed it up any better.

  • I thought the video was quite convincing. He sounded very sincere and it appeared to actually jailbreak it. For the sake of the community, I hope you eat your words. πŸ˜‰

    • Jeff

      It’s convincing until you watch it again and pick all of the fakeness apart by the seams. It’s as fake as fake gets, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m 1000% sure after watching that video now.

      • Rob_Huska

        Please specify? The only part that I see that could be fake is the fact that a jailbreak isn’t that short of a process. And there is a point in there that the progress bar zips across. He said it was in real time, but I don’t see how.

      • One thing that looked suspicious is that there was no lock screen after it finished booting. It went straight to the springboard. A lot of people are suggesting that this is an indication it was a dummy app putting on a show and that it simply quit at the end (in other words, the phone never actually rebooted).

      • Rob_Huska

        Right I noticed this as well… I was actually about to write post about it. Unfortunate, I wanted it to be true. The app could just be playing some video and do nothing. He needed to interact with the phone as soon as it booted. I believe that a JB could take you straight to the springboard, but why not show some kind of interaction? Well because, it’s probably fake… πŸ™

  • Rob_Huska

    Just saw video 1, I’ve been jail breaking my iPhones since iOS 1.x.x, this could be a real deal. Though I will let Jeff try it out first… πŸ˜‰

  • Raymond Chow

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
    It’s up.

  • Hahaha! Looks like everyone that didn’t believe Jeff just got rickrolld way to go you hopeless iPhone loving hopefuls

  • Jcsilva46

    I bet some of you guys feel like shit after Find out the jailbreak was fake knowing that jeff was right

  • KockBurn

    Good article Jeff. These people have been warned time and time again by prominent Devs. Yes someone can come out of nowhere but it’s unlikely and every time a new device/iOS is released we see numerous fake jailbreaks and every time the the type/ppl give the same lame excuse of there are so many people in the world, a nobody could do it. It’s to much to learn, if they haven’t done previous jailbreaks the chances of JBing iOS 6 with the best security yet is nil. Suckers lol