Microsoft’s inaugural ad for the Surface tablet initially captured our attention, with its pro dancers performing all sorts of crazy moves with their tablets certainly helping a great deal with that. The software maker then followed up with the somewhat subdued teaser on the eve of Surface’s launch.

On Cyber Monday, Microsoft has stepped up its game with a new television commercial seen above. It kinda looks familiar. Pretty sure I saw a similar concept involving jumping gadgets somewhere before…

Regardless of your feelings toward the Surface, the ad is charming and effective, no?

Or perhaps Microsoft should have considered a sensible marketing advice from a fan?

  • How can you like this ad? Way too much going on. The average consumer will have no clue what is going on.

    • Pls give em some credit. You want me to compare? I’m an Apple fan but the truth is that Microsoft ad is just better than Apple ad. Accept it or say no!

      • Uhh. You cannot be serious. This ad is terrible. No story.

      • Osama Bin Laden

        Tell me you’re kidding..

    • i dont care whats goin on cause i kno surface is bunk

  • Just shiny & sexy! Microsoft never disappoint on ad. Well, i can’t comment on the product cos i never get one yet. Still on iPad2 6.0 🙂 Boring?

  • Very loud. Now that’s what I call an Ad !!!

    • You right! Just remind me how its called on iTunes store “Now that’s what i call RnB” lol 🙂

    • surface = big

  • i think the surface is a great product, i don’t have a tablet yet, but i think that would be the one, i mean the surface pro obviously, but this ad has too much of apple in it, those surface just need to be changed by ipods

  • From this ad we can see that Microsoft released a big iPod touch! *sarcasm* it looks like the iPods commercial!

  • surface sucks

    • abbyruleover

      I get the sentiments of the apple fanboys here,but to plainly debunk it saying it “sucks”? The Touch/type cover is one of the most innovative pieces i have seen. Heck Steve Wozniak himself called Microsoft “more innovative” than apple recently. Give it a chance you guys!

  • Lordthree

    Judging by the comments here it seems Microsoft hired a bunch of non English speakers to shill for them on blogs