Just as Samsung added the iPad mini, fifth-gen iPod touch and fourth-gen iPad to its suit, claiming Apple’s latest gadgets violate its patents, news broke that Google’s handset arm Motorola Mobility is thinking about doing the same in its litigation against Apple in the Southern District of Miami, Florida. And in order to establish that Apple’s devices violate Motorola patents, Google is moving to perform some infringement analysis and has filed a motion complaining that Apple is withholding the source code for iOS 6, which powers the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices…

Apple allegedly failed to keep its promise of providing source code by November 30.

The company may be looking for the deadline for infringement contentions to pass before Google has taken a detailed look at the iOS 6 source code, explains patent blogger Florian Müeller:

Google’s motion says that Apple “has, at various times, promised to produce iOS source code by or “shortly after” September 21st, by November 9th, and by November 30th”, but two months have passed now since the release of iOS 6 “and almost four months after Apple released its most recent OSX software”, whose source code Google also wants to evaluate.

Not sure why Google needs to look into the Mac OS source code.

It’s nevertheless pretty telling that now both Samsung and Googlerola appear to be conjointly targeting Apple’s latest iOS gadgets. After all, the search giant quietly lent support to Samsung’s legal team in the high-profile Apple v. Samsung trial in the United States.

Also worth mentioning, The Korea Times, a pro-Samsung publication, did report back in July that Google and Samsung were “working closely to create a united front against Apple’s legal offensive” as the two companies both have a game plan to get money from the iPhone maker.

Having said that, this synchronized stepping up of Google’s and Samsung’s legal attacks on Apple’s latest products is hardly a coincidence, if you ask me.


  • RarestName

    Two against one! This is interesting!

  • And why does Google/Samsung need apple’s source code? to copy even more?

    • yup

    • Kurt

      hows that notification center working for you?

      • How is:
        -photosphere aka “Microsoft Photosynth”
        -Gesture keyboard aka “Swype”
        -Do you enjoy google chrome? Because its based on apple webkit

        Also did you ever get December back?

      • He did ask u a question bro

      • You don’t understand do u?

      • Using irony and sarcasm instead of answering a question isnt an answer. Its being afraid of answering

      • Kurt

        Microsoft photosynth is awesome. I don’t get the December reference though

      • markt9002

        Jesus, you Apple people are severely delusional. Webkit started with KDE devs and a combination of Apple and Google developers. Tell me, what’s a better browser on OS X, Safari, or Chrome? I own a Macbook Pro, and the Chrome browser is ahead of Safari in every way. I use Kubuntu on a few archaic systems, and it’s awesome.

        Swipe is utter shit compared to Google’s native implementation, and Swiftkey is nearly ahead of both, but, I’m sure you know all about that. You know, because you’re so non-bias. BTW, I own an iPhone 4s, and the jailbreak community offers a very sad version of swipe. The only thing cool about jailbreaking an iPhone is being able to change the WiFi sleep policy, use Auxo or Zephyr, and turn the LED on via the lock screen.

        Also, I’m sure you love how it’s still possible to bypass a passcode on iOS 6.1.2+. As someone who uses Android, and iOS, it’s comments like yours that deter me from ever holding an iPhone in my hand. I truly feel like a complete asshole with an iPhone. I don’t know what it is. You really think Microsoft wrote the code to implement photosphere into Android? If you want to play that game, Microsoft had multitouch years before the iPhone, but I’ll stop there. You are the epitome of a delusional, moronic, fanboy. This post is months old, but I couldn’t contain myself. The fact that you’ve received this many up votes for this horrible post is simply amazing. The Android calendar dilemma was fixed much faster than passcode issue that STILL affects iOS. I can still bypass the passcode on my 4s, and it’s 3/16/2013.

      • Obviously its fixed now I posted this 4 months ago. S3 has a lock screen problem to and its much more severe than Apples. Chrome is great for desktop I agree its superior, however for mobile chrome sucks. I still think for a mobile browser Safari is the best. I have an iPad mini and HTC One V on 4.2 ROM so I’m pretty neutral in both ecosystems. I got that many upvotes because I proved a point against Kurt. Do you honestly think Google “invented” the notification center? No it was Xerox so I can play the same game right back at you.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Only in your crippled fanboy world does that statement make sense. How is Google responsible for what Samsung does with Google’s OPEN SOURCE software? Besides, we all know who’s the master at copying lately (past few years). What can my iPhone do that a Nexus device can’t? The fact you cannot answer that question is proof that Apple is no longer the innovator.

      • I had an Android and an iPhone 5 now. So no fanboy accuses for me. So in case you didn’t know Android is created by Google not Samsung, so if Google had access to the source code, then some parts could be implemented on Android. Now an iPhone can’t really do anything more than Android except from the Apple services like iCloud. In 2012 not 2009 people choose their smartphone according to their preferences not innovation. Nobody can doubt that Google is also innovative. And I say that from personal experience after trying Android and finding that it isn’t for me.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        “…Android is created by Google…” And where have I stated otherwise? I was responding to Maxim’s point about “…Google/Samsung need Apple’s source code…”. Samsung’s TouchWiz skin for Android is the problem here, and Google has nothing to do with it. That is what I was trying to say.

        In other words, what do Google and Samsung have to do with each other in this context?

      • I agree with you that Samsung doesn’t have anything with Google in this case. That’s just an Android situation (so a Google situation) not a Samsung one. In what it concerns the Touchwiz this is solely a Samsung situation because a software company is never responsible for software tweaking. Imagine a jailbreak dev that built a cydia tweak claiming that the tweak was made from Apple! That would be ridiculous!

      • RarestName

        @Tr1pTr0p:disqus said that Android is Google’s open source software, so he does know that Android is from Google and not Samsung. However, there are a lot of people that I know who thinks that Samsung created Android.

      • Also, Apple’s app ecosystem has tons of more apps, all of which are higher quality than the apps found in the Google Play Store.

    • Because Apple said they were going to release it? Because they always have, until now? Their OS is based on UNIX, which means they have to release the source code.

      • haridsv

        You are confused with GNU! Not all Unix flavors are licensed under GNU and there are many that are not even open source. Mac os x is based on BSD Unix, which doesn’t enforce Apple to release their source. Besides, Mac os x has a lot more than just the kernel and core tools that has been built completely in house by Apple.

      • BSD allows proprietary uses for it’s software, but mostly had open source, open licensed versions. Being that anyone would use an open sourced programming base and not release the code is a middle finger to those who made it, in my opinion. And yes, Apple has more tools that don’t use it, but they don’t even release the code for what does use it. Apple wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for BSD/UNIX, so you figure they’d show a little appreciation by releasing the code for iOS. Hell, OS X releases Darwin without fail.

      • haridsv

        What Google would want to review is not the core parts based on BSD anyway. Also, if you ever released a new open source software and looked at the existing licenses to adapt, you would know why there are a lot of variations, and what their thinking might be in designing them. While GNU is designed to be viral, BSD is very close to public domain.

        I am an open source fan myself (and love Android) and would love to see more support from Apple, but there is definitely nothing illegal or unethical if Apple decides not to release the source. Perhaps they are trying to achieve more security via obscurity.

      • I never said it was illegal, but I firmly see it as unethical to do so. I’m a major propenent of open source projects, and them not releasing the code after doing so for many years…it’s just fishy.

    • Exactly

    • haridsv

      Specifically about the copying, you know that Android is open source right? If they copy anything, Apple and every one in the world would see it with in one or two release cycles.

  • TriguyRN

    Google is on the software side of android and Samsung is on the Hardware side of android. How is their partnership surprising?

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Not surprising, but not pleasant either… Google is not a side in any of these court filings, yet. They only provide the base software and it’s the vendors that use that software for creating products, which in turn can be sued for IP.
      That’s why it’s surprising.

      By the way, is there a court order for Apple to give their source code to anyone? I don’t think Google is providing the source code they use in their search algorithm, or their server OS code…

      It’s getting pretty boring, really. No matter what device you own, it’s getting boring, because of these incredible maneuvers (by lawyers etc.)… Normally, you sue someone and the court decides. But now, it seems that you sue somebody and they sue you back for some reason, to retaliate and that’s considered normal… Pffff!

  • Zomer

    Why don’t they use their search engine?

    • Tardroid


  • As a developer I can understand why Google wants to check Apple source code, but I think we all know that this is not for “checking for legal abusement”, they just want know-how so they dont they need another “Project butter” in next major release of Android (just case scenario :))

    • Kurt

      iOS is not much more than an app launcher.

      • And in what environment do those apps run brainiac?

        Just dont say anyting if you have nothing valuable for the discussion.

      • And you are nothing more than an ignoramus.

      • Kurt

        and you’re the one coming on here telling everyone you’re gay trying to get a date with another little boy teenager.