This reminds us of Apple’s famously interactive version of the Mac vs. PC campaign spotted at the top of and other big media web properties. This time around, Apple has taken its nicely done dancing commercial for the new iPods and embedded it on various places online, like the indie music review site Pitchfork that in the past ran Apple’s custom iPod touch page-topper ad.

It’s interesting because the publication draws hipster audience so it’s clear who Apple’s target is. By the way, turn down the volume before hitting the Play button. Don’t you just live how the little things ‘explode’ out of the box?

The ad was first spotted by a Twitter user @ihkdesign and reported by 9to5Mac.

If you’re wondering about the background music, it’s “Yeah Yeah” by Willy Moon.

Note that Pitchfork is an online-only publication. Apple usually runs ads on television and buys ad space in big name newspapers and magazines.

I like how they’re targeting blogs with this new campaign.

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  • Falk M.

    Haha… Just went to their site and wondered why the ad didn’t load.
    Then I realized I have AdBlock 😀 *fail*

    So I just watched the video on here and boy, I love how it pops into the website and then spreads all over it.
    Lovely done.
    Definitely one of the best iPod ads ever and I love that they follow the spirit and style of the old dancing people ads.

    Somebody really made the right decision again after the lame Genius ads a couple of months ago. 😀

  • Yeah I frequent Pitchfork a lot and I’ve found this kind of annoying and intruding. The huge blank space created by my ad blocker is also pretty irritating. Still a good ad though.