Have you tired of waiting in line at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store? You may want to check out JFK Airport next time. Apparently, two thieves who wanted an iPad mini took the direct route,  driving away with $1.5 million worth of iPad minis Monday night from the New York City airport. The snatch-and-grab happened at the same cargo area made famous in the movie “GoodFellas.” Although the crooks snatched two pallets with 3,600 minis from China and destined for U.S. buyers, they left three more loads likely to have held even more of Apple’s newest tablets…

“So, as a caper goes, it was probably unsuccessful,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post Thursday.

According to the Post, two thieves used the airport’s own forklift to load the iPads into their truck just before midnight Monday. The truck was labelled “CEVA” although Cargo Airport Services was the name of the company that shipped the tablets.

Three airport workers are being polygraphed by investigators who suspect the theft was an inside job. Although the crooks involved left most of the iPad minis still in the airport’s Building 261 after being questioned by one airport worker, someone let the thieves into and out of an area which has less security, according to the paper.

The same building where the iPad minis were snatched was also where in 1978, suspected gangland thieves stole $5 million in cash and $900,000 in jewelry from a Lufthansa flight. That theft was featured in Martin Scorses’s “GoodFellas” film.

Here’s a nice little documentary on the Lufthansa Heist.


So, if you are approached on the street with a really good deal on a new iPad mini, you have a good idea they originated from New York City, not Cupertino.

What do you think?

  • Ernesto Carrillo


  • Matthew Agostino

    NICE! I Live in NYC i’ll be on the prowl for one that “fell off a truck”

  • macboy74

    Funny how we never here about thousands of Android tablets getting stolen. I guess nobody wants cheap plastic hardware with a glitchy os.

    • Khang Le

      Or may be they have better security and trustworthy employee. ????

      • a wise man once said… airports are airports…

      • Yeah because Apple totally owns JFK airport…

      • macboy74

        Ok… What do people stealing devices at an airport have to do with the security or trustworthy employees of Google? Did you think Apple appoints a security team to watch over their shipments? Smh

    • Steve Jobs

      wow, you Apple fucks seriously have something stuck sideways up your ass… nowhere is there mention or flaming of any kind and here you are with some shit about a device other than yours…

      • macboy74

        Whatever you say computer tough guy. I have used and still own several Android devices so you can’t tell me sh*t about them that I don’t already know. Does it bother that much that I said that? It bothers me even more when I spend a few hundred on a device(Nexus 7) and it runs like sh*t. Does it offend you personally? If so you may want to reevaluate your life.

      • Larry Page

        Says the guy with the username of “Steve Jobs”

      • an plus he’s on a site that deals strictly with apple software or devices

      • U mad bro?

  • how many people know how to use a forklift? How many people can pass through airport security? well, at least three…. looks like social engineering to me

  • lol thats alot of non retina ipads gone…hahhahha

  • 1337lolzorz

    Is it bad that I’m happy the bad guys won?? Go IPad mini theives go!!

  • +1 for the GoodFellas reference!

  • Ron McLaughlin

    Like if you are heading over to ebay to search for these, or have already done so! 🙂

  • I just watched the whole video and forgot i was on iDB.

  • Maybe the “Goodfellas” are back to make a sequel.