If you need to quickly boot your iDevice into safe mode, there are quite a few options available on Cydia in order to do so. One of the latest tweaks available via Cydia is InstaSafe, which places a dedicated safe mode button conveniently on the SpringBoard.

Take a look inside as we show you how InstaSafe works in this video demonstration…

As you can see, InstaSafe is about as rudimentary as it gets. A simple tap on the safe mode button throws your device into safe mode.

InstaSafe is far from a pretty tweak; it’s a bit of an eyesore due to the fact that it’s always present on the Home screen. I recommend sticking with something like SBSettings if you’re looking for a way to quickly boot into safe mode.

At any rate, for those still interested, InstaSafe is a free download from Cydia’s ModMyi repo. What do you think?

  • jose castro

    Why is all I got to say

    • TriguyRN

      I like it.

  • Too big for me. It would be great to put that button in the notification center

  • Quite an ugly-looking button. I’m sure people would probably prefer to use Activator for this feature.

  • Terrible. Could use a bit more theming and the button could actually be centered instead of having the extra space on the right. No iPad support either, and the developer doesn’t seem to care.

  • I use an tweak that puts an icon on the springboard, just like any icon but I can go in safe mode.

  • Is it the guy behind what-so-call “idebstore” which was hacked recently? Thanks but no thanks.

    • It is. That was mostly made up of stolen code, like all his other tweaks.

  • all these new tweaks but we still cant get gridlock and infinidock?

  • Hey Jeff. I found a scam app in app store. It’s called SBSettings (Cydia). Aren’t jailbreak tweaks suppose to be in Cydia?

  • do only i notice, that the jailbreak community releases single tweaks which already exist in apps like sbsettings etc..?

  • erik danielson

    I use bitesms, it quickly boots my phone into safe mode on its own and randomly!