Hot on the heels of another jailbreak tweak that allows you to search the new Google Search app using only your voice, comes Activoice — a similar tweak from Ryan Petrich.

Like the NowNow tweak that we covered yesterday, Activoice allows you to easily invoke the new voice portion of the Google Search app similar to the way that you using Activator. Take a look inside for our hands on video coverage of the tweak in action.

As you can see, Activoice works pretty much the same way that NowNow works — it uses Activator actions, namely the short hold on the Home button — to invoke Google Search by voice.

The main difference between this and NowNow, is that there isn’t a stand alone preference panel for Activoice, and Activoice features three additional Activator actions — Google Goggles, Apps List, and Text Search — as well.

If you want to give Activoice a try, then add Ryan’s beta repo to your Cydia Sources. His repo address is as follows: Also, ensure that you have the latest update to the Google Search app from the App Store.

How do you think Activoice compares to NowNow? More importantly, how do you think the functionality of both tweaks stacks up to Siri? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Should do a comparison video instead:)

  • RarestName

    For me, Google Search recognises speech and gives faster results when compared to Siri. On the other hand, Siri is more accurate at recognising speech. I like speed better. Google Search listens faster than Siri. However, as it is not integrated into the OS, it has to open the app first even with the tweak(s) installed, while Siri can be invoked anywhere. I use Siri for things like alarms and such, while I use Google Search for Internet information.

    • Gregory Surels

      You can up the speed of Siri so you can talk faster to her in settings.

  • TonyVee73

    Seems cool But I like the functionality of Siri. I have an iPhone 4 with Skyra1n Siri port using the Word Jelly server and it’s great. It’s not as good as Siri on my wife’s 4S but to be able to send texts and make phone calls with out taking my eyes off the road while driving make it something I can’t live without.

  • The long hold was actually the right action for my 4S. The short hold invoked Siri + Voice Search, which canceled out.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    As I live outside the US, Google search gives me better local information. But I still use Siri for the rest (sending SMS; reminders, etc)

  • I just want google diction

  • JonneyWya

    Jeff, I dont know if its just me, or if its a UK think, but on my google voice search i never get voice feedback – ie it just does a web search and shows the result.. Is the a setting panel im missing or is the feedback just limited to the US version. btw im on the latest version

    • selcukcura

      I had the same problem. If you change your device’s language in the settings app to ‘english’, it works!

      • I tried this solution nd didn’t work too bro, any idea?!

      • selcukcura

        change all the language settings to english, not british english, then close and open the app and see if it works

      • talat ozunal

        selçukura hangi problemi çözdün açıkca yazarmısın,iphone 4 de dil ne ayarladıysam , aramaları sesli cevap vermedi.zannedersem iphone 5 için geçerli bu

      • JonneyWya

        It worked for me thanks dude. I changed the language in the google search app to English US and now voice feedback works 🙂

    • @facebook-100000630162509:disqus @jonneywya:disqus When you launch Google Search, head to the settings and make sure that
      you choose English (US) for the langage.Once you’ve done it, next to the microphone icon there is a small «i» ico for information. tap on it. You will be able to
      access Google search commands such as «what time is it» or «How do you
      spell cucumber in Spanish» etc. Here is a pic Hope it works for you 😉

  • They should create one that still invoke siri but uses google’s search rather then apples crappy proxy

  • I really wish it would block Voice Control. Otherwise, it’s a perfect tweak if you’re a Google (notice not Andriod) user.

    • can’t you just disable voice control in settings?

      • Not that I can find in 5.1.1.

      • SimonReidy

        If your purchase the Springtomize 2 tweak you can easily block it (and other unwanted OS features). I have Apple’s crappy old voice control disabled on 5.1.1 and am using this tweak instead.

  • Didn’t work for me, only search without voice.

  • this is un needed eh should have made something alse.. like a new version or backgrounder that works..

  • rosssimpson

    When I use the google app in the UK and voice search for “show me some pictures of an iphone” google brings up half naked girls with iphones….. oh.

    • Gregory Surels

      Consider your self lucky then !

  • Fuzly

    Activoice not supporting. All are working. Except the talking bak.