Wow, that was fast. The iPad mini hasn’t landed on store shelves yet and already Amazon has removed a comparison ad on its home page which painted the device in unfavorable light to its own Kindle Fire HD tablet. I guess they didn’t like mostly raving  reviews that describe the device as being beautifully constructed, fast, fluid and hard to resist – price be damned. Or perhaps alarms were raised at Amazon when another report suggested that Apple’s marketing boss clarified that the iPad mini does have stereo speakers where in Amazon’s ad claimed it didn’t? What goes around comes around, Amazon…

Reviewers noted that the iPad mini has two separate audio channels found on the bottom of the device, to the left and right of the Lightning port. Prior iPads only had one speaker on the right of the bottom I/O port, including the latest fourth-gen model. Of course, hooking up external speakers or headphones to any iPad produces stereo sound.


Previously, a quick visit to Amazon’s homepage would yield this Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad mini comparison.

That ad is nowhere to be seen now.

Maybe Amazon planned all along to have it up briefly to make some noise about its Kindle Fire HD. Or, they may have concluded that the ad isn’t really working.

Be that as it amy, you’d be hard-pressed not to connect the dots and conclude that the online retailer figured it should prevent a backlash stemming from falsely claiming that Apple’s tablet has a mono speaker.

What’s your take on the situation?

  • Probably they will just edit the ad, put it back up.

  • Who’s amy (in the last paragraph) and what does she have to do with connecting the dots?

    • You beat me to asking the same thing! Lol

      • be that as it may* come on people you really too stupid to figure that out? or do you just like pointing out other peoples tiny insignificant mistakes because you’ve never made any in your life? yeah, probably the latter, congratulations on being perfect, here’s a cookie.

      • No!! It’s just the writer’s pet name for Amazon.. XD

      • Box of Cotton Swabs

        I await my cookie.

      • FabianPVD

        Learn to enjoy some humor.

      • Thorasgard

        Take some Xanax.

      • Hey, Jordan. Stay Calm and move on, buddy. We’re just goofing in here. Obviously it is ‘be that as it MAY’. Just having a little fun. Pull the stick out of your rump and smile today. It seems everyone here got my stupid little joke but you.

  • mervynraj

    Amazon, Google, Samsung all have many other things to compare their device with… why a damn speaker?! none of them has Beats audio anyway!! 😛

    • HTC does!! Idk about tablets though.. But they do have Beats in one of their smart phones

    • Sorry to break it to you, but Beats is overpriced crap.

    • Beats is one of those things where you attach a celebrity, put a premium price on it and do some marketing and soundly people consider them to be the best…

      There are many many other companies out there that do audio better for the same price… Klipsch and Nu-Force for example. Then there are the super high end that makes Beats look like something you would pick up at a K-Mart on blue light special.

  • CollegiateLad

    Maybe they are embarrassed that points 1, 2, and 3 are one in the same. And that they were flat out wrong about the speakers.

    But then again, most businesses would be embarrassed to say, ‘Our tablet is selling like gangbusters. In fact, we lost a quarter billion as a result.’ lol

  • soccerkrzy

    Or…Amazon rotates their front page ads and statements on a near 3-day basis…it wasn’t “pulled”.

  • alex card

    My take is that Kindle Fire HD is better value for money

  • Raschmin Steinbrecher

    yea, because the iPad MINI have STEREO Speakers!!!!

    • It only took like 3 or 4 years to get to that point… I love how the Mini doesn’t have Retina. You know why? Because next year they will need to add something to make you want to buy the new one. 1024×768 is so out dated. Maybe if I was playing Doom on my old big ass CRT 15 years ago then I could get excited about that tiny antiquated resolution. But not now.

  • Makes me wonder why it took Apple so long to add stereo speakers. That was one of the amazing things I never really thought about until I ditched my iPad and got the Galaxy Note 10.1 with stereo speakers on the left and right of the screen. It makes a world of difference having the sound facing you instead of being shot outward to the right or bottom depending on orientation. Plus with the iPad, there were times that the way I was holding it, my hand covered the speaker and muffled the sound.

    With the new iPad (4) and Mini, did they change the position of the speaker? Or is it still down by the dock?

  • so they can charge 130 dollars more because they have stereo speakers????…typical apple BS and upselling…ipad mini sucks—-kindle fire HD kicks ass!!!!