For today’s WTF moment, I present you this publicity stunt depicting the Surface RT falling from about 30 inches high and onto a hardwood floor, courtesy of Microsoft’s Surface Reliability Lab and straight via the Surface team’s official channel on YouTube. Unlike your ordinary drop test, this one has a twist to it, just watch. Spoiler: it survives the drop. Fortunately, Microsoft didn’t go as far to credit the gizmo’s vapor-deposited magnesium chassis for that.

Of course the clip is geeky – this is Microsoft, after all. The company is many things, but you can’t blame them from exploiting social media on a Friday to spread the word about their iPad contender. The Surface RT runs an ARM-based chip, it looks snappy, and its tile-based interface introduces a fresh new approach to tablet computing. I’ve also included another video that shows off some of the features, right past the fold…

You can buy a 32GB Surface RT (which has 20GB of free space) from Microsoft’s online and retail stores beginning Friday, October 26, for a cool $499.

This excludes a Touch Cover – that’s an additional $119. The Type Cover is ten bucks pricier at $129.99 and is available only in black. If you buy a 64GB Surface RT with a Touch Cover included, the combo will set you back $699.

In case you haven’t seen the inaugural dancing commercial, here it is right below.

I take it you haven’t seen Microsoft’s top dog Steven Sinofsky using a Surface RT as a skateboard?


Talk about publicity stunts…


  • jose castro

    how does any buddy know its the actual surface that was dropped lolol.. it could be a sham

    • iDevizes

      lol you right about that… could be a galaxy Tab or iPad 😀

  • Another cringeworthy post

  • Holy crap, 30 whole inches? That’s like.. 10x more than the skydiving iPhone and weather balloon iPads combined!

  • Lets do 66 inches?

    who drops something from 26in??

    • Idk about you but I rarely operate a tablet with my hands at 66″

  • Irfan Tarique

    Man the surface has a suckish camera

  • Once again, I notice that all the information about the surface is coming from Microsoft and no one else. Like I said before I’m not believing a thing Microsoft says or does until this is in the hands of actual consumers.

  • My biggest issue is that it doesn’t let us see the screen. Few people would be as bothered if they dropped their tablet and the camera had a problem working, as opposed to if they dropped it and the screen cracked. I don’t see the purpose of a drop test focused on the camera.

  • Ahmed

    yeah like they have done something Apple doesn’t do huh. if it were that a weak tab to hit the market it would have been very easy to ignore….but apparently ignoring is getting harder. iPad is great, nobody can argue with that and it is not great by comparison, it’s great on its own right. what i don’t understand is, why can only iPad be great and the Surface cannot be? or did Apple also patent ‘greatness’? Surface would be a great tab on its own right too….will it beat the iPad? well not likely in a near future….but only time will tell.