Third-party accessory makers in Asia appear well-prepared for Apple’s expected Oct. 23 launch of a smaller iPad. Nearly two dozen Asian add-on manufacturers have gadgets all set to sell when the reported 7.85-inch ‘iPad mini’ is finally unveiled, according to a Wall Street analyst.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White said he met accessory makers during a tour of Asia and found some add-on products already boxed-up and ready for shipping. At one point, White even handled a “pilot” version of the smaller iPad, which “he was easily able to keep in his coat pocket,” according to AppleInsider

Electronics retail giant Best Buy has supposedly begun receiving boxes that include warnings for employees not to open. The boxes reportedly contain store displays created for expected iPad mini accessories. According to one China company’s mockup, the new iPad features a thinner profile and Apple’s smaller Lightning connector, as well as the 7.85-inch screen.

Despite the claims of advance knowledge, one “major accessory maker” stopped producing iPad mini cases after learning of a design change, writes the blog, citing a Japanese report. Apple is known for keeping accessory makers guessing until the last moment. In 2011, some add-ons which bet on reports of a redesigned iPhone were left holding the bag after the Cupertino, Calif. company introduced the iPhone 4S with essentially the same design as previous versions of the popular smartphone.

What do you think? Will the iPad mini likely match those designs leaked to the press, or will the upcoming announcement by Apple include surprises?

  • CollegiateLad

    I hope it looks like those pictures… I’m ready!!!!

    • NinjaCEO

      Yeeeah budday!!

  • fallen in love with this thing….<3

  • mervynraj

    if they can have retina display in iphone 5, why not in ipad mini? any reason apart from cost?!

    • Mohammed Sahib

      No, not really. They need to compete with the current 7″ tablets while maintaining their usual high profit margin.

    • fragmentation….i don’t think they will add that much pressure on devs….
      plus my ipad2 screen looks real nice,so if that amount of pixels are there on a smaller screen,then it’s actually quite impressive…:)

  • have to admit, i was quite disappointed with the iPhone 5, decided to stick to my 4S..iOS6 is a major flop so far and everything in it is buggy…but THIS is quite the turn on..i always was an advocate of smallER iPads..

  • It is getting harder and harder to say the iPad mini is not coming out. That it was never coming out but all these rumors from creditable sources may sway my thought. And I can say that I was wrong all along. On that note I WANT ONE!

  • This would also explain the slow updates for some apps on iPhone 5.? So when the mini ipad is released the devs can release one update instead of two? Just a thought

  • dady king

    I have to wait for 2nd iPad mini .. Bz i want more power in hardware ..

  • Anya Rogers

    Wow if this looks remotely like the picture posted on here, I will be incredibly happy!

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