Despite Samsung’s efforts to portray the iPhone as a device for older consumers, the iPhone is still extremely popular among teenagers. Piper Jaffray says that 40% of US teens now own the handset.

Gene Munster, an analyst with the firm, released a report today on his survey of US teenagers regarding what gadgets they’re using. And judging from the results, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are still on top…

MacRumors points to the report, which covers the findings of Munster’s bi-annual poll involving more than 7,700 teens. As you can see, 40% of those queried own an iPhone, up from 34% in the spring.

The survey also found that 44% of US teens now own some sort of tablet device — 72% of those are iPads. And of the 35% of those who don’t have a table yet, but plan on getting one, 74% are looking at iPads.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad numbers, Munster’s poll found that Apple’s rumored iPad mini could be a huge hit with teenagers. 43% of the teens surveyed said they’d likely buy a smaller $299 iPad.

As usual, it’s worth pointing out that a 7,700 person survey is extremely small in the grand scheme of things. But if nothing else, it does provide some insight into what gadgets teens are using these days.


  • Wowzers!! Thats a lot of teens with a $500 dollar phone.

  • Some could have been from parents upgrading their phone and passing their old iphone to their kids

  • ghettocowboy

    now the phrase “young and stupid” makes sense

  • I own 2 iPhones and a teenager, make that 40.1% now 😉

  • I’m in college and, honestly, this number is going to keep going up. I’ve been at college for about a month now and I’ve found one person who actually argues that the Galaxy is better than the iPhone. Nearly everyone who does not have an iPhone has a Samsung, BlackBerry, and they all say their next phone will be an iPhone.

  • ghulamsameer

    It’s really all bandwagon. I’m a minority in my school because I know a lot about smartphones, and every high school student wants an iPhone. They’ll do whatever the media says. I remember this one girl opted for the 3GS when the iPhone 4 came out because she heard it had “reception problems”. I have an iPhone too, so you could say I’m just another sheep.

  • mwpitt52

    I upgraded to iPhone 5 and gave the iPhone 4 ( unlocked) to my 13 year old and set her up on StraightTalk. It’s cheaper than the AT&T family plan.

  • I started out with an iPhone 3G during my freshman year of high school which I was 1 of the 2 that had an iPhone and now I’m in my freshman year of college and all I can say is that at least 90% of the school has an iPhone. I was very astonished to see just how many iPhone’s everyone has! I also see a lot of iPad adopters and Macbook Pro adopters including myself. Comes to show how quickly my generation has adopted having Apple branded devices.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Most teens are losers and followers… soooo?

  • Rodney Coleman

    And iphones arent all that.. houston here wherw most folks are getting samsung. Onlt reason why students are getting iphones is because of the schools adopting ios.. when I had the first ipad and in school it was a security risk on their wifi. But hey more folks get iphone more chance of yall info getting stolen 😉 be safe isheep

  • Could someone please tell me what age group would be considered teen?

  • I have an iPhone 4 and have an iPhone 5 in preorder. Most of the people I know have an iPhone and people who don’t have one say they hate their phone because their phone is slow and their battery dies far too quickly. I love my apple products simply because they don’t slow down in time and because they are so snappy and smooth. I will continue to pick the best phone and right now that is iPhone. That’s my opinion people so don’t freak out.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Teenagers are a pretty sad demographic to use when bragging your phone

  • Jonathan

    Apple fans are blind to reality. I know because I used to be one. There are plenty of phones out there, not to mention one specifically, that are 10x better than the iPhone 5.

  • “New Study Shows 40% of US Teens are Spoiled” could have been another way to see this. Teens aren’t the most…careful people on the planet, and giving them a $650 phone just seems reckless. And what teen has $300 to drop on an iPad Mini (if it comes out)?

    • Kenny

      Many teens, like me, work for our money. Nobody is giving us $650 iPhones, we’re working for it. Please don’t be like many adults out there that think just because your older your smarter and everything us teens have are not worked for. Pull your head out of your ass. If teens have something they value it and take care of it, well at least most do, some are just stupid. I baby all my technology, never had a scratch or dent on anything I own.

      • I never said I was smarter and that you don’t work, but the vast majority of teens don’t work and this crap is handed to them. Don’t be so offended.