QuickEmoji is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to quickly access Emoji characters using the stock iOS keyboard. Normally, you’d have to switch to a dedicated Emoji keyboard to use Emoji characters, but this tweak takes on a more practical approach.

Take a look on the inside, as we show you how to access your precious Emoji characters in a more efficient manner…

Notice how on both the numeric keyboard, and the symbol keyboard, the row containing . , ? ! ‘ remains the same. Why not use that extra real estate for some alternate keys? That’s exactly what QuickEmoji does — it replaces that row of keys with Emoji icons.

Notice how the third row of keys remain the same on the stock iPhone.

That’s pretty much all QuickEmoji does, but it does it well. With that in mind, there are no options to configure in the Settings app, just install and go. As a bonus, if you tap and hold on one of the Emoji keys, a window featuring even more icons will pop up for your usage.

QuickEmoji is available free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’re a big Emoji user with a jailbroken device, then QuickEmoji should be right up your alley. Although it doesn’t contain the full repertoire of Emoji symbols, there’s enough there to keep most entertained, don’t you think?

  • Ff123

    A tweak which could allow emoji to function with keyboard shortcuts like in facebook chat would be cool

  • You can add the most common shortcuts yourself like 😉 :-p to replcace it with an emoji. No tweak required.

    • Ff123

      How? I tried it thru keyboard shortcut options in settings and it says ” no emoji shortcut allowed “

      • Brian Gonzalez

        You have to put the emoji next to “Phrase” and the text smiley next to Shortcut

      • Ff123

        Thanks mate!

  • Ryan Stack

    How about just adding it as a second keyboard? it’s less keystrokes and doesn’t need a jailbreak tweak

    • nftnft

      Some people speak more than one language and this tweak happens to be very useful for us.

  • Infone

    Why this? Just assign a keyboard shortcut for any emoji you want. Even if on ios 5, most iOS 6 emoji’s work. 🙂 =

    • Infone

      In fact, here’s a bunch of the new emoji for all you iOS 5ers: New emoji

      • i hope u feel special cause if you have the right sources. We already have all of those.

      • Infone

        Um, not really. Just trying to be helpful. You?

    • Infone

      Oops. Just realized Rich Porter already said this.

  • i somehow jailbroke my iphone 5

    • אסף סופר

      you didnt

    • philadelphia

      I somehow got elected pope.

  • In the messages app, the emojis appear in the wrong places like not on the bottom line, anyone else have this prob?

  • Kurt

    if you have multiple languages. I have english/spanish/german/korean/emoji so for me i just hold down the language button and click on the keyboard i want. i prefer that than this tweak. but this will be used by a lot i’m sure. keep the tweaks coming people

  • Madromark

    Im trying to make a shortcut for “:D”, but its not working… “:),:(” works fine, but no “:D”. Anyone knows why?