Good news today for folks who ordered, or were thinking about ordering, a Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple. Reports are coming in that the first round orders began shipping yesterday.

As you know, Apple debuted a new charging port in its new iPhone and iPod products last month. And until now, you couldn’t find an adapter that made old accessories work with the new port…

From MacRumors:

“MacRumors has received word from several readers located in Australia that their orders are now in transit, with one reader’s shipping notification indicating that his shipment is due to be delivered on October 9.”

Remember, Apple offers two different Lightning to 30-pin adapters: a direct plug adapter, and then one with a cable that measures about 8-inches. They are priced at $29 and $39 respectively.

Although the adapters don’t support video output (Apple has confirmed it will be releasing HDMI and VGA Lightning cables), they do still support audio, USB audio, syncing and charging.

Accessories for the new Lightning connector have been extremely scarce thus far — there’s still no official car chargers — so the fact that these adapters are becoming available is great news.

  • therealjjohnson

    I wonder if the adapter is going to work with my dock. I know it will fit but it seems like it may tip over or something. That’s like an extra inch/inch and a half on the bottom of the phone. Hopefully mines arrives very soon so that I can see.

    • I feel the same way . The phone on top of the adapter will make it to top heavy . I’ll go with the corded version . $40 is better than buying a brand new dock @$150-$200 :/

    • I think this is an adapter for expensive device only… not for the Apple universal dock.

      And I am also seeking a charging dock for iPhone 5…

  • Milad Khahil

    Good news…I have ordered both of them since September when i got my iphone 5 and hopefully i will get them soon

    • I would have ordered mine as well. But still waiting for my iPhone 5. Which really sucks seeing how I ordered mine 2 days after launch and I’m still waiting for it to ship and I know someone who ordered theirs a week ago and they already have theirs.

      • My local apple store has them in stock. I was just there today buying a lightning cable.

  • 40 dollars is a lot dont you think?

    • Yes, the converter for the Mac laptop is only 10bucks…

  • They are way too overpriced. They should have been $15 and $20 not $30 and $40… I hope there will be some cheap knock offs soon (assuming they get by the lightning verification crap)

  • that adapter is too big and silly looking

  • 1337lolzorz

    Good now ship my Nest learning thermostat on time and I’ll be happy