Apple confirms Lightning to HDMI and VGA cables coming

More details have come to light today regarding Apple’s new Lightning connector and its capabilities. It seems it will be capable of wired video output after all.

Previously, folks were worried that it wouldn’t support video out, due to the fact that the Lightning to 30-pin adapter doesn’t. But Apple just confirmed it will…

The Verge has gotten word from a company spokesperson that Apple is working on Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables, and they’ll be available in “the coming months.” There’s no word on pricing, but the current video adapter is $40.

It looks like it’s either these cables or AirPlay if you’re looking to share video locally from your iPhone 5. For what it’s worth though, Apple says that 30-pin adapter still supports audio out, charging and syncing.

Remember, there are two versions of the 30-pin adapters. One that just plugs into your device, and one with a cable. And they’ll run you $29 and $39 respectively.