Apple appears to be really determined to avoid having this Maps thing snowball into a devastating PR catastrophe which, by the way, already has tarnished Apple’s reputation. Following yesterday’s unexpected CEO apology and the subsequent recommendation of mapping services on the web as well as third-party Maps alternatives, Apple has made a subtle change in Maps wording.

No longer are Apple Maps being referred to as “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever”. Instead, the app’s now about “a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease”

Seth Weintraub, who runs 9to5 sites, points us to a discovery by German-language blog iDaily which first spotted the change.

Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots:

The Maps page on Apple’s website used to read (emphasis mine):

Designed by Apple from the ground up, Maps gives you interactive 3D views and the stunning Flyover feature. All of which may just make this app the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.

Now it reads:

Designed by Apple from the ground up, Maps gives you interactive 3D views and the stunning Flyover feature. All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease.

Good thing Apple didn’t pitch Maps as “the most accurate” mapping service ever.

iOS Maps certainly is “the most beautiful” mapping service ever and I find it odd that Apple removed that part.

I guess they didn’t want people to associate iOS 6 Maps with the looks alone.


  • it is indeed beautiful!!

    • What is exactly beautiful about it? Just like on Google maps, parks are green, water is blue, roads are white… And when it comes to satellite view, Google and even Bing maps are more detailed. When did this alien invasion happen and why don’t I know about it? imageshack us/a/img29/6329/img0364.png And yes, it has finished loading (maps just refuse to load anythign more than what you see there). So, what is beautiful about it?

      • Remember, google Maps also took years before it got mainstream, and now history repeats itself with maps, well, at least in my opinion.

      • Over the years, Google maps have become what they are today. The bar has been set. If you don’t have a service which is on par or better, don’t even bother and especially don’t replace it with something worse. Yes, turn-by-turn is a cool feature, but it’s not worth it.

      • Yes, and now with high-res imagery, google maps truely made it far, very far. But like i said apple is just starting, and someday will be on par with google maps

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Man, I’ve seen the “high res imagery”…

        Crap, nothing more… It may be good for a few places in the world, but;
        a) it’s mostly crap
        b) takes too much time and valuable data

        I don’t need to see what people are wearing in my phone’s maps app… Accuracy is important, and Google has it better than Apple now, I’d give them that.

        By the way, Google’s 3D SUCKS BIG TIME, but noone is talking about that… Even after all these years they spent, they couldn’t think about it, before Apple made the decision… And, yet, still they fail…

        But, let’s not talk Google when it’s a failure. Let’s just bash Apple 🙁

      • EpicFacepalm

        “takes too much time and valuable data”
        LTE *cough* DSL WiFi *cough* 😛

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        LTE = compression?
        LTE = worldwide deployment?

        No to all

        And, I don’t surf maps on my iphone when I’m at home… I honestly don’t use much wifi on my iphone… So, sorry, not valid, at least for me…

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Vigi vigi vigi…

        Everyone has been releasing anything they can, as good as they can do…

        This is the product out there.

        If you like it, fine. If you don’t, still fine.

        I just wish you and your kind would stop touring around and trying to flame iDevice forums and blog comments all around the world.

        Just get it over with…

      • Also, regarding “how is it beautiful?” dude, it’s just starting. Maps is just starting, of course it will get beautiful overtime as apple corrects the errors, get my point? Mr. Tr1pTr0p?

      • Well maybe they should’ve thought about it before they released it. Just a thought.

        Like I said… “The bar has been set. If you don’t have a service which is on par or better, don’t even bother and especially don’t replace it with something worse.”

      • They did, but made a wrong step because of tomtom, i think.

      • I always hear different excuses why Apple implements certain features later than others. The most common one is: “Because they take their time to improve the feature so in the end their implementation is the best”. But blaming other companies for Apple’s obvious screwup is taking denial to an entirely new level.

      • Your wrong, but i won’t argue anymore 🙂

      • You’re*

      • Oh really? Thanks for correcting me 🙂 i appreciate it 🙂

      • Your a tool, and a troll. GTFO.

      • Kurt

        You’re a troll too so you get out first

      • MagicDrumSticks

        no. It’s because apple is run by a bunch of cocky bastards who always think think they can put out a brick and people will buy. Hell even late steve jobs was a cocky ass hole. Go look uo videos on your new YouTube app about how was sayin ba things about Microsoft and not once did bill talk bad about appl or steve

      • cocky bastards? All right, tell me, how did apple sell billions of their products in just 2 days? And tell me why did people cry and made letters to steve jobs when he passed away? It’s because apple has made a huge impact in the world of technology.

      • They sold millions, not billions. And the main reason for higher sale numbers is because they started selling it in two more countries compared to the 4S (9 countries instead of 7 countries; addition of Hong Kong and Singapore). In other words, when you leave out Hong Kong and Singapore, iPhone 5’s sales numbers are around the same as 4S’s sales numbers.

        In addition to that, Samsung’s S3 was preordered by 9 million people. That’s almost twice as much compared to the 4S. iPhones are being sold like hot cakes, but don’t think how it’s the only hot cake around.

      • ThisBrian

        Apple doesn’t count pre-orders until they deliver so the numbers aren’t even out completely yet.

      • “apple is run by a bunch of cocky bastards who always think think they can put out a brick and people will buy” It’s so true! Quote of the day! lmao!

      • “People stick to what they believe” i won’t argue anymore, 🙂 in the end, it truely depends on the person itself.

      • Kurt

        What part of “The most beautiful, and the most powerful” is cocky? /sarcasm

      • GNexusPhone5

        shutup asshat

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Fucking idiot. We get it. You hate apple. Fuck off Fagdroid!!!!!

  • its good but still google maps was better even without 3D maps
    tomtom are sucks

    • i say tomtom sucks i got 2 dislike 🙂 wat if i say iPhone is sucks i think i will get thousands of dislikes

      • No we would just tell u to learn how to talk (and spell)!! “iPhone is Sucks”? So u couldn’t afford an education or an upgrade!!? lol

        I am not understanding what all the fuss about The maps is. I drove from cleveland to Chicago with the turn by turn, than to Lansing, Michigan, than back to cleveland with no issues at all.

      • @emresumengen:disqus still i like google maps

        and im big fan of apple and i got all iOS devices
        what its tom-tom maps better then google maps 3D?!!
        @twitter-345758163:disqus i font think im said something its to bad i just said “sucks”

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Would that be a surprise for you?

        You’re in an iDevice forum, where iDevice-owners usually read and comment. And, mostly, when someone owns a device, it’s because they looked around and liked it.

        And, when you say “IT SUCKS” to something I like, I show my disapproval by pushing that down arrow! (Yes, I already did. I also have Tomtom and it’s a much better navigation app than either Google’s or Apple’s…)

  • You said “ip” instead of “up.” Twice.

  • Apple is now trying to “play the victim” and agreeing with everyone that her Maps solution is terribly bad. It’s rare that a company has this kind os reaction, specially when it comes to Apple. If Jobs was alive, he’d have said his Maps sucks, but the others suck as well. Like the Antennagate.

  • who cares?

    • EpicFacepalm

      Why comment?

  • Ugh I’m sick of hearing about Maps. I haven’t had any problems with it at all, I live in the Chicago area. People don’t understand that programs like maps and Siri need actual human error to develop. This means they have to release stuff like this early to work out all of the bugs. Yea, they aren’t fabulous now, but I bet you anything that in a year or two, it’s gonna be the best mapping/voice system on the market.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Ah again, just because you didn’t have a problem doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have any problem with it too (and vce versa).

  • I don’t think Jobs would of let any of this stuff to get thru him before releasing!

    • Viktor_Zweig

      Who cares?

    • ThisBrian

      Jobs let things out that customers complained about, so that’s not true. Mobile me, antenna gate just to name a few. Neither one affected me but plenty of complaints.

    • Kurt

      Jobs was an idiot like the rest of us

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Idownloadblog covers more than just Apple products now. Majority is idevices but they do speak of android and windows phones as well as articles dedicated to them. People that have apple tunnel vision need to grow up some and understand theres life beyond apple products.

    On topic. I honestly think if they left google maps on the phone and had apple maps as a beta alternative people would use it couple times..have fun with the lil flyover (gimmick cause no one is gonna try to be navigating while trying to play with 3d maps on the fly) then go back to whats been tried and true. They wouldn’t get the feedback they needed to get the service on par. So they forced it down your throat and gave you no choice. I think it will be a while before you see google maps on app store. Apple wants you to guinea pig you to use their software. Take google out of the equation. Thats pretty evident.

  • LOL

  • it cant even find directions from my house to union sq , in NYC, it’s ten blocks away !!!
    there is even no train numbers and lines on the map, its sooooo lame

  • Will Google rise to the opportunity?
    Google now has a shot at
    greatness – Google is fully capable of providing maps, with turn by
    turn navigation for iOS within days if not hours. Should Google decide
    to so – they will take over the navigation market by storm.
    Will Google do so and stick to the “do no evil” motto?
    Will Google let petty Android marketing considerations prevent her from dominating the maps business?

    Time will tell.

  • No matter what! Apple has the most accurate mapping service!