Apple highlights Maps alternatives via a new App Store section

Apple’s really determined to right the mapping wrongs. In addition to posting a public apology on its web site and offering instructions on accessing mapping web apps from Google and Nokia, the Cupertino, California-headquartered designer of gadgets just posted a curated recommendations section in the App Store, listing third-party Maps alternatives for the iPhone and iPad…

A dedicated new section entitled “Find maps for your iPhone” is now live in the App Store storefront on the iPhone and iPad, as well as in desktop iTunes via this link.

At post time, Apple’s list included the following third-party software, both paid and free:

• MotionX GPS Drive
Waze social GPS traffic & gas
• GPS by TeleNav
• Garmin USA
• Gokivo GPS Navigator
• Navigon USA
• CoPilot Live Premium USA – offline GPS navigation
CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions
• Magellan RoadMate North America
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As our reader Rich Marchetti noted on Twitter, it’s interesting how Apple didn’t feature the TomTom app in the section. As you know, Apple collaborates with TomTom on iOS 6 Maps so probably Apple didn’t want to highlight the company which supplies it with widely criticized data sets.

If you’re contemplating downloading any of these, Cult of Mac has a nice overview of each Apple-endorsed alternative.

I think you can’t go wrong with Waze or MapQuest, even if the choice of the best alternative comes down to your personal preference, expectations, usage patterns and other factors.

I’m curious about your preferred Maps alternative.

We’re down in the comments.