Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may have hurt Nokia’s feelings at a presser yesterday by calling HTC’s flagship phones, the 8X and 8S, truly Windows Phone hero products. Returning the favor, Nokia likened the new HTC devices to a “tactical re-branding”.

Better yet, the ailing Finish cell phone maker thinks that the recently unveiled Lumia 920, its inaugural Windows Phone 8 device, is a far better proposition compared to the industry’s golden benchmark by which all smartphones are measured, Apple’s iPhone.

To prove its point, Nokia chose to play the specs game and published an interesting graphics on Facebook comparing the Lumia 920 to the iPhone 5

This is from Nokia’s official Facebook page (click to enlarge).

Don’t you just love a tiled-esque design of Nokia’s infographic, an obvious reference to Windows Phone tiles?

Of course, Nokia is no stranger to viral marketing.

Just a few days earlier, Nokia on its official Twitter account published a fan-made image based on Samsung’s anti-iPhone print ad, replacing the Galaxy SIII with the Lumia 920 to proclaim Nokia’s device “the heavyweight champion” compared to the iPhone 5.

However, the company also shot itself in the foot by faking a commercial meant to highlight the camera prowess of the Lumia 920.

So, how do you feel about Nokia’s infographic?

  • M Last

    Nokia forgot about material of housing case?
    Nokia always uses cheap plastic…..!

    • R N

      now, Nokia doesn’t do cheap plastic, they probably as high quality as Apple’s, if you said Samsung and others, I would have agreed with you there

    • abujafer

      No… they actually have very high-quality builds for their premium devices. That’s one area where you can NOT hit Nokia… They have the same reputation as Apple does in terms of reliable, high-quality devices… or at least used to.

      Samsung, on the other hand, not so much. Once you put a case on a Samsung device, it looks fine and dandy, because all the plastic is hidden. The only part that shows is the screen, which looks great. Take it off, however, and it looks a bit unlike the flagship status it has.

    • Do you even know anything about nokias work? Its not samsung we are talking about. Nokias phones are of high quality. Its the inside (software) thats been on the downside

  • Kinda look like the new iPod nanos. Did I mention I don’t like the new iPod nanos?

  • But which App Store is better?

    • Tom

      I knew an Apple fan boy would have something “smart” to say

      • GambitGamer

        But you have to say the Apple App Store.

      • Not if the two are being compared, they are both app stores.

      • I thought “App Store” was a self explanatory trade mark for apple. Like Android has the “Android Market”. And Windows has… well lets be honest, who even really cares what they have?

      • Im not a fanboy its just true. iOS has more apps than Windows phone, even Android has more and better apps than Windows phone. Sad but true. Its still a great OS and this Nokia phone is amazing but I love my apps and if Windows phone doesn’t have them or their versions are worse, I wont be getting one anytime soon.

    • You’re right. But to me, App Store is a convenience, not a necessity. Here are my stats for the past month or so. Only 7 out of top 25 most used apps are from the App Store. If an OS has a great built-in mail app for example, there is no need for me to look for alternatives in the Store, right?
      imageshack us/a/img9/5664/img0322h.png

    • time to stop apple ego. do you know when android started there where only few apps and apple had about 35000 + developer. with more than 1000000+ apps. but now in few years android market will cross apple store. so what is the big deal. i thing in future windows phone will be ruling. fucking boring interface and fucking price etc

      • Kurt

        i didn’t fully understand what your point was in each sentence. but i agree, with windows 8, they will take over. i would love to switch to that nokia 920, that screen and camera are amazing. two things i have dreamed about having. our image stabilizer is a joke in the 4S. doesnt work, yet in the shots of the air balloon when apple was showing the image stabilizer they were using a crane/boom. not hand held! please come to this country nokia 920, and tell me wife i need you 😀

      • Yes fuck you too

    • DOSboot

      It’s true, Win has by far the fewest apps. But there are some good things going, too. First, unless you play a lot of games (which certainly some people do) you’re not going to be without most of the essential things you need (e-mail, camera, document editing, IM, social media, etc). Second, Win8 has a much-improved API which will hopefully draw more developers. Third, people seem to be genuinely excited about this version of Windows Mobile (even if reaction for the desktop version is less enthusiastic) – meaning again that if they are able to gain market share, apps will follow, just as they did for Android. All three platforms are good for different reasons.

      • Thats what i’m looking forward to. Hopefully Windows 8 will bring in more developers and get those apps in that market. Windows Phone is the only OS I would ever switch iOS for.

      • DOSboot

        My fiancee has a Galaxy SIII and while I will readily agree that the hardware is great, it also seems unorganized and disjointed from a software point of view (now, I don’t have much hands-on time with it, that’s just a quick impression). Tons of freedom but more chaos, too. I’ll find out tomorrow if Windows 8 strikes the right balance between these two platforms.

      • Good luck 🙂

  • Lordthree

    They’re just worried this thingies gonna be DoA now that iPhone 5 is out. And it will be.

    • Kurt

      but the screen and camera are far more advanced. i’d take it over my iphone any day

      • Lordthree

        Far more advanced? You’re insane

      • Kurt

        Yes far more. Sorry for being objective. Shoot me iSheep

      • Glenn Harvey

        It is far more insane. Did you even do your research on the Lumia 920’s camera? It is the best phone camera on the market! As for the screen, more pixels and you can use the screen with a glove on. No more taking off my glove to use by phone in the winter!

      • Lordthree

        So you can your pen on the screen? Was anyone asking for this ‘feature’? Not a feature if the screen is twice as thick as a result. What kind of gloves are you wearing? If they’re anything bigger than thin leather you’re not going to be able to manipulate screen objects anyway (leather is even difficult- they’ve sold capacitive gloves for years.) Yes I’ve seen the camera… It’s using the same ‘image stabilization’ that they added to iPhone years ago. If it worked so incredible on the Lumia than nokia wouldn’t have felt the need to FAKE the footage in their little demonstration commercial.

        The camera is a fraction of a mega pixel higher than iPhone 5. The screen is bigger but doesn’t have the nice 16:9 ratio, and by all accounts iPhone 5 screen is the new industry leader in color saturation, shatter strength, and scratch resistance.

        The chart is pretty much propaganda nonsense. It’s been corrected by the tech sights already…

        The real funny thing is… Why do you guys come to a obvious Apple site and troll that the Lumia is something desirable? It’s really quite a joke. It’s like… you’re payed microsoft shills LOL. I’m sure you are.

        I haven’t seen any Apple fans searching out the nokia news sites (do they exist? ROFL) and trolling how much slicker the iphone 5 is. This little attack ad just demonstrates how pathetic and desperate nokia and microsoft really are. Nokia knows this thing will be DOA… but it’s stock price is already rock bottom. Sorry. RIP nokia. You had a nice long run in the dumb phone age. HTC’s windows phones look truley better than the 920.

        F Off troll.

      • Glenn Harvey

        Your information is totally fucked. Lumia 920 hardware is better than the IPhone 5 hardware. Period.

      • Lordthree

        Sure thing kiddo. All benchmarks indicate iPhone 5 is the powerful phone ever made. How much does Microsoft pay you to shill their crap wares?

  • Whats with the Accessory category? If the Nokia phone comes with both the JBL play up portable speaker and wireless headphones that’s a deal. But they aren’t doing that right? Just making an empty claim because believe it not the iPhone 5 will be able to use other 3rd party accessories as well, crazy I know #iphone4life

    • Tom

      Wow your the definition of an “Apple Fanboy”

      • Blake


      • Kurt

        #iphone4life <—dork

    • Paddy

      Yeah but you have to pay for those accessories, so it is a factor, not an empty claim, iSheep.

  • IPhones are better than nokia and android because of the os first and second because of cydia components come last

    • Kurt

      ios is a good os, but not great. jailbreak it and tweak the hell out of it and its great. but stock is not great nor the best. thats being objective.

  • Tom

    Despite the specs being better then the iPhone 5, the Apple fan boys will still argue the iPhone 5 as being better. Their brainwashed by the apple logo

    • Metroview


      • Kurt

        and you’re haughty (this is where you go look up the meaning)

    • Easy there you fandroid troll! You mad bro? You’re probably mad cause you bought a p.o.s. android phone and wish you could afford the real thing. Instead you try to convince people that yours is better so you don’t look like an idiot for waisting your money on a plastic knock off. Haha get a life troll.

      • Tom

        Fandroid? I believe this is about a windows phone, but yet you jump to the conclusion I’m an Android user. Lol I see you Apple Fanboys are quick to assume. But it’s funny cause I own a windows phone. But you know my whole life so please tell me more about myself? Or are you just eagerly waiting to get your iPhone 5 tomorrow? Not to mention a phone that’s years behind most Android and windows phones in specs and 4g. Now go suck on your thumb you appleFag.

      • Lmao even worse that you have a windows phone. You must have missed the article on this site where they bench marked all the best smartphones and the iPhone 5 smoked everyone. Even with “better specs”. Good luck on waiting for some sort of decent app store. No matter how hard you cry about it, you still own a piece of shit. You’re probably one of those fags that think you are cool because you only like things that isn’t main stream. I’m sure that if some windows phone was more popular than the iPhone, you’d have to get something else just cause everyone had it and you think you’re are cool for being different. Windows troll, thats a new one. This is not a windows phone website, you must be lost.

      • Tom

        Hahahahaha hahahahaha wow dude lay off sucking so much cock!!! You’re trying so hard to make your self look “badass”. And you must of also missed the article where the iPhone 5 came in last place up against the better phones. Umad bro? You look like a 60 year old child mulester. Get some pussy you AppleFag

      • You’re just mad cause i got you pegged fag boy go kill yourself.

      • Tom

        Nah. If anything your the one mad. Continue sucking your dads cock. Faggot

      • Kurt

        i bet any money @facebook-1366704690:disqus went crying to his mommy complaining about you. then came back to act as if you were mad or something. what a weirdo

      • Tom

        I know right.. What a loser

  • I would actually give Nokia a chance. But I’m not on the market for a new phone.

    • me too but Will keep my iphone 4 ( did not see any consistent changes with the 4S and now the iphone 5) ….

      • Me too, but I’m not buying the iPhone 5 because I can’t afford it, (way too expensive where I live) otherwise I probably would…

      • Kurt

        thats why i’ll be jumping ship to another phone. it tired of the lack of innovation. i need change. im not a follower and i can be stuck with the same looking device year after year. i think ill upgrade my ipad to the 4th gen. but im done with iphones. the front hasn’t changed at all in 6 gens and the back and side is nearly the same. and iOS is a good but not great OS. but thankfully we can tweak it to death. i love haptic pro. useless i know, but i love it 🙂

    • DOSboot

      I’m going to get one tomorrow. My iPhone 4 is ailing, and the 5 is not compelling enough for me.

  • Alvin Ma

    being an android user, i still believe the iphone 5 is better than lumia 920…..just think about the comparison they gave:
    how do you expect a BLUETOOTH headphone to have better sound performance than a lined headphone?
    And the tiles UI are simply stupid: smart phone users isnt robots, and people like artistic and polished UI….
    Not to mention wireless charging….it certainly needs a dock right? but then most android phones and iphones can use portable charger that you can put in your pocket while have the wire charging your phone
    Overall: Nokia simply did a poor job on advertise…… bad so sad….

    • I’ll take nokias charging feature everyday. Love the idea.

      • Kurt

        started with webOS devices. very cool indeed

    • Falk M.

      I also like how they pretend the iPhone 5 comes only with an adaptor and old cable…
      *cough* it simply comes with the new cable. Period.

      Wireless charging built-in, ok… so… Who cares if I still need to buy an expensive additional device that won’t let me charge roaming in the room?
      I only really care about wireless charging if I can take it with me within the room or at least the desk.
      And yes, the technology is there, yes Apple even has a patent for such kind of technology.

      • Kurt

        this wireless charging is built into speaker devices too. it senses your hand or phone coming near it, and the corners where you should put down the phone light up so you know where to lay it down perfectly. its beautifully done.

    • Kurt

      nokia’s screen and camera are far better. there really is no comparison with the nokia’s camera that stabilizer is phenomenal. i use a stabilizer device for my DSLR and im impressed with this phone. you’re just subjective because of your love for a company.

  • Both of the phones are good. I just believe apple has a better overall user experience and all their features are relevant. Most other smartphones nowadays are filled with random features that most people don’t use (For example, that S III nonsense with the touching phones to transfer files). I never understood that. I do get that apple does need to make a few more features available though.

    • You dont get the feature of sending files and other stuff to eachother by just “touching” eachother? Its simple. Or maybe you dig using email or bluetooth to do that?

      • Lordthree

        It’s an App for iPhone. Not a ‘feature’

      • It has more to do with that feature no one uses yet called NFC. but I agree. Bump works like a charm, but overall kinda pointless, tbh.

      • Lordthree

        Simple wireless file sharing should never be touted as a ‘feature’ considering there are literally hundreds of methods of doing it.

      • very true.

      • Kurt

        thats not NFC. i use NFC every day to get into my apartment building and to pay for the subway/taxis etc. bump is a great way to connect via bluetooth. its not NFC

      • I get the feature… But it’s pointless. It ONLY works with other S III’s. If it was a universal feature, or the S III was actually popular like the Iphone, then maybe, just maybe it would be a necessary feature.

      • S3 probably isnt that popular in USA. But in europe its the oposit. And i believe the galaxy nexus also got this function

      • DOSboot

        Actually, SIII was the best-selling smartphone for the last quarter – shipped 18 million units. iPhone shipped 16.8. I think it’s pretty popular.

    • Lordthree

      iPhone’s app to touch and share files is called ‘Bump’. This shouldn’t even be called a ‘feature’

    • The Bump application can be used on any phone and you can chat with the person you are bumping with (no pun intended). I saw something on the news about the iPhone being boring because it didn’t have the touch sharing feature. This application was the first thing that came to mind.

  • And, btw, Nokia, i can perfectly use my iphone with gloves on

    • Kurt

      yeah, gloves you cut the tips out of. or gloves specifically made with one or two fingers that can interact with the iphones inferior screen. i want apple to give us the nokia’s screen, then we can even use a key (although i wouldn’t, id use something softer)

  • GambitGamer

    Why would we want a screen with higher resolution than the iPhone 5’s? You aren’t even able to see the pixels on the iphone 5.

    • If you’d actually do the math, you’d realize how both have the same PPI (well, almost, 326 and 331) because Lumia’s display is physically larger.

      • Kurt

        about time you said something intelligent

  • Not sure about the infographic. Just sounds like nokia is butthurt. But i do want the 920. Next phone will be a windows one.

  • Nokia Lumia would be the only phone I would get outside of thee iPhone.

  • Noki who?… xD

  • GambitGamer

    Actually we of the jailbreak community have had a Windows 8 theme for a while now. And the Luma whatever you call it hasn’t even come out yet

    • Kurt

      but still, its on an iphone. luma 920 is superior. looks awesome when you match the colors of the back/side with the tiles. and they are swappable so you can change often

  • dady king

    I was Nokia fan long time back .. But when I started using iPhone and tweaks which just explode my mind .. I mean I can do anything to customize iPhone which is not to easily drift in other platform. Apple make things to perfection.

    • Kurt

      re-read what you wrote. if apple made things to perfection you wouldn’t tweak the hell out of your iphone to make it to what apple couldn’t

  • Joe

    I’ve never owned an iPhone. I had the Nokia N900 when it first came out. Technically a great phone. Real shitty os. I’ve had 3 Android devices, currently my primary phone, and with each, I talked about how it was superior to the iPhone, without even playing with one, yet I would get pissed every time my Samsung would crap out. All that extra crap that was supposed to make it better than the iPhone ended up being useless. It wouldn’t do simple tasks correctly. Now, I’m impatiently waiting for my iPhone 5 to ship. I can’t stand having an unreliable phone. All those Android devices are like PC computers to me: seem all great on paper, but has a shitty os and terribly cheap and unreliable parts. Again, this is coming from someone who has never owned an iPhone.

    • Kurt

      you are one of the only people to say it is a crap OS. wp7 is known for being an excellent OS just the lack of apps is a problem. but with the merging of windows desktop and mobile things should really change. or windows is dead.

  • I have decide I’ll buy iPhone 5 and lumia for my twin brother. If lumia outsmart iPhone then I’ll exchange with my brother . Hahaha

    • Kurt

      wow you will buy him both and iphone 5 and the 920? nice twin you are. wish my twin would do that. but mine did buy me an ipod touch when they first came out.

  • Most wonderful part of IOS is the App Store
    I hope Windows can come out with more apps , the support to developers and the passion of developers explore in Windows..

  • Guest

    and what about the os?

  • iPhone: Sensitive touchscreen
    Lumia920: Super sensitive touchscreen

    They could’ve thought of better features/comparisons than that.

    • I kinda find it a good point. I hate it when i have to take just my thumb out of the globe to unlock the iphone in winter.

      • Kurt

        exactly…this is why i want the 920 so bad. the screen is also so responsive.

    • DOSboot

      To be honest, it’s a nice feature. iPhone is no longer the technical leader in all areas (though still a very, very good piece of kit).

  • mark young

    iphones wouldnt be so big with out jailbreakers and tweaks half of the new features on the new ios’s are copied from cydia just saying,,,,but if i had to pick between the two i would go with the LUMIA 920 it doesnt have enough apps but great phone overall

    • Kurt

      people say all the time they stick with the iphone because of the jailbreak. if there was no jailbreak and people were stuck with the stock iOS, good that it is, it is not a great OS so people would vomit on their iphones and switch to something else. i was hoping webOS would take over. their OS is beautiful but apps are nearly non existent, and the ones they have are just so boring and crappy. but i love the OS on my touchpad

  • It’s easy
    I going to buy an iphone 5 because of IOS.
    but let’s say it, SG3 and L920 are better than iphone 5 in all things but software.
    I hate you apple way can’t you respect costumers.
    I’m a student I need a larger screen so I can read pdfs. and I don’t wont to have 3 devises (PC, ipad, iphone), so apple you don’t know what I need.
    I would like to use two hands when I use my phone not one. so please make 5″ iphone

    • True man! Me too desperately wanting for a bigger screen not the elongated one. I’m seriously having a hard time using most of the apps on this tiny screen.
      I bought an ipad and its larger screen helps a lot but its not that portable as i thought it would be.

    • Kurt

      can you please say all that again. we need a much bigger iphone. and a different front, its “so 2007”

    • Lou Shannon

      Why does everyone want bigger? I see people walking around with these giants phones in their hands because they cannot fit it in their pockets. Ridiculous. i think the larger screen on the iPhone 5 is a good compromise. It is not uncomfortably large which I like. you all need to stop complaining “oh no, the iphone isnt big enough for me to read a book on!” DUH it is PHONE god dammit not a book.

      • I believe one of the reasons could be that people are starting to use their phones more like their computer. And the smaller screens makes it uneasy on the eyes if you spend alot of time on your phone (smartphone)

      • not for every one but we have the write to choose.
        I hope that there is iphones with screen sizes 3.5, 4 and 5
        not all people use the phone for the same purpose.
        you can’t make the same phone size for all (a small woman, a 200cm man, a game lover, ………).
        how many time you press the wrong button when you type on iphone.

        and when you need “just a phone” you don’t need to pay 745Euro just go and buy Nokia 3310.

  • Which anti virus is better for windows phone ?

  • sphameed

    nokia now nothing untill they are join with android
    i’m apple fan

    • Kurt

      why? you don’t like change? you are a follower not a leader? which is fine. but really, change is good. you know iOS hasn’t changed much at all since 2007

  • It’s made by nokia what do you expect lol

  • What’s the point of even comparing, that just admits that your phone is inferior.

  • As booth a WP7 and iOS user, I have to say that booth operating systems are great. I own a Nokia Lumia 710 and an iPod 4th Gen.I think that WP7 wins on the overall style. I just think the Metro/Modern UI looks fantastic. However, as mentioned, the WP7 Marketplace is fairly barren. But that isn’t the operating systems fault. That is on the developers. I don’t blame them, since so many people buy Android and iOS devices, the developers see those two platforms as their best bet to make money. Everyone just overlooks WP7. I honestly think that more people should realize that WP7 is a great OS and should be given a real chance. I am definately going to be buying myself a WP8 device. Just not sure if I want the 920 or the 820.

    • Kurt

      do you know how many apps the windows market has? i remember they hit 50,000 apps quite a while ago and the apps being add per week were growing fast. i want the L920.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    So biased and lame what about jailbreaking? Does Nokia have it? The features the lumia 920 have there are among its ONLY features while iPhone has more than 200, this is totally biased comparison and why are all companies tying their brand name with apple? I thought the gs3 was the “best” ? Why not compare with it instead? One obvious bias in image, iPhone has Sapphire lens cover while Nokia have Carl Zeiss lens, no match.

    • Kurt

      windows invites hackers/homebrewers. windows is completely open to them, its encouraged. so yeah idiot they have it

      the camera on the lumia is far better then the i5’s. go to youtube and check out videos. you will hate your iphone 5’s camera. it’s that superior

    • Glenn Harvey

      Heh, Jailbreak you say? The IPhone 5 A6 chip is UNJailbreakable. You will not be able to inject code into it so therefore, no jail break for you!

      • Liu Zhenyu

        For how long fucktard? I have patience for months to wait and i still feel iOS is better even on stock firmware.

      • Glenn Harvey

        Unjailbreakable… this means never, you dumbass. LOL

  • holy shit the first picture made me regret getting a galaxy s3
    now i have to wait another 2 years to get a iphone 6-6s or if nokia owns the market again, wat ever phone nokia makes

  • lol first 10-20 phones i had were nokia and after nokia i got the iphone 2 then nokia n96 then iphone 3gs then nokia n97 then iphone 4 then the shitty galaxy s3

  • *Sigh* Non Apple Fanatics will never get it

  • Nokia needs to roll out with some more bricks, then I might consider buying from they’re lame ass company. Apple’s iPhone may be “inferior” in the eyes of Nokia, but Apple just sells it better. They also have more reliable software and better customer and retail srervice.

  • Is iPhone the only phone that doesn’t need to defend itself with aggressively critical advertising?

  • HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA and what about the performance ?

    They’ve only wasted their time when its come to performance and apps iPhone still king on all smartphones.

  • Nokia told me to update my system software. and it literally killed my phone in a single tap =( update) lost my confidence in nokia every since.

    so lets just say this.. i’m a apple fan and not a nokia fan

  • GambitGamer

    Why does everyone fight in the comments?

    ” Why can’t we be friends
    Why can’t we be friends…”

  • i am switching to Lumia 920 from my iPhone !