Nokia infographic tells why its Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may have hurt Nokia’s feelings at a presser yesterday by calling HTC’s flagship phones, the 8X and 8S, truly Windows Phone hero products. Returning the favor, Nokia likened the new HTC devices to a “tactical re-branding”.

Better yet, the ailing Finish cell phone maker thinks that the recently unveiled Lumia 920, its inaugural Windows Phone 8 device, is a far better proposition compared to the industry’s golden benchmark by which all smartphones are measured, Apple’s iPhone.

To prove its point, Nokia chose to play the specs game and published an interesting graphics on Facebook comparing the Lumia 920 to the iPhone 5

This is from Nokia’s official Facebook page (click to enlarge).

Don’t you just love a tiled-esque design of Nokia’s infographic, an obvious reference to Windows Phone tiles?

Of course, Nokia is no stranger to viral marketing.

Just a few days earlier, Nokia on its official Twitter account published a fan-made image based on Samsung’s anti-iPhone print ad, replacing the Galaxy SIII with the Lumia 920 to proclaim Nokia’s device “the heavyweight champion” compared to the iPhone 5.

However, the company also shot itself in the foot by faking a commercial meant to highlight the camera prowess of the Lumia 920.

So, how do you feel about Nokia’s infographic?