Apple is suffering harsh criticism over its in-house mapping solution in iOS 6 which has for better or worse effectively replaced a Google Maps-backend. Apple Maps have been called a disaster waiting to happen and even pundit John Gruber called the system a downgrade. With more than 65 percent of the world’s population left with no transit directions, traffic data and street-level imagery, Apple Maps understandably drew ire from users around the world.

No wonder nearly 85 percent of our readers think Google should write a native Maps app for iOS, just as it’s done with the excellent YouTube iOS app. Commenting on the situation, Google UK Marketing Director Dan Cobley asserted that a standalone app could be released soon…

Dan Cobley told Bloomberg TV today:

iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps just by download them or going to the Google Maps website.

That’s an unusual way of putting it.

Last time I checked, there was no standalone Google Maps app to download from the App Store and I doubt he meant the Google Earth app.

Cobley probably wanted to urge people to add to their home screen because the web-version of Google Maps supports transit, directions and other features.

By the way, whatever happened to ridiculing web apps?

SearchEngineLand pressed Google on the matter, but only got this prepared statement:

We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world. Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.

According to both and Apple’s own website, 51 countries have no access to Transit data in iOS 6 Maps, 24 countries lost traffic data, 41 countries are without access to Street View and 20 countries don’t support turn-by-turn navigation and 3D Flyovers.

For more horror stories on iOS 6 Maps, I advise checking out this TechCrunch post.

Also, Garmin is looking to fill the void by updating its navigation apps with public transit, Street View and other much-needed features though convincing iOS 6 users to pay for these capabilities could prove a challenge.

9to5Mac has put together a nice list of third-party apps that help you get back some of the missing or lacking functionality in Apple Maps.

Is Apple’s mapping solution in iOS 6 a dud?

  • Kok Hean

    Maybe he thought that it was already approved? What if it’s in the process of approval? I would download it ASAP!

  • its been 1 day and theres already an ios6 shit list… love it

    • Timothy Do

      ..waiting for Apple’s reply… “you’re viewing it wrong…”

      • @dongiuj

        Or “it’s still in beta”

      • MrShutEmDown

        Taking a book from Google… How many “BETAS” have googled dropped?

      • @dongiuj

        Do you mean “taking a leaf from google’s book”?

      • @dongiuj

        Oh my god! I was pretty much right! They gave it almost the same excuse as Siri. Haha~

      • lol you need to go into settings>general>maps>select the version of maps that doesnt suck>or select the suck it up and accept it tab.

      • lol that’s too funny ha ha!!!

  • abujafer

    My roommate got screwed over with the update; he not only lost transit directions across the city, the campus buildings are no longer discoverable through the maps application. Instead, he has to use the clunky in-browser app to find where he needs to go, which is a major pain and a really big misstep on Apple’s part. Apple has made very few bad decisions in the past couple years (or at least meaningful ones), but this is probably the first “mistake” I’ve seen them make.

  • Did the US lose bus schedules as well? I need that functionality to get around Chapel Hill, NC.

  • i don’t like either google maps for ios or the new apple maps. for me the maps of choice is waze! waze is awesome!

    • Waze is great for Turn-by-Turn bit Google maps is better for bus routes and finding stuff around you like Wal-Mart or Pizza places.

    • I use waze in the states, its good for seeing accidents, where the police are, and traffic build up, however it needs better details with its mapping. but it is free, i am gonna maintain my ios 5 jailbreak on my iphone 4, really no real benefit in doing ios 6 for iphone 4 as of yet, too much to lose and not enough to gain

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I think it was a mistake from apple to rush this without having it more polish. Because even if it is the try in mapping, and we are not suppose to expect the same as a 7 year product, the bad press it is generating will be very hard to undo.

    If they did want to release this it should have been incremental, and at first leave google maps in iOS and add apples maps so people could start trying it without disruption to the abilities of the OS

    • @dongiuj

      I agree but we’re talking about apple here.

    • Yes. it’s because they lost their chief arse kicker, may he rest in piece.
      He would have never let them release ios6 in that unfinished state.

  • shinx2ran

    Looks like I will hold back from ios 6. maps in ios 5 or older is very important. if Apple’s maps is really sucks, then I am not going to upgrade until Google release the standalone version

  • Milad Khahil

    I am getting my iphone 5 on Friday and I will see for myself how bad it’s ….. To give it the benefit of doubt …..

  • OMFG I hope no one coming to England uses iOS 6 map they tell you to go round the roundabouts the WRONG way. I know I live in England and ask it for directions. Apple really screwed up on this one.

  • apple used the help of TOM-TOM for their maps i don’t see why they didn’t just keep Google and improve it. i personally don’t like TOM-TOM I’ve used their stand alone gps and it never got me to where i needed to be and i found myself using the Google maps on my iPhone which was more accurate.

    • i’ve used the app for years on my phone and via the standalone unit, have not had a problem with it

  • To be fair. I am actually really enjoying the Yelp integration into maps now. Help and Google would likely never work together after the stink with Google using Yell reviews for the places reviews. There is one positive in iOS 6 maps.

  • Cedric

    Wait… iOS 5 copied to a jailbroken iOS 6 could work… just an idea! 😉

  • When i criticised apple’s mapping solution when they were announced i got a lot of replies from apple fanboys telling me to STFU…looks like i was right after all…:P

  • Christina Bryan

    I’m more than positive that by “download”, Cobley meant to install the web app from the mobile Google maps website for a temporary “fix”. Yes, they’ll more than likely post an official app to the App Store in the (hopefully near) future, but I think people are misinterpreting his statement here.

  • The iOS6 maps app takes a big step backwards. Steve Jobs would not have released it AND Siri would not be released either.

  • Haven’t seen it myself yet but if this images are true, Apple has failed BIG TIMES!
    I feel that they are just forgetting us users….I mean, who wants to be downgraded in a new OS??
    This is just horrible…Apple, back to the drawing board and think about us as users and not only your money cash-in!!!

  • Andrei Lanuza

    Android fanboys no longer have to say “get lost” to Apple fanboys. They can now manage that on their own.

  • maurid

    Oh, look who needs Google’s help after all? Really cute.

  • maurid

    “With more than 65 percent of the world’s population left with no transit directions, traffic data and street-level imagery, Apple Maps understandably drew ire from users around the world.”

    You are shitting me, right? So the world is completely lost without Maps?

  • ios6 maps shows me i’m down the street and when i zoom in all i see in sat view is a blur!! plz release google maps app soon.

  • Matt King

    why piss a load of money up the wall making a mapping system when the best is already out there?
    There needs to be a stop on all these different operating systems or at least let them all work together. That way the consumer can pick and choose to make a device that they are completely happy with