US District Court Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s motion to lift the injunction on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 last night. The decision comes in response to Samsung’s August 27 request to dissolve the sales ban against its tablet.

Back in June, Koh granted Apple a preliminary injunction against the Tab due to patent infringement. But after the jury in last month’s trial found that the tablet didn’t infringe on Apple’s IP, Samsung wanted the decision overturned..

But Judge Koh said no, in what appears to be a purely procedural ruling. The Judge told Samsung that the standing injunction cannot be dissolved, as the sales ban is currently being reviewed by the Court of Appeals.

AllThingsD reports:

“Judge Lucy Koh said in a ruling on Monday that it would not be proper to lift the injunction given that the matter is now before an appeals court, but did issue a declaration that Samsung’s motion rases “substantial issues” potentially paving the way for the appeals court to send that issue back to her courtroom.”

This is good news for Apple, as it means that the sales ban will stay in effect for the time being. But it’s even better news for Samsung, as it sounds like the Judge agrees that the injunction should be lifted based on the jury’s findings last month.

But even if the Court of Appeals sends the case back to Koh, and she lifts the ban, it would only be temporary. Both companies are scheduled to meet again in early December for further injunction requests.

Awesome, we can’t wait.

  • Awesome, they keep fighting with patents till one party fails for real.

  • Zorvage

    Samsung gives us these shitty ads, Apple goes right back and punishes them in court. Love it.

    • Gorgonphone

      samsung just sucks.. and is making android look bad

  • Hyr3m

    “it would not be proper” to lift a ban on a product that was ruled by a jury not to be infringing ? What the actual fuck ? So when the product is said to infringe based upon phony patents you make them pay 1 billion but when the jury says samsung didn’t do anything wrong you keep the products banned ?
    What a fucking biaised and corrupt biatch. I hope the truth about her comes out and that the crapple asswipes that paid her end up dropping their soaps in jail.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Deal with it panty boy.

      • Hyr3m

        is what I’ll tell you when you’re faced with a situation where a corrupt official fucks you over. I’m all for justice but this is just bullshit.

  • Gorgonphone

    judge is doing them a favor….lol no one wants that silly thing anyway