“It doesn’t take a genius,” according to Samsung’s new ad, to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III is a better handset than Apple’s new iPhone 5. “The next big thing is already here,” it says.

The ad, which Samsung will start running in national and regional newspapers tomorrow, does a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, with the Galaxy S III appearing superior…

Admittedly, the S III looks better on paper: larger screen, better battery life, more RAM, and a longer list of features. But, to be fair, Samsung lists things like “Turn Over To Mute,” “Tilt To Zoom,” and “Shake To Update” for its handset, which comes off as trying to pad the stats.

Anyway, technical specifications have never really been Apple’s cup of tea. You won’t find it putting 8-core processors in its handsets, or things like NFC, just so it looks good on paper. No, Apple’s strengths are its hardware, its reliable software, and the “it just works” mentality that comes with all of its products. If you’re a specs person, the iPhone’s probably not for you.

The ad itself is actually really telling of how Samsung views Apple and its position in the smartphone space. It clearly views the iPhone as the market leader, as it continues to feature it and Apple in its advertisements. Remember Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign against Windows?

The question is, will this strategy pay off for Samsung the way it did for Apple? It’s hard to tell. We imagine the ads will probably make Android users giggle, but what about the general public?

What do you think about Samsung’s new ad?


  • I think it’s childish. Samsung always hating…

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      But it was ok for apple to troll Microsoft with the “im a Mac” ads?

      • to be fair, apple made ad Mac vs PC , they didnt say i’m a Mac, and i’m a Microsoft…

      • goofygreek

        maybe you should re-watch the adds. apple was clearly making fun of windows, which is owned by microsoft. just b/c they didnt say microsoft, (the company) doesnt mean they werent making fun of it. a pc is a computer, computers are made by multiple companies, apple mostly made fun of the software, not the hardware.

      • thats my point. they didn’t call names, no risk of getting sued by using copyrighted images/names, and they don’t look desperate… thats what i call a great and creative ads.

      • Howard Ellacott

        They were pretty amusing though… A blue sheet of paper with a list is dull.

      • jonreyn3

        The fact that Macs are better than PCs justifies the ads Apple used. Samsung Galaxy phones, however, are not better than iPhones so Samsung’s ad isn’t justifiable.

      • goofygreek

        that would be your own opinion, im sure there are over 20 million people walking around with galaxy s3’s that would argue what you just said, and vise-versa if samsung fans were saying the same thing about iphone. its a never ending battle in every industry. and at the end of the day, its all pretty much bull shit.

      • jonreyn3

        *Vice versa
        In a few months, I’m sure there will be a lot more people walking around with iPhone 5 than Galaxy S3, and they can try to argue with what I say but I haven’t heard any good arguments for why Android is the better platform than iOS and why Samsung is the better company than Apple.

      • goofygreek

        both os’s have their perks, both have their draw backs as well. IOS is to restricted, which is good for stability and no malware, bad if you want to actually configure the device the way you want to, hence jailbreaking. android is the exact opposite, you can configure it how you want, but lack the security ios has. and since ics, android has become a lot more stable. im assuming the iphone 5 will have the same retina display the 4s has, (other than size difference). my s3’s screen is very nice, i honestly think its clearer then the 4s. (neither phones have screen protectors). i could keep going, but you get the picture, im going to come up with my good reasons, you’ll come up with yours. does it change anything? nope, not for me at least.

      • Probably will be more iphone5 then s3… In usa. Rest of the world is quite the oposit

      • Haha. Yeah cause a mac can do so many things compared to a pc? Wonder why macs are a minority in the computer department…

      • jonreyn3

        It’s not doing more that makes it superior; that’s asinine. It’s the manner in which things are done. Simpler. Preferring simplicity, which most people do, isn’t the same as being dumb. Making such assumption would also be asinine. Macs are indeed a minority but their sales growth are better than that of PCs, if you could even call PCs’ growth.

    • abujafer

      I’d rather a funny ad than a lawsuit.

  • jose86ec

    Samsung is confirming that the iPhone 5 has 1GB of ram?

    • abujafer

      The iPhone 5 has already been confirmed to have 1GB of RAM.

  • lol, samsung and fandroid are really angry now. samsung stuck with
    rectangular model with one button in the middle bottom, and apple won’t
    release any new design so there’s nothing to copy…

  • twited21

    I don’t get why a removable battery should be a feature people look for when buying a phone
    If your phone has had time and development in a battery that’s built to last why would you remove it ?
    My ip4 is over 2 years old an still has awesome battery life so why would I want to remove it ??

    • abujafer

      Because batteries deteriorates quickly, that’s why. My iPod went from 5 hours of battery life (if that) to 3, in under a year. Now, 2 years later, it barely lasts an hour and a half. If I had a removable battery, I’d pay the $20-$30 to get a new one, and it’d be as good as new. Laptops generally last 2-4 years before they hit the hour mark, and then you either get a new laptop or a new battery. Phones are hitting the same caliber of battery vs. price, and removable battery is a great positive for people that realize that, 2 years from now, many will have to replace their phones entirely just to last the day.

      • you can replace battery even in iphone without effort, look up video on youtube, buy battery, thats it

      • abujafer

        That’s like saying a laptop screen is replaceable. That’s a last-resort solution that’s you use when your phone is all but gone from this world. It’s called non-replaceable for a reason.

      • well if you cant do it, dont, im just saying its possible, and still prefer it, because i like unibody phones, like iphone or HTC One X/S…i mean, you have to do it like once every 2 years, if you even want to have phone that long, i have iphone 4 for almost 2 years and it lasts for 4 days in standby and few calls..

      • Not all people can afford to change phones all the time. So a replaceable battery could be a useful thing for those people

      • goofygreek

        its called non-replaceable to keep stupid people from trying to replace it them selves. im a computer engineer, i do shit like that all the time for a living. you would be surprised how easy it is to actually change a laptop lcd, or an iphone 4/4s battery. macs on the other hand are a bit of a pain.

    • sackboy

      So you can have an extra battery pack? -_- People don’t have wall sockets with them.

    • Andrew Czop

      There has never ever been a single instance where you have instantly wanted to go from low battery percent to 100%. *Instantly*? Without waiting for a charge or being tethered to a charger while using? I find that hard to believe. Even if the battery quality is great, and the battery life is excellent, there are times where popping in a fresh battery is the only option.

      The real question is why *not* have the option? It does not hurt anything to have it, and it opens possibilities not available without it.

      Should you buy your next phone based on this feature alone? No. But it is a great feature that all phones should have, and is not worthless or a gimmick or something as you seem to view it.

    • VATekMan

      I agree with the comments about the long term life of the battery… No matter what phone you have, give it a year or two and it just does not last as long as it did…

      And while the current gen iPhones have “replaceable” batteries (but when you need a soldering iron to replace a batter, that is not in the realm for most consumers) , I remember reading that there are rumors that the iPhone 5 will have a battery that is glued to the screen, like the new iPad, so it would not really be replaceable unless you want to replace the screen.

      With current generation phones, it is the battery that loses it’s life long before the phone can not really be used any more, thus making the entire thing scrap when you can not replace it.

      • My Iphone battery is just as good now as it was when I bought it (iPhone 4.) Idk what you are doing.

      • My 3gs is still holding up too, it’s been like 3 years ?
        man it still awesome,( if there wasn’t more awesome iphones of course ). Updgrading to iphone 5 finally ^_^
        and that damn thing looks gorgeous !!!

        And for the ad , it’s just for kids, as long as my phone does every damn thing. why bother look at the specs ?

      • I know right, I played around on a Galaxy and I prefer the fluidity of my iPhone 4! Not to mention how smooth the IPhone 4S is, I am stoked out of my mind to get the Facebook integration in iOS 6 and sitting in flyover in the Apple Maps app for a longg time haha =D

      • Danish Anis Khan

        i still have my first iphone 2G, 1st Gen with me and its still up and running with the same batt life as it had when i got it…. its a 5 year old phone and still going good… my 3G and 3GS also with same batt performance… upgrading to iphone 5 and im sure as hell that it has the capability to take me for atleast 10 more years… why have a replaceable batt when you dont need a replacement…

      • @dongiuj

        I don’t believe that for a second.

      • Danish Anis Khan

        I know hard to believe but that’s the way it is… I have it as a second phone and don’t use it much but even then the specs will tell you that I am not lying:
        With 2 hrs and 19 minutes of usage it has given me, till now 2 days and 3 hours of standby time and the batt level is still at 48%. Can mail you the screen shots if you like. And to mention again here that it’s a 5 year old iPhone 1st Gen.

      • Sounds like bs. A battery dies eventually. Its how ALL batteries work. And it depends on usage/charging.

      • Most people dont charge them correctly. A regular phone users charge “on the fly” which causes the battery tobslowly die

      • goofygreek

        have you ever opened up an iphone 4? its not soldered, its just glued in and the connector has a screw to remove. very easy to change, not practical though. also, samsung is really grasping for attention with these adds, again. it was nice when they stopped doing the apple bashing commercials and acutally made real commercials about their products, but oh well. guess they werent to happy about the verdict in the states. funny how samsung won other law suits over the same thing in other countries….

      • Kok Hean

        They’re going to make another bashing video, you know?

    • Its good to have a removable battery if you need to replace it. After a while batteried lose their touch. And not everyone change their phone every year. Many people go on for years. And thats when you’ll start noticing battery loss. Unless you charged your phone correctly everytime.

    • Unbelievable. The 4S’s battery wasn’t meant to last. I can barely get through 2/3 of the day without charging it, and that was before I jailbroke it. I’ll much rather carry around a simple extra replaceable battery than a wall charger or one of those incredibly bulky and ugly charging cases. When will you people stop blindly following and approving every single move and decision Apple makes and engage your critical thinking?

      • Kok Hean

        Just sell your 4S and get a phone with your preferred operating system and better battery life instead of complaining about how much it sucks on every single darn article on this blog.

      • You think I wouldn’t have done so already? Resale value is pathetic (I could sell it on ebay, tho, it has a few scratches and bruises), but, I’m bound to a contract and early terminations fees are insane at this point. So even if I sell it I still couldn’t afford anything other than a dumbphone, which is what I was trying to get away from by switching to smartphones.
        Think before you speak. Also, it would be useful if you’d follow my advice given in the previous comment.

      • Kok Hean

        That’s too bad for you 😛

      • You do realize that the resale value of an iPhone 4S is more than twice as much as the resale value of a Galaxy s3, right?

        Best Buy Trade-In value:
        iPhone 4S 16GB in perfect condition – $315.00
        Galaxy S3 in perfect condition – $128.14

      • In general, I don’t like buying things to sell them later. For example, I still have my first PC with a Celeron CPU and I believe 128 MB RAM. I’ll never sell that bad boy! I wanted to make an exception for the 4S, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

      • abujafer

        I still have a laptop with 128KB (dual 64KB) of RAM! Can’t bring myself to sell it, hoping my grandchildren can sell it off of Antique’s Roadshow. xD

      • Kok Hean

        Y U NO BUY RAM?

      • goofygreek

        wow. your such a lying piece of shit. I just went to the site and a s3 is 300 average. and it’s 315 in perfect condition. maybe next time don’t lie about something anyone can find out about.

    • I fully agree on that. My 3GS is over 3 years old and working like a charm. If you build battery to last and have a perfect hardware/software combination you don’t need to replace battery.

  • Apple

    iPhone 5 is better than Samsung I don’t care

    • @dongiuj

      And you know this because you already have an iphone 5 before release date…

    • Kok Hean

      Samsung is a smartphone?

  • Apple

    Samsung thinks that there the best !!! Hahaha

  • Everyone needs to feel better than someone else. If they’re picking on apple they would seem to be admitting an inferiority complex

    • sackboy

      That’s why Apple stopped Samsung selling the better phones?

      • @sackboy makes no sense what you just wrote

      • SuperchargedNL

        Ripped-off phones, not better…

      • sackboy

        Okay other than S Voice (which is crap) what did Samsung rip off?

      • The icons, pinch-to-zoom, wall charger, phone port, storage sizes, phone colors, store style and colors, mac mini, iPhone, iPad, photo cloud services, want more?

      • 1: The icons are VERY differnet on the s3 than the iphone
        2: Pinch to zoom is a standard in mobile touch screen devices, like the capslock key or the qwerty keyboard on a computer
        3: Wall charger…… wow.
        4: Phone port……. again wow.
        5: Phone Colours? The s3 wasnt available in black until recently!
        6: Store style and colours…… HOW? Copying ios 6? Yeah right…. You mean in real stores? Iphone uses white posters, samsung blue……
        7: THe mac mini? That was apple’s take on a net-top, a style of computer that never took off.
        8: iPhone… No shit… it was the new thing in the market, of course companies are gonna make their own phones with capacitive touch.
        9: iPad? was copied from microsoft by apple anyway.
        10: Photo cloud services…. google drive, dropbox, amazon’s 5gb storage, skydrive. People have been doing cloud storage for ages.

        More? Yes i want more… Perhaps a legitimate point?

      • ERIC REED

        You must have missed the 1.1 billion settlement apple is getting from Samsung due to them stealing…

      • lol, US jury protected US company by ruling Korean company to be guilty.. If Samsung was really a culprit, tt would have lost in many parts of Europe as well where the same ruling was held. Apple only won a major war in US 😛

      • In USA. What happens in USA isnt the ultimate law

      • SamsungAppleFan

        yeah only in the US….. specifically california

      • Fanboy

        You stupid droid douche bags seem to hang out on APPLE sites WAY TO MUCH. You friggin dick licks make me sick. Go the fuck away and let us apple fanboys talk about how bad ass apple is. Why do you care you jealous pieces if shit? Fuck off and fuckin die already. Jesus fuckin Christ.

      • goofygreek

        someone just got a little but hurt over some truth being told. sheesh, we get it, the iphone is the best thing in the world because you own one. if you dont like where the comment is going, stop reading it. no one has a gun to your head forcing you to read everything.

      • @goofygreek:disqus he is just trolling..

      • You’re a disgrace to this site.

      • Hyr3m

        Hey dude, you’re the guy reading an article about a Samsung ad for a Samsung phone which btw is better than any iPhone that has ever existed, both on paper and in any real life situation.
        A non-jailbroken iOS device can’t even dream to compare to an android phone, even android 2.x and that’s saying something ’cause it was shit. If you jailbreak it you can bring it to a somewhat bearable level but you lose on stability because these iPhones have a lightweight OS to run on their weak hardware. I’m not inventing this shit. It’s right there in plain sight so get the fuck over it.
        Btw, we’re here (on this blog) because we’re interested in TECHNOLOGY, not in the apple religion you and others seem to have been brainwashed into.

      • No, no hell no. Microsoft didn’t invented tablet . It was just small pc.. And if your counting this as an tablet then apple release it’s small pc, 20 years ago (approx) …… Newton (something) which couldn’t make it as Microsoft in the market. Increase your IQ

      • Icons? B plz…

      • The icons? Only Apple fanboys see iOS style icons wherever they look.
        Pinch to zoom? Good read. > theverge dot com/2012/8/30/3279628/apple-pinch-to-zoom-patent-myth
        Valid point, but is the iPhone successful because of the charger and cable? So why bring them up?
        Storage sizes? Were they supposed to offer 12.68172 GB, 29.4575 GB and 93.1865 GB variants? There are reasons why 16, 32, 64, etc. are the sizes used in smartphones. But let me guess, Apple invented multiples of 4, right?
        Phone colors? In which universe does the iPhone come in brown, red and dark blue?
        Stores? I haven’t been in either so, no comment.
        Mac mini point has already been addressed.
        iPhone? phandroid dot s3 dot amazonaws dot com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/samsung-before-and-after-iphone-635×463.png
        And cloud storage has existed long before iCloud. Get your mothafuckin facts straight.

      • Hyr3m

        I agree with you 100% mate but it’s not multiples of 4 it’s powers of 2 ^^

      • lol yeah, that’s what i meant. fail. XD

      • lol, last night i used my sex app on my iphone to do your mom, that new

      • So you stopped using grindr? Good for you.

      • abujafer

        All of which existed before the S3 came around. All of those. Some of those don’t make sense at all. Colors? Mac Mini? Phone port? Are you smoking something?

      • SuperchargedNL

        Really?! Look up “apple samsung ruling” on google.

      • You misspelled “suck” in your Name…

      • lol, they copied it and thats the law! for example if i make out with your mom and a person comes out with your mom again, i can kill him if i want

  • Ce

    They didn’t say anything about its quad core a6 chip

    • canucks23

      dual core cpu, quad core gpu

    • abujafer

      It’s dual-core.

    • Yeah but the chip is quad-core since it has the quad-core graphics integrated! 😛

  • Me

    The superior operating system is what makes the iPhone great. The specs of the hardware can never make up for all of the little annoying problems when using android OS.

  • MattXD162

    Expand iOS 6, then Apple has a longer list

    • Right there not including so many things from the iPhone lol Samsung look good until the OS lol from that point down is garbage

  • ic0dex

    Its funny when the Samsung S III came out Apple did not say one word but once the iPhone 5 came out Samsung started to talk shit. Anyways half of the specs they put on that stupid sheet don’t mean crap for the regular consumer. If my wife was to buy one she would have never read those stupid pointless specs that Samsung put together. You just go with the best The iPhone 5!

    • Anirudh B

      Actually they did say many words – in a legal filing, to include the GS3 in one of their court cases.

      • Which is nothing for you to worry about, let big corporations be corporations and look at the product, like you even know what they talk about in court anyway, go read your yahoo articles.

      • Epic!

  • imot65

    SamDUNG can double the “features” of its iPhone “wannabe”, it’s still CRAP. What the iPhone has is the killer feature that no other phone has, and that’s its ecosystem (iCloud, iTunes), which just works and its simple.

  • It doesn’t take a genius to realize the iPhone 5 is better, there is more to a phone then hardware specs

  • Sina

    I’m wondering when will Shamesung have a little bit “Innovation” in at least ADS ?!!

    • Ya, only Stupid people will fall for this.

      • Alec Vanek

        and how exactly do you classify stupid?

      • What I meant was … Most of the extra stuff on s3 list is just software base thing .. They didn’t mention any short cut key for apple. It’s basically a shortcut keys. Only NFC has some significant impact but i haven’t seen it support in many places for now.

      • Alec Vanek

        And where have you been for the last year while Google wallet has been rolled out in about 1/5 nation wide chains?

      • Google wallet.

      • American?

      • What do you mean by stupid here??? In court appeal apple said people get confused while looking at samsung phones and think them to be iPhone and buy….So, i guess all the most intelligent people who apple was referring in court will fall for this ..at least…. 😉

    • You seem butthurt. Why is it so hard to just admit it? Don’t get me wrong, I like my 4S, but overall, I’d be lying if I said how the SGS3 wasn’t better than it or the iPhone 5.

      • For the past 4+ years I have been ordering iPhones as soon as it is been announced. I have 3 iPhones in the family including iPhone 4S. Also we have iPad2, iPad3 and a MacBook Pro. So that justifies how much we into Apple. However, for the first time I am skipping the crappy, yes I said crappy iPhone 5. I don’t see any significant difference for a regular use on iPhone 5 compared to iPhone 4S than .5″ bigger screen. The second day after Apple announced iPhone 5, I went ahead and bought Samsung Galaxy S iii (i9300) which has quad core processor and 2GB Ram. It has an huge 4.8″ display now I don’t have to carry around my iPad so often for web surfing. If you click my profile you may find that I have been calling Samsung Shamesung. I still call them Shamesung in many forums/blogs. However, when it comes to spending money on things, I believe I should get the best value for the money I spend. So I believe S3 has better value than iPhone 5 and I am pretty happy with S3 so far. Btw, I have used many Android devices most of them with 2.x version in the past. I hated Android so much. But the 4.x version is totally different. I like it better than iOS 6.0. Will see what Apple brings next year, if anything significantly better, I would definitely switch over. Now go head fan boys, its your turn to click on unlike button as much as you want 😛

      • Hyr3m

        100% agreed.
        Android 2.x was as crappy as iOS 5
        Android 4.x is simply the best thing out there… and I’ve tried them all!
        For the Samsung Galaxy S3, they seriously had me at “microSD, removable battery, android 4” (microUSB too but that goes without saying, quad core too but that’s been standard for more than 6 months already)

        I honestly can’t believe the number of morons that are going to buy this iPhone 5 from crApple… I can understand if you’re a rich (enough) geek without a girlfriend who wants to own and/or test every phone out there (before reselling it). Otherwise just get any phone with android 4 and you’ll be far happier than any iPhone user will ever be. Especially with an s3 (or a note2 for that matter)

      • I found the microSD is definitely advantage. I am not into removable battery stuff. I never had to replace battery on my oldest iPhone (3+ yrs) so far. If I ever had to replace a worn out battery, I would rather change the phone for a new technology rather than spending money on genuine battery.

      • Hyr3m

        long trips without a charger -> spare battery… so much better than attaching these external batteries thingies… I have some too but just switching the internal battery is awesome as I’m a very heavy user (on an unlimited data plan :P)

      • dude just say im poor i cant buy the iphone 5 we all no apple is better in everything! but high price, just say i cant afford it poor bitch

      • Dude, Galaxy s3 technically expensive than iPhone 5. Where on the earth you living? Do some google before making such pathetic “rich” comment, lmao I got S3 Quad Core 16GB, unlocked for $699+Tx. Tell me if that is cheaper than your crApple iPhone “5” Mr. Rich

      • Hyr3m

        I could buy a dozen of 64GB iPhone 5 without contracts without seeing a dent on my bank account. I have an S3 and I don’t care about having/testing every device on the face of this earth, I only need an S3 and my corporate phone.
        Your sole argument for the iPhone5 is that I’m poor ? More poor people buy iPhones than rich people. All of those that do buy iPhones are either oblivious to reality, completely stupid, chained (because they own everything else form apple and don’t even think about life outside of their overpriced bubble) or they buy it for work/testing/smashing/geekiness.
        The iPhone 5 is crappy, obsolete before it’s release and you have nothing positive to say about it… that’s saying something!

      • pat0

        maybe go for win8 mobile – lumia 920.. just sayin

      • Dave_Lui

        ” I would definitely switch over ” – This statement justifies your user-experience with SG3 mate.
        You will know pretty sure, this isn’t just about Specs, its about how to make use of Specs.
        Though I still doubt your decision to upgrade iPhone 4 to 4S when you saw very little upgrades as compared to Upgrades from 4S to 5, I mean Upgrades with iPhone 5 are plenty than last time and still you don’t find significant difference ? eh ?

      • iPhone 4 to 4S was a little upgrade? really? lol iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera with a 720p video recording. iPhone 4S has a 8MP camera with 1080p video recording so as iPhone 5. They should have called iPhone 4S as iPhone 5 and this crappy iPhone 5 as iPhone 5S. Yes, I said I will switch over “if they bring phone with significant difference”. That means better than S3, otherwise no reason to switch back to iPhone.

      • Dave_Lui

        @ Jacob S, Did you oversee the “Compared” part in my statement?
        Yes, really…coz I was comparing 4 to 4S transition, since there was nothing more than New Siri, 8MP Camera sensor, A5, 7X GPU speed, No cosmetic changes and same old accessories.
        But from 4S to 5, Cosmetics changes, A6 2X faster than 4S, to that 14X faster GPU when compared to 4, Light weighted, iSight, Nano sim, Better lighter Battery, 16:9 aspect ratio, 4 Inch screen, rest you can better know more here at IDB

      • thedarkknight80

        That A6 chip will also make the iphone 5 the favorite destination for game developers, bringing “portable ” iOS gaming to a whole new level . I know some here don’t care about that, but i do ….

      • “This isn’t just about Specs, its about how to make use of Specs.” Exactly. It’s not all about the specs. That argument works both ways.
        www idownloadblog com/2012/09/16/initial-thoughts-on-iphone-5/#comment-652244850
        www idownloadblog com/2012/09/16/initial-thoughts-on-iphone-5/#comment-652270852

      • Btw, its either a quad core with 1gb of ram (international version) or a dual core processor with 2gb of ram (US) Not both.

      • Yes, you are right, I stand corrected! Thanks for that.

    • Qwer

      did u mean sucksung? or perhaps samsucks?

  • The best part about a smartphone is about 25% hardware and 75% Software and iOS is the best mobile operating system in the world. Plus everything is under one roof with iTunes so that’s why iPhone will always be king. Why do you think people still use iPhone 3G/3GS cause the User Interface is amazing. Apple makes there stuff easy, addicting, and fun. You know what’s funny is that when iCloud and all that jazz came out it sounded so complicated and hard. But when you start using your iPhone you end up using a lot of features that in the begining sounded so complicated but after a while you start using it and don’t even notice that you are using it. That’s how good Apple is at writing software.

    • Itunes. The shittiest program ever used. Even hated among apple boys. Theres not a program that ive hated as much as the frickin itunes. And good luck explaining it to older people with little to none experience (ive tried it).

  • Dan

    I wasn’t impressed with iPhone 5, so I upgraded my iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S3. Just got it today and I’m loving the change. A phone is a phone, you just have to buy the one that has what you want.

    • ic0dex

      Go away trader! A few weeks from now you’re going to beg to use an iPhone agian.

      • abujafer

        Beg who exactly? We’re talking about a phone here people, not a god damn torture room!

        “Three weeks from now and you’ll be crying yourself to sleep at night.”

        “Less than a week and it was over, couldn’t take it anymore.”

        “My god, the experience was horrible. I don’t understand how anyone could use it for more than a day.”

      • Dan

        think you meant traitor. Actually the wife has a 4S and I have an iPad, so I’ll still be able to fiddle with the Apple =P

  • the next big thing is already here and is 5 times better than the shamesung its called iphone 5 get it 5 times better 5 times awesome

  • Josh Brooks

    Samsung is so gay.

  • Good job Samsung. Your ad makes me not want to get an S3. Tilt to zoom? Shake to update? lol No thanks!

    • do Samsung know ” bump” made to transfer pics/contacts and other stuff bettwen pcs/iOS’s/androids ages ago anyways? hhehe

  • speeds and feeds… Technology alone is not enough…

  • I stopped reading when it said “Android 4.0 OS”
    Definitely the iPhone. It really doesn’t take a genius.

  • VATekMan

    It is funny how often this site posts articles like this… where the comments get down into “group A sucks…” “no group B sucks…” Honestly, both phones and systems are really good and it comes down to what one person has invested in either ecosystem or what they want to do with their phone… Neither OS is always going to be better for all users, some are going to want Android and some are going to want IOS and neither is wrong…

    So, can’t we all just get along 🙂

    And no, neither company has been doing very much innovating. Everyone knows that each company has copied from each other and other companies and that is just the way it is…

    • coejam


    • goofygreek

      im honestly surprised no one has flagged your comment down. maybe there is still hope for this blog.

      • Kok Hean

        Well, there’s one down vote.

      • abujafer

        I’m keeping hope it was a misclick.

  • wonderboydave

    cool story bro.

  • No matter what, no one can deny Samsung’s innovative features like Smart Stay (no one has them), NFC enabled S-Beam. Was really expecting so much from iPhone 5, features like a new/improved battery like using the Hydrogen tech, laser kerboard, anything!. Instead they just made it a lil taller and .. that’s it!. Oh wait they added panorama feature…which’s a very old tech and is present in older Galaxy devices! now who’s copying who 😛

    • That Panorama is shit. Taking advantage of the Gyro and stiching together the images is better than ever. Not to mention Samsung is already planning on stealing Apples Processor design if you haven’t read. Enjoy your fanboyism… for the wrong side..

      • If only you knew better :P, Processors in Samsung aren’t made by them, they are made by ARM!. Before becoming Apple’s blind follower and start arguing, research things first 😛

    • jonreyn3

      I neither know Smart Stay nor S-Beam. What is that? NFC? How many people are actually using NFC as a mobile wallet system? Apple just made the iPhone a little taller and that’s it? The design is engineering genius, to make it the lightest and the thinnest smartphone on the market through various means, while not compromising important things like battery life and the camera. That’s pretty darn impressive, I think. The fact you expect so much from Apple should speak for itself, though: what you think of the company and its innovations.

      • Smart stay is an eye-tracking sensor through which the display screen turns off if you close your eyes. Now that’s a pretty impressive innovative feature !,

  • Samsung will never learn will it, I associate Samsung with cheap plastic products that I have only ever seen by them, I don’t care what you say, nobody puts as much care into designing a phone like the IPhone, seriously. I hold my step dads Galaxy (work phone) and I am like, this thing is cheap plastic and is nothing to my IPHONE FOUR! Sheesh, what a bunch of joksters.

  • Muhammad

    “it doesn’t take a genius” to see the S3 has a bunch of “features” that no one really needs

    • Exactly. I have a friend who was showing off his S III all it could do “better” than my 4S. I asked him if he really used these features and he said no.

      • goofygreek

        some examples that you dont pull of google would be nice.. just giving you a hard time, there are features that not everyone will use. but like the saying goes, id rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

      • That is a flawed logic as you would NEVER use them anyway. If you have it and do not need it than it is pointless in “having” them.

    • Epic WIN

    • @dongiuj


  • This add is silly, this stupid features that nobody uses are part of the OS!
    So why 3D maps, iMassage, Passbook, ect. Aren’t there 4 the iphone?
    Samsung sucks even on making ads!!

    • Idk why you got downvoted, it’s true, the things they posted were from software side and not hardware side which is where it started, Samsung should have started posting iOS 6 stats too but oh wait, there are over 200 things in iOS 6 (small as they may be Samsung obviously was digging at the bottom with ‘Re-moveable Battery’) but then they would have realized theor product isn’t so great.

  • Jacob

    I need to post this ‘cos i really got mad of Apple-haters. (Sorry for my grammar, English is not my primary language :-P)

    I am a big fan of Apple products, starting with iPod that I have owned since the first generation of Nano came out, throught MacBook lasting with the iPhone. Now, let’s talk about the iPhone. I do own the iPhone 4 (16GB white version) which I love pretty much. I love the quality of materials, precision of productions process, the breath and eye-taking design and completely gorgeous operating system called iOS. Why do I love iOS? Here’s why. Even thought the iOS is a closed operating system it just runs absolutely smooth, fast, without any lags you can await in Android OS. It’s because it’s been deisgned just for Apple, unlike Google’ Android OS which can be used by any manufacturer. That is why the iOS is stable and you allways know what you’re using. Next thing is the eco-system. Even many people complain about iTunes I gotta confess that I love it. It’s really simple to organize iPhone from one App, that is made to be used even by a 6-year old child. With the arrival of iCloud, iTunes in the Cloud, Shared Photo Streams and many others features that makes everyday phone’s usage even more simpler the eco-system got even more vibrant. I bought the iPhone because of that and the ease of use and apps made specially for it you won’t find on Android Market (Google Play). Really, why do Apple haters think that what makes their phones better is a 4-core, 1,6 GHz processor, a 12-megapixel camera, 5,5 inch screens that are getting bigger and bigger with every new product and it’s basically unable to work with their smart-phones with one hand. (Or shall I call ’em Mini-PC’s?). Or, do I really need the advantage to download torrents onto my phone? How many of us, or you Android users use this feature daily? Or flash? I have been using an Android phone for 2 months, while my iPhone was broken, and I got only a two situations I used flash. So where is the need of flash? I’d definitelly rather be using an App then waiting for the lagging flash to load on a site. What are my specs for buying a phone? Simplicity, beautifull design, customer service, a good and simple to use OS, apps quality and a good software to sync my phone. And here”s where Apple wins for me and why I have chosen to go with Apple’s iPhone.

    But I do not get one thing. I have nothing against Samsung, LG or other mafunfactures of Android phones even I am Apple-lover. But why do you, Android user so much hate Apple? I am tired of listening what features does your SIII have (honestly, how many of them will you be using?) or what are the specs of it and why iPhone sucks because you cant load custom-rom, or customize it how you’d like to. I’ll tell you about Cydia. I personally think there is more quality tweaks on the “bad-bad closed iOS” nor on your open Android. It’s because developers spend more time making them and they want to bring you the quality nor quantity just like on Android.
    Now get life, stop complaining about how Apple products are bad, stop writing everywhere and start using your phone just like it was made to be used with or just buy iPhone and be happy.

    Yours Sincerely,

    An ordinary student, iPhone user, but not even close to android-hater.

  • That’s why I like Apple. When they announced the iPhone 5 and the ads came out, Apple didn’t have to notice Shamesung and other companies in the ads. Why should they right? Samsung is pathetic

  • Good Samsung.
    Act like a little kid and mock Apple – that’ll make people want to get a GS3!
    Fucking ridiculous…

  • Lets see, apple has shared photo stream, New 8-pin smart connector, amazing camera, HD voice slim new light design, 8 hours of LTE and 3G, so who comes off the winner in your book, apple comes first on mine

  • I’m not gonna lie… The S3 is really nice… But it’s not an iPhone. If u like apple that’s all u want. Don’t care about huge screens and removable batteries. When u think of ppl that use iPhones u think Class. Every bum on the street has an Android. But I wud put the S3 n a different class than all other androids. It wud b my only second choice after the iPhone.

  • Aleksander Azizi

    They can’t know that the iPhone 5 has 1GB ram ? Apple never announced that.., for all we know it could have 1,5GB or 512MB, all they said was it has the new A6 Chip.
    I hope samsung posts this everywhere, so that Apple can sue them again and finish Samsung. (I mean, they have good phones, but when your so desperate to make it “superior” that they lie and make the iPhone look “bad”, u know they don’t have that good phones, i mean seriously ?)

    • Heatfan316

      Excuse me don’t politicians do that.

    • samsung made the iphone chips I think

  • i like it! becouse advertision its all about getting your attention, and they shure do get peoples attention so yeah, mission acomplished, but eather they buy the phone or not, thats the other story

  • Its a pitty that both companies cant accept that there are people who just like the iPhone or the Galaxy’s. And its really annoying if they present us their products like OMG We have the best you’ve never seen fucking product and you have to buy it!
    If not you gonna die.

  • Definitely padded stats. You can’t add “features” like “Shake to Update” to a list comparing specs or you could argue that Apple’s “Shake to Undo” should be included too. Beside the apples-to-oranges comparison, the only thing I see the iPhone 5 lacking on this list is NFC and as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a superior operating system than a premature novelty any day.

  • What can I say, the specs are better than iphone 5.

  • I love my iPhone it makes me happy I dont care what other phones do.

  • maverickmax


  • Mohammad

    Apple really needs to pull there socks up Nd need to start to create something innovative instead of iMproving the same old boring style. IOS is now boring completely flushed out and feels really plain, although apple are renowned for there build quality, samsung is also clearly doing something right to have sold 20 millions galaxy s3’s. Time to wake up apple or your going to drown in the next two years if you dont start making some major changes to your boring software platform. It would be a shame to see Android completely taking over and destroying IOS

    • jonreyn3

      I’m pretty sure the Galaxy S3’s sales had a lot to do with the imminent release of the next iteration of the iPhone. People were holding out, and those who couldn’t hold out much longer opted for the S3 instead of getting the 4s. If by boring you mean simple enough everyone can use it, then I’m certain most people will take that anyway. Apple has done well without your advice and I’m sure it’ll continue to do so.

      • Mohammad

        U wasteman ur a typical Apple fan boy your just as restricted as Apples software platform. Idiot lol

      • What is your problem dude? Does he buy apple products or iphone 5 using your money? Why are you heartache?

      • jonreyn3

        I don’t think I’m a bigger idiot than someone who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.

  • Imo. Not having NFC was a mistake

  • Mohammad

    Haha u typical apple fan boy such a wasteman

    • You hate apple’s products that your problem. People buy what their love and NOT using your money, why are you fucking care???

  • Mohammad

    IPHONE 5 is shit fukin bullshit

    • Lolhaha

      Just like you.

    • iphone 5 sucks or whatever it is you name it but nobody gun point your head demanding you to buy iphone 5. You buy Galaxy SIII, Samsung won’t appreciate and thanks you anyway. Samsung will never give you any special discount if you buy SIII. Wake up and don’t be such as idiot.

  • It’s not all about hardware… When Samsung will grow up?

  • below NFC is all bullshit…. lol

  • thepies

    Oh god.. Hate samsung to the max!

  • Peter from DoMySEO

    Standard micro USB & NFC are technical I notice.
    I am tempted to buy SIII for 518 AUD with AUS warranty.

  • Joe Leonardo

    I would have seriously considered the Galaxy SIII, but the screenis way to big. A friends phone looks like a mini pad.

    • KyleRay

      That’s what she said, before she actually got the real thing in her hands. But hey if you have girly sized hands, then maybe the tiny bit bigger iPhone 5’s for you! ;-P

      btw… my girlfriend has tiny hands and now grabbing my GSIII every chance she gets! ^_^

  • Kok Hean

    LOL, they put S Voice as a feature.

    • KyleRay

      The Technology itself that powers both Siri and S Voice is now owned by the exact the same company since earlier this year….. you fool. Since then, any chance of Apple suing Samsung over S Voice fell like a lead balloon!

      Nuance to Apple, “Oh…… gee fellas, we’re really sorry about buying VLingo. Right when you were going sue Samsung for buying their custom version of VLingo (like you bought Siri using Nuance IP). But hey, it’s not like we promised you a monopoly on our Voice Technology Monopolistic efforts in buying out all our competition”! :O

      By comparison VLingo has been available far longer on both iOS App Store and Android Market far longer. In fact they were the ones who pioneered Android version’s of In-Car Voice Turn by Turn. Now Google has their own, while Apple is still struggling to voice powered anything in Maps.

      For this reason alone…. S Voice is BETTER than Siri!!! …..not to mention with the Jelly Update Google NOW KILLING SIRI ON ACCURACY!!!

      • Kok Hean

        “The Technology itself that powers both Siri and S Voice is now owned by the exact the same company since earlier this year….. you fool. Since then, any chance of Apple suing Samsung over S Voice fell like a lead balloon!”

        I know that they have the same voice technology, did I say that they are different or that Apple will sue them? You fool. Don’t assume.

      • KyleRay

        S Voice is superior to Siri any day of the week. It was out as VLingo over 3 yrs ago fool. Even the Woz can’t stand Siri and there is just no comparison to Google NOW. Both Siri and S Voice pull their information off Wolfram Project Public Servers.

        How many times does it take for you iDIOTS to hear the answer to the question, “Siri…. what’s the answer to the Universe?” Siri, “42”! ….before you finally get that they are all canned answers. Whereas Google NOW learns to anticipate your questions before you even ask. So in all actuality SAMSUNG’s doubling up on Siri as tag team with Google! 😀 …..so don’t you assume S Voice is not comparable to Siri. Because obviously it is!!! lol…

      • Kok Hean

        It’s funny how I never said that Siri is better or that S Voice is nor comparable. But you assumed that I did and called me an idiot. Why? I have no idea.

      • KyleRay

        “LOL, they put S Voice as a feature.” ….here’s your lunacy staring you in the face. If you aren’t cutting Samsung for listing it as a Feature, then kindly explain that comment away?

      • Kok Hean

        I’m not cutting Samsung for listing it as a feature. I posted that comment because they’re supposed to list Google Now instead of S Voice. You know, the one that’s going to come out in the Jelly Bean update? You said it before.

      • KyleRay

        Oh come on… Google NOW is Google’s Service. S Voice is SAMSUNG’s version of VLingo (like Siri using same technology) and there’s absolutely no doubt they are completely different, as well as serve two different functions. Samsung can’t claim Google NOW, any more than they can claim Google Search or Google Maps!

      • Kok Hean

        Well, they can list it as one of the advantages 😛

      • KyleRay

        Well you are maybe just a little bit entertaining after all! lol….

  • If the reviews go down . Samsung will have to hide their face somewhere in the mud