Apple officially unveiled its new connector called Lightning today at their iPhone press conference, just as the rumors suggested they would.

The new connector can be plugged in either way for ease of use, it’s 80% smaller, and all digital. It’ll no doubt compliment the new smaller form factor of the iPhone 5.The new connector is also said to be more durable, adaptive, and has an improved interface.

First we had Thunderbolt, and now we have Lightning.

But what if you have an older peripheral — which all of us, no doubt, do? Apple has addressed that issue with an adapter that interfaces between the iPhone, and the older 30 pin dock standard.

It’s not the prettiest solution in the world, but it should hold us over in the interim. What do you think?

You can purchase a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for $29.00, and a 30-pin to Lightning Adapter for $39.00.

  • Harrison Adams

    Hmm not too shabby

  • I absolutely love the fact it is double sided! But, is it USB 3 compatible?

  • Is one of those connectors going to be included in the box?? or is going to be sold separately for 80$

    • SimonOrJ

      Sync cable which can be used with the purchased device is always included when you buy an iPhone or iPod. Why do you think Apple will not let you charge your own device?

      • He means the adapter for older iDevices. Dumb dumb

  • al.abama

    I thought all cellphone manufacturers agreed to phase in the micro-USB connection for charging, peripherals, etc. Changing to another unique connector is a serious inconvenience AND EXPENSE to iPhone users. More money in Apple’s pocket.

  • No mention of whether it is USB 3.0?

    • That’s what I keep wondering. I would assume it is not since they failed to mention it at all. Pretty disappointed if it is not.

  • I knew apple was gonna make it over priced