MissionBoard Pro — like the original MissionBoard — is a jailbreak tweak that acts as an app switcher replacement for the iPhone.

In contrast with the basic version of MissionBoard, the pro version features elements like music controls and toggles to make it much more suitable as an outright app switcher replacement. But is it worth its steep $2.99 asking price?

The new control panel features found in MissionBoard pro make the upgrade worthy of consideration, but be warned that the tweak was still a bit sluggish in response, just like the original version that I reviewed.

If you’re serious about using MissionBoard as an app switcher replacement, then the pro version is a necessity due to the music controls, toggles, brightness slider, etc. However, if you don’t care so much about these things, then stick with the free version.

MissionBoard Pro can be purchased for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, so it’s not exactly cheap. What are your thoughts on the tweak?

  • Kok Hean

    The original app switcher is still better.

  • Is this compatible with zephyr? If it is, i will definitely buy it!

    • Yes it is compatible with Zephyr just toggle on the Replace App Switcher settings and Its up and Live… Wish they Would make the Movements more Naturally tho And Not so Sluggish And i also think it has a memory Leak Issue

      • Oh. Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll purchase this when it’s ironed out.

  • I prefer the more simplified default switcher… I don’t see any advantage to have those big screens to switch apps… Nevertheless, it looks like a decent tweak.

  • Well unlike all of you people out there that dont like it, I think that it is actually cool and would love to try it out. The creativity is really cool and that is what makes a jailbroken phone fun… not just messing with all of the stock stuff all of the time.


    Whatever happens, never pay for a tweak. Thats what IHR and Xszellize are for 😀

    • Eames

      Have some ethics and respect the developer who did that tweak.. Do you know how much effort is gone into making a tweak..

    • do you know how much work devs put into tweaks? The least you can do is pay for them to keep the community alive.