AT&T just pushed out a press release announcing that it will be carrying the iPhone 5. As Apple announced, customers will be able to pre-order it on September 14, or purchase it on the 21st.

But far more interesting is the fact that AT&T also mentioned in the press release that customers that still have unlimited data plans, will be able to keep using them with the new iPhone…

9to5Mac points to the release, which indicates that customers who have had their unlimited plan since the original iPhone will be able to keep it and still buy an iPhone 5 at the subsidized price.

““We are thrilled to offer iPhone 5 on the nation’s largest 4G network. We’ve worked with Apple since the original in 2007 and this is hands-down their best phone yet,” said Ralph de la Vega, president & CEO, AT&T Mobility. “We offer customers the flexibility to keep the iPhone data plans they already have or choose any of our individual or new Mobile Share plans.”

This is great news for AT&T customers, as users with unlimited plans were expecting to lose them upon upgrading to the iPhone 5. Verizon, for example, will be forcing upgraders to switch to a new data plan.

Keep in mind, however, that customers won’t be able to make FaceTime calls over cellular on their unlimited plans. And we’re not sure if they’ll be able to utilize AT&T’s LTE network. But hey, at least it’s something.

  • Oh thank god. I heard the throttle cap for unlimited users would also rise from 3gb to 5gb but I don’t know if thats true.

    • everyone with an LTE phone right now only get throttled after 5GB.since the new one will be LTE then unlimited users will get throttled after the same: 5GB

      • ThisBrian

        Do they throttle you back to 3G now that we are on LTE? 🙂

  • Now I’m staying with AT&T for sure.

  • I think that them allowing us to keep our Unlimited Data Plans should be including LTE. I have Unlimited Data Plan since 2009, $90 a month. Playing with the new plans, if I want something close to Unlimted(voice, text, 5Gb) will turn those $90 into $120, for less features, and that will be the end of my contract with them. And like me I think a lot of other people thinks the same…

    • If you have unlimited data you will be updated to an Unlimited LTE plan; but you will just get throttled after 5GBs..price wont change for you

  • *
    wont be able to make calls over wireless until jailbreak.

  • Veronica

    Verizon is allowing people to keep their unlimited plans if they buy the phone at full cost.

  • Then I start wondering how fast is 4G LTE compare with 3G… -.-;;;

    • suhteevin

      I work AT&T upgrading LTE around the US. AVERAGE DL is 35mbps and UL is 20mbps. Fastest I’ve tested is DL 75mpbs and 50mbps.

      • Thanks, but that is before iPhone 5.

        When I first start testing the 4G LTE from Verizon, it was even faster than my 15/5 FIOS, again… not anymore.

  • Smart move AT&T cause you were about to get dropped. The whole Facetime thing, I’ve been doing that on 3G since the iPhone 4 courtesy via la jailbreak.

  • Robert Greene

    Just got off the phone with AT&T customer service. Karen, the customer service representative confirms that those of us with unlimited data plans will be able to keep the unlimited data plan upon upgrading to the iPhone 5. She also confirms that this WILL include LTE. She sounded confident when answering the question, she did not have to speak to a supervisor or another customer service representative to verify the information. She provided the answer almost instantaneously. She even went as far as to mention how Verizon will not be doing the same.

    • Thats what i wanted to know! Thanks a mill!

    • Dante

      I can confirm this as well,…talked to the ATT rep. in person. We’ll be able to keep the unlimited plan plus LTE.

  • Wait a minute im confused will we be able to used LTE at all if we’re GF’d in? Or no?

  • If Verizon won’t let me keep my unlimited I will just switch carriers. I had planned to pay full price for my iPhone 5. I will b giving them a call.

  • AT&T
    iPhone customers who currently have Unlimited Data… I just got off
    the phone with them. Those with Unlimited Data can/will be grandfathered
    into it, even if you pre-order contrary to what some articles will tell
    you. You can go into an AT&T store & pre-order at the stores
    starting tomorrow with no issues. If you pre-order online, either
    through AT&T or Apple, theoretically there should be ann
    option to Keep Existing Plan. AT&T is updating their site as I type
    to accommodate this. The rep told me if that doesn’t work, to chose
    another data plan. The MOST IMPORTANT PART – when you receive your new
    iPhone, DO NOT ACTIVATE IT ON ITUNES. Make sure you call 611 on your
    iPhone & let AT&T activate it themselves. This way they can
    “fix” your account to ensure you are in fact grandfathered into
    Unlimited Data. If you activate it yourself from iTunes you could lose
    the Unlimited Data. Doesn’t hurt to call tonight & have them notate
    your account as a record in case of any issues. They will accept
    pre-orders over the phone starting at 7am also. Just an FYI!
    Also for cellular FaceTime as opposed to Wi-Fi, AT&T forces you to
    have a Mobile Share Plan, losing your Unlimited. I can live with
    FaceTime over Wi-Fi only, thanks.