Following up on a series of product introductions from this morning, Apple is now emailing its registered developers to download the GM seed of the Xcode 4.5 developer tools and test their warez against the final iOS 6 code, which have both been released as part of today’s announcement bonanza.

The company is putting emphasis on its own mapping solution and is asking programmers to enhance their iOS apps with the new vector based engine in MapKit. Other areas of interest to developers: new camera APIs, tickets, loyalty cards, and other passes with Passbook, integrated Facebook sharing capabilities and more…

Apple’s email reads:

iOS 6 will soon be in the hands of hundreds of millions of customers. Take advantage of beautifully designed and smooth panning maps using the new vector based engine in MapKit.

Provide tickets, loyalty cards, and other passes with Passbook.

Integrate sharing capabilities for Facebook. Explore new camera APIs and new features for Reminders, In-App Purchase, and Game Center to create your best iOS apps yet.

By “soon”, Apple is thinking September 19 (next Wednesday) when iOS 6 is due for public consumption.

In order to prep apps for submission, Apple advises developers to download the GM seeds for iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 and test their existing apps for compatibility.

Of note, the company also updated the App Store Review Guidelines and the iOS 6 Readiness Checklist today.

As the iPhone 5 goes on store shelves next Friday, September 21, your best bet is to download and deploy iOS 6 across all your devices immediately following its September 19 release.

Don’t wait until next Friday’s iPhone 5 launch because iTunes activation servers will probably be unresponsive.

By the way, I hope Google is reading this because its new YouTube iOS app isn’t fully ready for iOS 6 yet.

For example, hitting the non-standard share button and choosing Facebook yanks you out of the app and into the Facebook client.

Normal behavior would be to put up a system-wide sharing sheet and let the operating system take care of posting your content to Facebook.

Are you looking forward to the new iOS 6-specific features in your apps?

  • I want this update NOW!! I hate to wait…

    • Guest

      go to sinfuliphone web site and download the torrent from there i did it and it worked

    • i installed ios 6…NOT A MAJOR UPDATE BRO

  • ewwww not going to update till jailbreak available

    • Not even sure I want to update my 4S at all. All the b.s. about FaceTime only with a shared plan. I’ll stay on 5.1.1 and use 3Gunrestrictor until then. I know I can get away with now.

      • you will reach a point that you have to update, when you need to restore, and Apple doesn’t let you do that to 5.1.1

      • That’s why you save your SHSH blobs.

  • Done!

  • by the way I restore my iPhone, and didn’t jailbreak it, to get use to it, before going to iOS 6, because it will take so long time before the untethered jailbreak is out…
    I now there is no much things updated, but there are some features I was looking for since original iPhone with it’s latest iOS 3.1.3,
    I downloaded and used iOS 6 b1, I faced one or two problems, I hope the fixed them.

  • ryan

    dose anyone know if you can install iOS 6 GM with out an dev account like iOS 5 GM

    • No need for the dev account to install, however you can wait three to four days to get the public iOS 6, better and easy…