The most visible design change concerning the next iPhone, which is due for the official announcement tomorrow, is its metallic backplate with two glass stripes at the top and bottom for cellular and WiFi antenna. It’s perhaps the most controversial feature of the next iPhone. Matter of fact, our own little poll tells us you guys are pretty torn over the two-tone thing.

Making matter even more interesting is a last-minute leak by the increasingly reliable Rene Ritchie, who obtained a pair of high-quality photos of the iPhone 5 dummy depicting the two-tone thing in detail greater than ever before. In addition, the photos show a nice closeup of the handset’s bottom with its smaller dock connector and relocated headphone jack…

iMore has the story:

Don’t rule this out as iMore has proven itself as an accurate source of Apple leaks. Remember, the site was first to report about a smaller dock connector and confirmed an elongated display on the iPhone 5.

Here, another shot.

You can click on both images for a higher-resolution version.

Note this is just a dummy based on what the rumor-mill thinks it knows so far about Apple’s incoming sixth-generation iPhone.

iMore previously described the next iPhone as being “almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S”, the only major visible differences being its four-inch elongated display with a near 16:9 aspect ratio, a metallic plate across most of its back plus a miniaturized dock connector and relocated 3.5mm headset jack along the bottom.

It’s also expected to sport speedier internals, thinner cameras, support for high-speed fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular radio technology and perhaps NFC for wireless transactions on the go.

If that’s what the next iPhone is going to look like, Apple better have some surprises up its sleeve.

Otherwise, this high-profile presser could end up being a non-event.

Which, of course, isn’t saying that you won’t be rushing out to get yourself a brand spanking new iPhone 5, no?

  • planetcoalition

    This is so obviously fake. The font of the text on the back is wrong. Stop posting glaringly fake shots to gain exposure.

    • If you’d read the article to the end you’d have realised that.. “this is just a dummy based on what the rumor-mill thinks it knows so far about Apple’s incoming sixth-generation iPhone”.

    • It’s a dummy you dummy.

      • planetcoalition

        Except the title is misleading. Smartass.

      • Reading is fundamental.

      • ogtw

        So you just read the title, the jump to the photo, then jump to the comments, dummy

      • You don’t judge a book by the cover.. So why just read the headline and not read the article

    • Do you normally just stupidly look at the pictures like a baby and skip reading the whole article when you post comments? -_-

  • ridonkulous

    What ever it will end up being I’m getting one no matter what, 3 years of rockin my 3gs has gotten a little long-in-the-tooth.

    • Eldaria

      Yup, my 3GS is getting a bit dated so will likely get a iPhone 5, well that is if it is possible to JB it. 🙂

      • DJ

        Doubt it it will be extreamly hard and a long wait for it to happening due to apples new jb security.

      • Eldaria

        Well I will not buy it until there is a JB, and my 3GS is in dire need to be changed, if it takes to long for a JB to surface, I will have to look for alternatives. Too bad if this happens as I like the iPhone, and I have bought a massive amount of apps, I calculated I spent about 4 times the price of the iPhone on apps, and I did not buy the iPhone subsedized. And it would be a loss to change to another system.

      • well u should get it .. n stay on 6.0 … rather than risking gettin 1 on a higher version when the JB finally comes out

    • I’m with you. Been rocking out with this 3gs since 09. I’m Waaaaaaayyyyy overdue for an upgrade.

  • Is it just me or do the camera hole and lens not line up? And the ring around the camera hole too.

  • Personally I like the new two tone look. The metal backing looks like the same metal used on the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad. With Mountain Lion bringing all these devices together to work hand in hand it just makes sense that they would want them to have a similar look as well. I’m excited about the whole concept and I can’t wait for the official release of this awesome device!

  • The screws on the bottom look cheap and non very apple-y. Hope this is just a cheap knock off part and not the final deal.

    • I agree, I cant see Apple using philips screws again.

      • The iPhone 4S has those exact same screws on the bottom guess we will find out tomorrow! Either way, its time to upgrade the 4S is nice cuz its faster than the 4, but essentially its just an iPhone 4 with SIRI.

      • ReanimationXP

        no it doesn’t dumbass.

      • Dont get your panties in a bunch over a FAKE ASS PHOTO. Jesus. So I was mistaken, FUCKIN SUE ME!

      • ReanimationXP

        consider my panties completely scrunched. you’ll recieve my litigation paperwork shortly.

    • these are “high-quality photos of the iPhone 5 dummy”

    • I also agree, I highly doubt that apple is going back to phillips head screws.

    • Please read the article before commenting

  • that dock connector doesn’t correspond to cables we have seen before.

    • good observation. This would be a male to male connection which obviously would not work. The iPhone dock connector needs to be female, not male. Gonna say fake, but getting close to what it will look like tomorrow!

      • DJ

        Doc connector is real I got the hold a prototype

      • ReanimationXP


    • Emre SUMENGEN

      VERY GOOD observation!

    • ReanimationXP

      That was the first thing I noticed, then the font. Not sure why this piece keeps getting attention.

  • ugly

  • still looks a alot like the old one… yawn i wont be proud of my self but ill probaly ditch my windows phone for the ipod this year, apple are you happy there take my soul !!
    thats what you want!

  • thedarkknight80

    I don’t know, but Apple’s silence about all those leaks (especially with the pressure upon them to release an answer to the Galaxy S3/ Note ) is baffling me ….

    I keep thinking that maybe it’s a strategy and all those leaks are from Apple itself, and the Iphone would be something completely revolutionary in terms of features and design .

    Or maybe i’m just hoping it’s a strategy 🙂

    • We’re on the same page. I just don’t think this is the phone.

  • Andrew

    Whatever happened to the liquid metal that the rumor-mill was talking about!

  • Duka

    4/4S looks better, strange, but true

  • People really don’t have better things to do then to make fake dummy iPhones?

  • if this is real.. it will be the ugliest iphone

  • 100% Fake, The font of the text on the back its not correct, the screws on the bottom have paint on the top, the Back camera its note in Place, so i think this leaks are from Apple, tim said it would double the security to prevent leaks … so what better then filter fake components and then to surprise with something better…

    • My friend, why don’t you read the article for Pete’s sake!

  • i’m hoping that apple have played a really great game with the tech world and the phone is nothing like this. I really hate how this phone looks.

  • UGH.


    “increasingly reliable Rene Ritchie” again…
    Like, “Say it 40 times and it’ll be done” 🙂

    And, iMore part is much more hilarious…
    “Don’t rule this out as iMore has proven itself as an accurate source of Apple leaks. Remember, the site was first to report about a smaller dock connector and confirmed an elongated display on the iPhone 5.”
    Yeah, I just confirmed my rumor post, with another rumor post that I had just did first. That makes me… wait for it… WONDERWOMAN! (No, ugh!)

    I wish the announcement was today, I’m sick of all these rumors, whether they turn out to be the real thing or not!

  • nima

    babab who are youo?> dont lie idb ewho gr fgnkb vc;lnmvch fbcn

  • Irfan Tarique

    Don’t bother upgrading until your phone isn’t supported by apple anymore.

  • Smartk

    zoomin and see the head phone jack….. Iphone in the picture is not real for sure…..

    • Read the article…

      • Smartk

        oh!! sry dint read the article before commenting…..

  • William

    If the phones gonna look like that, I will be really disappointed, Apple better start listening to the consumer.

  • There is something really strange about this, the leaks on this iPhone is happening way to easy, if they were able to get photos of this why haven’t we seems any ‘high res’ shots of the other devices?

    I think Apple is playing a hoax here, those pics have very dodgy print, screws don’t look genuine and the sides look like a cheap aluminium.

    Well we find out tommorow though.

  • PHO

    Good thing the FCC ID number on the back iPhone 5 photo is for a 3GS.

  • Its fake, look at the quality of the screws, the whole things screams FAKE! Apple has come too far to let this be horrible design be the next big innovation.

    • You should try reading the article before commenting. -_-

  • TK

    Anyone notice that if these parts are 100% legit and real that Apple has changed the “iPhone” font on the back on the handset?!