The Apple v. Samsung mega-suit may be behind us, but the legal spat between the two frenemies is far from over. Both companies are embroiled in complicated litigation spread across ten countries the world over. In a Hague, Netherlands court, for example, Samsung locked horns with Apple over who copied who concerning multitouch technology.

Samsung resorted to some interesting tactics there, claiming that its multitouch implementation is less capable than Apple’s in an effort to prove it didn’t breach any of Apple’s many patents related to multitouch…

Loek Essers, reporting for IDG News Service:

Samsung has claimed that the way Android’s multitouch software works is not as good as Apple’s, in a bid to avoid a recall and ban on sales of its Android smartphones in a patent dispute with Apple in the Netherlands.

Samsung is actually claiming that multitouch implementation on its Android-powered devices is not as good as Apple’s in order to avoid a sales ban on its devices in The Netherlands, which could spill over to the entire European Union because Samsung’s distribution center is located in the Netherlands.

Apple on its part is seeking a recall of all Galaxy devices driven by Android 2.3 and up from both Dutch distributors and resellers.

In question: Apple’s European “Touch event model” patent that deals with accidental and unintended touches.

When Steve Jobs took the wraps off the original iPhone in January 2007, he said the handset’s sophisticated multitouch interface “works like magic”, explaining how Apple’s software automatically recognizes unintended touches, dismisses spray input, ignores situations when a user touches two targets at the same time and more.

The way it works, each element of the iOS user interface gets exclusivity in terms of touches whereas Android employs a similar technique that is more hierarchical and doesn’t only apply to a single UI element.

According to the report:

Because the Android based method is more hierarchical the system is more complex and therefore harder for developers to use, he said.

In addition, Apple devices disallow touch input in sections of the screen on the OS level, while Android does that on the application level, he said. Both are reasons Samsung’s Android devices do not infringe on the patent, he added.

Apple disagrees and warns that Android also can assign exclusivity to one particular UI element, thereby infringing on Apple’s patent.

Samsung also attempted to invalidate Apple’s patent by asserting these multitouch techniques were present in Mitsubishi’s DiamondTouch.

I am no patent lawyer, but if I was Samsung I’d be wary of Apple’s massive portfolio of multitouch-related patents (examples here, here and here).


  • Hands down iOS

  • Zorvage

    I live in The Netherlands and I REALLY REALLY hope they ban all the Galaxy devices here. I’d like to see more iPhones here. Also, BlackBerry’s are a pain in the ass here..

    • Yeah, ban competition because you want more iPhones there, ridiculous.

    • @dongiuj

      If people really want an iphone, they will order one. Why ban companies products just to have another company’s product? That makes no sense what so ever.

    • I’m surprised how your comment got 9 “+” votes. I cannot believe there are people who come to this site who are so ignorant about the world they live in and are willing to even consider the idea to ban competition because “they’d like to see more iPhones around”. That. Is fing. Pathetic.

      • Guest

        I like how your fandroid brain processes info to be lame enough to put a “

      • I like how anyone on this site who dares to comment against Apple or their utterly insane fanbase automatically becomes a fandroid or a fagdroid… Funny how when people feel threatened by something, they always start throwing out ad hominems, instead of facts. Shit Apple fanboys say…

      • SoCoMagNuM

        couldnt have said it any better myself. glad i freed myself from that category and embraced what devices have to offer. iPhones themselves ere great phones but iOS though efficient just became so stagnant to me it wasnr bareable anymore. i needed a new venue.

      • Yup. Couldn’t agree more. I only own two phones, a 4S and an S3. I use my iPhone as my primary device. But whenever I call out an Apple fan on their baseless and otherwise ignorant comments I’m either a fanboy or troll. I’ve yet to meet someone on here who can successfully debate with me over what is right and what is wrong.

        Last week I argued that Samsung phones had more features than iPhone, and that if you saw an iPhone you more or less have seen them all. I asked a simple question: “Name one innovative feature Apple has come out with; Siri doesn’t count.”

        I gave multiple examples of Samsung’s innovation, but when I asked them to provide an example of Apple’s innovation, all I got was “Google it.”

        If you can’t even come up with one feature on the spot and have to tell someone to “Google it” you have no business trying to argue.

      • macboy74

        I don’t like how android people think they can come on an Apple blog and preach android os on us. You have to deal with the fact that there are millions of people that dont like and dont want to use android. And what are we threated by? The only thing android will ever have on Apple iphone is that its on 250+ devices which is a good and a bad thing. The bad being if i just bought a SG note a couple Months ago when it came out its already outdated cause the note 2 is already here. Not sure about you but I would be pissed. Here’s a fact for you there are people that love and are heavenly invested in the Apple ecosystem and have been before android was on a phone. Some of us go as far back as the 80’s and 90’s. It goes far beyond phones and tablets for some. If that makes me a fanboy so be it, I’ve been called worse things.

      • I’m guessing it is partly my avatar that sends people into rage mode when replying to my comments. I’m just wondering how insecure people must feel about their choice to do such things.

        You have a problem with technology advancing too fast? Well cry me a river. That is just how things work. Arguments like this can only exist on Apple fanboy blogs, and only here can Android OEMs be blamed for that. Shouldn’t you respect that and consider technology advancements to be, you know, good?

        Anyways, what I do on this site is not preaching Android, but criticizing Apple and people who blindly follow their every step. If you don’t like what I say, well, there’s a vote down button for a reason. I’m not going to shut up / leave this site simply because some have a problem with free speech and criticism.

  • CollegiateLad

    Click bait… You guys love this back and forth fiasco. I’ve grown tired of it.

  • I don’t understand the argument that Samsung is trying to make here. They say their multitouch is worse than Apple to avoid the sales ban? That just makes them lose no matter what. They are either going to get their devices banned or no one will buy their devices because they just admitted that a pretty important technology in the phone is flawed.

    • @dongiuj

      And apple has no flaws?

      • macboy74

        Yes they have flaws. Just like everything in the world has flaws. But android has a ton of flaws, and there basic things that are flawed. I have owned 6 android devices since 2008 3 tablets and 3 phones. And they all have had 5 or more flaws with hardware and software. My latest is the nexus 7 shipped with a separated screen, volume distortion, screen whiteout and screen flickering. Three days later I get another one with a separating screen from the case and screen flickering. The third one I got is finally free of problems but the software is still lagging and rebooting to the home screen. I never had or heard of any Apple product having that many problems.

  • Iphone is great.
    Samsung has no right to say all that. APPLE did great job in refining the technology. Samsung can’t simply use the refined tech and say it has always been there. If it has always been there then why didn’t you do your own research? Common you can’t prove copying is good for consumers!

  • I was just told by a good friend that the iphone would b ready to preorder on the 12 and for sale on the 21

    • @dongiuj

      Your friend is a bit slow. Everyone on this blog and various other websites was told this quite a few weeks ago.

  • Kok Hean

    That doesn’t even make sense -_-

  • iDevizes

    Nice tactics of Samsung #Not They can’t get it so good as Apple 🙂

  • 3..2..1 RIP Samsung!

  • there’s no difference because they use the same technology, Samsung supplies apple with the multi touch technology as well as using it themselves. Really don’t see the argument here.

  • let’s just say this. if there’s no apple, there’s no the android.