Apple Awarded Core Multitouch Patent, Android Partners Beware

Apple had a hunch that its iPhone would be popular enough with consumers to “inspire” the competition. That’s why the company was so adamant about protecting its technology in the handset, filing for over 200+ patents. But it didn’t help.

Apple’s legal team has seen mixed results in its ongoing patent war with Android manufacturers over the above-mentioned intellectual property. But the company was just awarded a core multi-touch patent that could turn the tide in its favor…

PatentlyApple is reporting that the US Patent and Trademark office awarded Apple another major patent yesterday. The invention, which Apple originally applied for back in January 2007, covers components of capacitive multi-touch panels.

“While the focus of this particular patent covers all-things related to oscillating signals and circuits, Apple states that they incorporate the content of several other major multitouch patents into this patent. Apple states that in general, multi-touch panels may be able to detect multiple touches (touch events or contact points) that occur at or about the same time, and identify and track their locations.”

Considering that nearly all Android manufacturers now use capacitive multi-touch screens in their handsets and tablets, this patent has a potential to be extremely lethal. But, as legal expert Florian Mueller points out, the moment of truth for any patent, is litigation.

And given Apple’s history of trying to stop Android partners from using its IP, you can bet we’ll get a chance to see it in action in the near future.