Earlier this year, AT&T started unlocking iPhones for subscribers that were out of contract. Prior to that, users had to be jailbroken, or utilize third-party services to unlock their handsets.

Well, good news for folks with AT&T iPhones that aren’t quite out of contract yet. According to a new report, the carrier has started unlocking iPhones that are still under commitment…

ArsTechnica reports:

“AT&T appears to be performing iPhone unlocks for some customers whose contracts are still in effect. According to an Ars forum thread, numerous posters were able to unlock their devices after submitting unlock requests to AT&T, despite the fact that many of them still had time—sometimes alot of time—left on their contracts. This seems to go against AT&T’s publicly stated policy that it only performs unlocks for users who are no longer in “active term commitments.”

The site says that both iPhone 4 and 4S users have been successful in submitting unlock requests via AT&T’s Web form. They are reportedly receiving confirmation emails within 24 hours that the unlock is complete, regardless of whether or not they still have time left on their contracts.

“I was also able to get AT&T to unlock my 4S by filling out the online unlock request last week. I’m not even one year into my 2-year contract, so I’m not sure what their policy is,” another poster named DarwinKS wrote.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is seeing success. Some users have reported that their requests for unlocks have been denied. Some believe it has something to do with your AT&T account standing.

Regardless, this is definitely worth trying — we are. We’ll let you know if it works for us or not, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Let us know how it goes in the comments.

  • They Unlocked My iPhone 4S But They Did Not Unlock My 3Gs They Said ” We Can’t Unlock This iPhone ” But Did Not Say Why.. Can Anyone Help Me ? Thanks

    • They usually asks for prove of purchase if they can’t find that phone under your account.

    • sdmidnightrider

      the only time ive had the request denied is if the phone was reported lost or stolen or if the account the phone was on before was terminated early, att will not usually confirm the exact reason they will just say they cant tell u why because of prviacy policy and that the phone is not eligible for unlock.

  • I just submitted one for my 4S. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Irony just unlocked my 4S yesterday through them. Just called and asked and they unlocked it in 10 minutes.

    • nGanNgan

      How UNLOCK ?

      • Your sentence isn’t completed so I can’t really answer.

      • harper

        Tried some sites, factory-unlockcom is slow and crappy shit, didn’t actually unlock my phone. attiphoneunlockingcom is worth the money and way faster, didn’t believe they really did it in 2 hours. uberunlockcom is also shit. So, attiphoneunlocking is the best for att users, dont know other carrier.

    • KASH


    • KASH


  • Mrphatpat

    They unlocked mine over the phone. I purchased the phone separately through someone else’s account at the beginning of the year and my account is at the end of its term

  • iamse7en

    NOOO. This only puts more factory unlocked iPhones on the market when I sell mine in conjunction with the i5 release. That pushes my selling price lower. Jackasses.

    • Metroview

      and who’s jackass fault was that? should’ve gotten rid of it sooner.

  • I called the a few days ago to unlock my iPhone 4 which will be eligible for upgrade in a couple of months and they said they’d have to submit it to their tech department, but I haven’t heard back from them.

    • Ok it was unlocked they just didn’t bother to let me know that it had been done. Thanks AT&T!

  • What exactly should I tell them to get my phone unlocked? Or try to

    • sdmidnightrider

      dont tell them u bought it off contract or from ebay as they may ask u for the proof of purchase or the info of the person it belonged to before. if the phone is your current att phone, say u want it unlocked thats it, if u did get it from ebay or craigslist try to find out the name of the person it belonged to or their att phone number so the agent can look it up and process the unlock request otherwise it will be hard to convince the agent that u qualify for the unlock. .

  • Possible to unlock if you’re not living in the US? I’ve been using my iPhone 4 now for almost 2 years (with Gevey Turbo Sim) but if I can unlock it permanent I really would like to do that! Anyone who knows if this is possible?

    • spacecoast_irepair

      I CAN FACTORY UNLOCK FOR YOU. 100% guaranteed CONTACT ME AT iDevicerepair@aol.com or 321-345-8255 Ronnie

    • It is, just give them a call through Skype. I unlocked my iPhone 4 a couple of months ago.

  • EMAIL me i will do that for 40$ and i will unlock it in 12-36 hour

    • Yea, I really trust this (sarcastic).

      • just try to trust some one and i will get it (my name is mahmoud and i`m not a terrorist)


      shit man. its FREE to unlock. why $40?

      • spacecoast_irepair

        Theres a fee to pay to bypass AT&T! so technically NO its NOT free. I unlock people everyday without a problem or having to wait on AT&T!

    • This guy ^^
      Smartest guy EVER. How do you make a ton of money? Take something that’s free, and then charge for it. Best idea I’ve ever heard

      • spacecoast_irepair

        Theres a fee to pay to bypass AT&T! so technically NO its NOT free. I unlock people everyday without a problem or having to wait on AT&T!

  • Well, another good news but not affecting all users 🙁

  • Nicek1d

    told u guys. a person at an At&t store said you just need to be 6 months into a contract with an iphone for it to be eligible for unlocking

  • Christina Johnson

    DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOUR PHONE IS JAILBROKEN. I gave my IMEI to at&t and now some of my apps won’t work. I get an error message that my ios has been changed.

  • Guest

    I don’t think I ever recieved a confirmation email from them, I just happen to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1.1 and restored to a custom firmware and iTunes told me my iPhone was unlocked. Pretty sweet news considering I got my phone from craigslist.

  • how happy were I when I got that screen, then my iPhone 4 become from an expensive iPod touch to an iPhone again….

  • Done that tru a friend who’s working in a BPO based locally who handled AT&T acct. 🙂 but i purchase my iPhone with no contract.

  • Guest


  • spacecoast_irepair


  • spacecoast_irepair

    I CAN FACTORY UNLOCK ANY AT&T IPHONE, ANY BASEBAND, ANY VERSION, CONTACT ME AT iDevicerepair@aol.com or 321-345-8255 ask for Ronnie

  • spacecoast_irepair


  • Mhammed Moubtassim

    I’m not in the US, I don’t have an AT&T account, and I unlocked my iPhone 4 one week ago for $12 🙂

    • Ankur sethi

      From where?

    • Yes, please where can we do it for 12$?
      The only unlock services I found are charging over a 100$…

    • Guest

      Huh? from where?

    • @google-59b7613b4f7b738afcdf9a043cafba53:disqus Where From?

    • emal bazger

      lie bastard lie…

    • Luis

      How did you unlock your iphone?

  • I did this yesterday and they did it within 10 minutes. And I’m still on contract

  • Moe

    If anyone wants, i can unlock your iPhone for $50 same day even if it is in contract. Contact me: amustafa246@yahoo.com

    • ReanimationXP

      $50? Well hell, that’s way better than free! Sign me up!

  • robert

    jeff this fucking site stole my money and meke me lose my time. this is a big fake really fake i buy a unlock for Vodafone UK and i wait for 8 days and never unlock them i go to twitter for guy called @GoldDevTeam and him unlock my iPhone in 3 Days

  • robert

    jeff this fucking site stole my money and meke me lose my time. this is a big fake really fake i buy a unlock for Vodafone UK and i wait for 8 days and never unlock them i go to twitter for guy called @GoldDevTeam and him unlock my iPhone in 3 Days.. .

  • Vic

    They said you must fax the prof of purchase to them.

  • Mac_Guy

    AT&T has changed their system today to stop all these non-off contract iPhones from being unlocked. When they input your IMEI, the system will not allow them to continue any further if you are still on a contract. Lucky for all you people that did it before today!

    • ReanimationXP

      god damn it.. explains why i didn’t get in.

  • if you email me lotoria28@gmail.com i will factory unlock your phone for $40 and it will be unlocked in 24 hours i can do an instant unlock within 1-60 mins for $65… u can send the payment via paypal and all i will need is your imei number off your phone, if u email me i will also provide u with my personal cell number so i can walk u through the steps

  • if u dont have a certain account they will charge u $85 to unlock your phone instantly. i own a cell phone store so my unlocks are cheaper because i do them everyday

  • cani canii

    hello i unlock my ATT iphone 4s its unlock prefectly but the problem no service and i dont know where is the problem any solution of this

  • Luis

    Can AT&T unlock my iphone even though I wasn’t in a contract with them?

  • kishore

    I brought an iphone 4 on ebay ,the person who sold it to me had a personal code on it which he had forgotten ,.the phone was sent to India , i was unaware that it would not work . The Apple store in Delhi was unable to help! So I called AT&T ,they were very helpful and forwarded the request to Applecare and informed me it would take a week .In the mean time I called Applecare tech support ,they were even more helpful & were ready to walk me thru the process , As I dont have the phone I have asked my son to get in touch with them> What i suggest to guys who wnat to jailbreak is do call the Co concerned and chances are they will accede to your request ..so save some money and dont fall for the innumerable services flooding the internet with their dubious services.

  • frrfff

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  • jerry

    Tried some sites, attiphoneunlocking is worth the money and the fastest I have used, didn’t believe they really did it in 2 hours. uberunlock is shit, once I paid, they don’t reply anymore. factory-unlock is scam, didn’t actually unlock my phone.