If you’ve been anywhere near an electrical outlet today, you already know about the latest privacy scare reportedly involving the hacking group AntiSec publishing a million UDIDs they allegedly lifted from a laptop belonging to an FBI agent. It’s been all over the news and concerned citizens jumped to the rescue by writing a web app to check if your device identifier has been compromised (though I wouldn’t be typing in my UDID into some web form if I were you).

Well, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, also known under the widely popular FBI moniker, issued a public statement related to the scandal. No, the Bureau absolutely had nothing to do with collecting Apple UDIDs. Its agent wasn’t carrying around a file with a whopping twelve million device identifiers, thanks for your question. And of course they refuted the story and denied any wrongdoing. Sometimes, it’s easier to believe in God than to trust the Government, isn’t it?

Arik Hesseldahl of AllThingsD has this statement from the Bureau:

The FBI is aware of published reports alleging that an FBI laptop was compromised and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed.

At this time there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data.

The FBI Press Office took to Twitter to call the story “totally false” and claim they “never had info in question”.

So, if AntiSec didn’t obtain the file with UDIDs from the FBI, how did the group got hold of it then?

Could the Government be telling the truth in asserting that AntiSe hackers lied about list of device identifiers?

Okay, I was just kidding.

Moving on, folks.

Totally nothing to see here.

AntiSec made the whole thing up to get some free press.

The top American law enforcement agency is not creating a list of iPhone, iPod and iPad owners for purposes unknown.

And don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain!

Here’s the scary bit: what if the FBI got hold of UDIDs by way of court order or, worse, what if Apple and carriers just handed them over, as my friend Anshel Sag noted?

And if this has been taking place, aren’t owners of mobile devices that run on other platforms (Android, Windows Phone, RIM, Symbian and so forth) also at risk of being compromised, their device identifiers being stored in an FBI file and matched to other pieces of identifiable information?


What do you make of the FBI’s statement?

Good ol’ Uncle Sam is full of it, no?

  • lol!

  • Kok Hean

    They’re the FBI, they can say anything they want.

    • ..and they do. Don’t let them get away with it.

  • jose castro

    of course they deny

  • USA always doing stuff to the world :@

    • a smit

      you mean israel?

      • Dumscheiss

        Fuck Israel anyway.

      • EpicFacepalm


  • CollegiateLad

    Oh God… We have descended into a nation of bloggers. He acts if this stuff can’t be made up. I remember when they lied and said Steve was trying to smuggle throwing stars onto a plane. Just yesterday they claimed Bruce Willis was suing Apple.

    • Well i agree with all of that except the bruce willis thing. He did want to sue apple but his wife said no.

  • markfulaytar

    I don’t appreciate the comment about God. I don’t come here to listen to your opinion about god or religion. I would watch Oprah if I wanted to here about that. Stick to the tech news and keep ur religious views (however subtle they may be) to yourself.

    • takean

      Good lord…really??? I’m a Christian and I don’t take offense to that. God did not tell u nor I to go around judging what others say so just drop it. Show love, not BS. I mean…really. Ppl are tired of the church because of that type of attitude.

      • Did you not see the comment he made about God? It should be offenseive to any christian really..

      • AAA117

        I thought it was funny and I completely agree with the article’s author.

        If you don’t like the article, go somewhere else.

      • takean

        Exactly. If it offends you by all means divert your eyes. Just don’t bother people with “religious” garbage complaining. It doesn’t help the church progress at all 🙁

      • Guest

        would i be right in that you are pro abortion and pro gay marriage?

      • takean

        Nope. You would be wrong. If u want to debate it, message me personally. Not here as this isn’t the place for it.

      • I am anti-stupidity. If two gay people want to marry, then good for them. Why should I care? It doesn’t bother me. It has no adverse effect on me and the marriage to my wife. Biblical marriage is awesome. You can have multiple wives, concubines, sex slaves. I love the new sanctity of marriage where you can get divorced 5 times like Rush Limbaugh or 3 times like New Gringrich. Married for only 72 days like Kim Kardashian. Yeah, it’s those damn gays fucking up what marriage is all about.

      • markfulaytar

        I’m not for the “church.” Im for God. I dont recall showing any BS. Whatevrer that means. And I don’t think u understand the religion u claim to be a part of. But if u would like to discuss this feel free to message me:) because as I said I come here for tech news.

      • takean

        But who cares. Is it the worst thing ever said? Is it the last time it will ever be done? Has it surprised God any? By making that comment has he show anything that resembles Jesus and love towards others. No to all of that. It’s just not important.

      • Mac_Guy

        @takean:disqus STFU

      • Guest

        it is his way of saying to everyone…you are foolish to believe in God. @twitter-198201957:disqus is right.

      • takean

        I understand…but it’s not a place to bring up religious complaints. If he/she wants the blogger to stick to tech, then don’t complain about being offended specifically in the first place. Just say stick to tech news.

      • Guest

        he didn’t judge him. obviously youre not a real Christian seeing as you don’t even know what it means to judge someone

      • takean

        Technically he/she did. He assumed the comment above to be offensive and that it was made in offense.

    • I don’t appreciate the atrocities that have taken place under the name of god and the Christian church. So if you think a little comment is offensive… look up the history your religion. Hell, for that matter, look up the stuff that Moses actually did, not the puffy happy stuff they told you in Sunday school.

      • takean

        In all honesty, name one entity that hasn’t committed atrocities…whether religious, governments, people. People are people, and some will do anything if allowed…Christian or non…makes no difference. The Government (whether ours or others) serves the people…and yet what atrocities are they connected with?

      • The real problem is when religion and government mix. My point was all about getting upset on one little comment as if it was a kick in the face of Christianity when Christianity’s past has been kicking people in the face for years. This is a technology blog and not really the place for religious debates… so I will stop here.

      • markfulaytar

        Read the bible.

  • @dongiuj

    The FBI use twitter?!?

    • iPr3


      • @dongiuj

        I can imagine their twitter page.
        “Last week we told about UDIDs. Well this week we’re going to show you how to aquire millions of them and then how to build up the confidence to just deny you had anything to do with it. Stayed tuned.”

      • iPr3

        Whoops, sorry, I don’t remember myself posting that. Someone probably hacked my Disqus account 🙁

  • Logically silent

    We are affended that children are being used in sweat shops to make the close we wear and purchase. But how many of us will be willing to stop buying are favorite brands because of this. How many of us will be willing to stop buying these devices…I think you know where I’m going this.

    • No more Obama

      i agree

  • ic0dex

    I would rater have the FBI hold on to my UDID then the stupid hackers. The FBI had it never said anything about used it for their own reasons but now you get these stupid hackers and they steal this information and post it online for everyone to see and say “look what they had!”. But in the process they give our information out to the world. This same thing applies to when they stoled emails and passwords from the Sony servers just to prove a stupid point and posted everyones information online for everyone to see and STEAL! These hackers do not do any good all they do is cause more damage and expose our information to the world just to prove a stupid point. If I’m not doing anything illegal then I don’t have nothing to work about. If you can’t trust your government then you should go live under a rock. If you do everything by the book everything will work just fine.

    • Dumscheiss

      Haha, you’re retarded if you so naively trust the government runned by all these corrupt politicians.

      • ic0dex

        No lets trust the hackers that steal our information and release it to the public for everyone to see and use. If you agree with that then is sounds like you’re the retard!

      • Dumscheiss1

        It’s not as black and white as you put it, you exemplify a dangerous sense of patriotism and arrogant trust in an already shitty government. People like you make me scared of my country because there’s quite a few of you. As for the hackers, whatever, I’d much rather be potentially exposed and see that sub sectors like the FBI have been collecting information about me and my fellow inhabitants for who knows what.

    • EpicFacepalm

      I’m not a USA Citizen and I’m really offended from your crappy government, so?

      • ic0dex

        If you’re so “Offended” then you shouldn’t be living in the US go back to the country you came from maybe there your government will show you some respect so you wound be “Offended”.

      • EpicFacepalm

        LOL I’m not living in USA already (so now do you understand what does “I’m not a USA Citizen” mean?)… Your messages show how mature(!) you are btw…

      • Your username completely describes you, an epic facepalm. Just because you aren’t a US Citizen doesn’t mean you don’t live in the USA. We have a ton of non-citizens living here.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Ok, Einstein…

  • The government has the means, and more importantly the laws, to get what ever info collection they need. If this is true, it’s not surprising at all. But it’s also known that hackers will lie to make themselves seem bigger and badder than they are.