The 4-inch display rumored to debut in Apple’s next smartphone has received mixed reactions from the tech community. It has a resolution of 1136 x 640, meaning it’s the same width as before, just a bit taller. And some folks don’t like that.

Why would Apple make the display in the new iPhone taller but not wider? We’re sure it has its technical reasons, but the elongated screen, to us, seems like it would improve things like movie-watching and games. Here, watch this video…

The folks over at MacRumors commissioned a graphic artist to create this clip, which gives us a good look at what using apps, playing games, and watching movies will be like on the anticipated 4-inch display. And to be honest, we like it.

Naturally, movies look better on the wider screen in landscape mode, as most are shot in the 16:9 widescreen format. And games seem like they would also benefit from the extra real estate, allowing for larger controls and more onscreen action.

In portrait mode, the elongated screen will allow you to view more content — more tweets, more emails, more messages, etc. — on a handset that’s still going to be fairly operable with one hand. Remember it’s the same width as the iPhone 4S.

Obviously, all of this is just speculation until Apple itself unveils the new iPhone at next month’s media event. But several consistent reports and part leaks have all-but-confirmed the 4-inch display. So needless to say, we’re expecting it.

What are your thoughts on the longer display? Did the video change your perspective?

  • That was a great video, I think the new aspect ratio will be a lot better for a phone. I like the fact that apple reduced the bezel and gave more screen. It still feels a bit long maybe its just because its a video

    • I need to see this thing on my hands, because something don’t look right with this aspect ratio. All the UI make sense, and the video was very well done… but I dunno…something feels wrong. They should reduce even more the bezel to make this iPhone seem less taller…IMO

      • yeah I agree seeing it in real life will be a lot better! It does feel a bit long from the video but hopefully its just the video

  • Metroview

    eh… idk… maybe it’ll take some getting used to but i really like the current form of the iphone now. it’s small, compact, and for its same size each year it packs more of a powerful punch than it’s previous.

  • Zorvage

    This got me excited some more!

  • Kok Hean

    Screw the 3.5 inch screen, give me that 4 inch display!

  • Ive been following rumors and news about the next generation iPhone since who knows when, but what I don’t understand is “security” and “privacy”. I remember when the iPhone 4 was still in “rumor state”, Gizmodo revealed the phone before the official revealing and presentation of the phone and immediately Apple went crazy about it and well we know the story. My point is, even though all these next generation parts, and designs everyone puts up in other headlines look pretty legit, why hasn’t Apple even bothered to do anything? The latest leaks this week has positioned me to think this is not going to be the next generation iPhone, due to the reason that Apple has stayed quiet and done nothing about all these leaks. Although I have to say the video of the demo looks really good, wouldn’t mind that being the next iPhone.

    • I agree and I think the same way. Apple might be leaking on purpose some prototypes to make the competitors believe that this will be the next iPhone and they will came with just a different thing. Apple was always good tricking all the people to study the market taking advantage from that leaks. But if we are wrong, this could be a bad sign for Apples secrecy.

      • And what doesn’t makes sense, is that Tim Cook specifically said they were going to increase the security and stop all the leaking of non-officially presented Apple products. Instead of seeing one or two leaked parts of the next iPhone or in fact any other Apple product, I’ve come to see an abundant amount of parts! Just doesn’t add up.

    • I agree . Apple acted so swiftly because the real iPhone 4 was leaked . But now since they don’t seem to care about the leaked parts I suspect these parts are just not real

      • No Whammy

        If you can’t beat, em join em.

    • Because there has been no leak of the next iPhone. Every pic you see is just something someone created based on rumors.

  • Guys, Apple said that Samsung S3 copies the iPhone.
    So, if you buy the S3. You would be buying an iPhone. With taller display, better battery life, google now (coming very soon to S3), and more apps, and many more feautures.
    Galaxy S3 : it’s the most amazing iPhone yet.

    • So original… a 9gag post! Obviously you have learned too much things with Samsung… copy/past.

      People here like original products made by designers and engineers and not by lawyers. An mature OS and not a “candy” OS. Good materials and not cheap plastic. Google now? lol.. Google already uploaded that App for the iPhone, before the S3 version.. how ironic it is..

      And btw, Apple never mentioned the Galaxy S3, so once again, get the facts straight…but nice try fandroid. An Happy S3 costumer who can’t stay out from a iDevice website… again… how ironic it is… 🙂 Cheers!

      • Steve Blake

        Apply cold water to..

      • Greetings my dear friend :

        1. I own an 3 Apple iDevices which I’m very happy of and 0 Samsung Devices.

        2. I was surprised that many people disliked this and took it that serious.
        3. You know this came from 9GAG post and I’m not surprised.
        4. This comment was just for fun. Not to make you pull a gun and shoot your screen because of it. I love Apple. But lets face it, Apple needs more than just making a taller iPhone. It needs a UI rebrush. That’s why I see some failure in keeping iOS the way it is on the iPhone 5. iOS 6 is great. But it needs more stuff. I see many improvements in the system apps. And the new status bar is great, and many more new stuff. but when it comes to the Home Screen as well as the lock screen, has Apple even made a little change in it over the years besides letting us put custom wallpapers ? Please get your facts straight before coming and attacking. I know Android sucks, but it has made a significant change over the years. Because it’s not always about a bigger screen. It is about adding features for the user to benefit from the bigger screen 😉

      • I had every iphone so far. Was definitely an iphone and apple fanboy. I even had so many people buy the iphones by bragging about it so much. Then this Galaxy S3 came out. It looked amazing, saw all these rumors about what the new iphone may look like and the same boring OS. I wasnt impressed anymore, it simply got stale. So, I jumped ship and got the S3. OMG this device is the most amazing piece of technology Ive ever held in my hand. I love this phone. I cant stop playing with it. It does everything. No jailbreaking required. This phone has an amazing screen and the size is just perfect. I love the customization options android gives you. The camera is awesome and so is the many features. I am now totally devoted to this phone now. I wont be getting any new iphone, i can tell you that for a fact. Everyone that has an iphone including my family, friends and coworkers are amazed and jealous of this phone. My brother even sold his 4S on ebay and bought the S3 as well, and he thanks me for showing it to him in the first place. SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 for the win baby!!!! Im only on this site because i was an apple fanboy and always read these articles daily. I am still interested in technology and new updates about apple. But this S3 is simply amazing. Just saying you were right on with your comments and are not alone. People need to go and check this S3 out before judging it by comments like I use to do. Thanks for reading. Have a great day everyone.

      • Lordthree

        Wow. Samsung is paying a lot of you goddamn shills these days lol

        The S3 is a goddamn plastic joke. A giant clown phone. I point and laugh at people with these ridiculous giant screens.

  • What I want to see is how the virtual keyboard will work in landscape on such a wide screen.

  • Now that’s a FUCK YOU to the face for people who were complaining about the longer screen.I love it even though it’s a rumor.

    • genXhippie

      Relax, dude. It is going to be alright.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Why do you feel like cursing to the people that don’t happen to love the things you do? (And, as if this video was a proof that’s posted by Apple! LOL)

  • obsa gursum

    i can`t wait 4 iphone5

  • Stating the obvious bigger screen more stuff ummm NO SHIT!

  • Dan

    I’m really hoping that the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen than this… I’ve handled a galaxy s3, and to me that was the perfect screen size. I’m waiting till the iPhone 5 comes out to decide, but if this is it… iPhone 4S didn’t impress me, and so far this one doesn’t either.

    • Ronald Weaver

      I agree 100% with what your saying. I come from a apple background of owning every iPhone since day one. I am not saying that to brag or anything. I am the person who literally own more apple devices than anyone i know. The reason i say this is i want people on hear that read this to understand my commitment to apple. I feel the IOS has really needed a super makeover for the last three years. Native theming more personalization and the ability to root the device without having to jailbreak.
      The biggest issue to me is the fact of the matter is why cant we get a completely new screen. To stretch out the same screen width we have been looking at for the last five years does not make sense to me at all. If your gonna make it bigger why not just make it completely bigger in all dimensions. I know apple doesn’t like to make big changes but the same screen and the same stale iOS for the last five years needs a big change.

  • GameCenterGames

    I can’t wait for the bigger screen. I love that they are not making it wider. Being able to throw it in my pocket is key for me.

  • why gay background music? its so apple 😛

  • @dongiuj

    Huuuuuuge yawn. Boring.

  • Why do people think that September event is the iPhone event, even though historically September has always been about iPod and last year iPhone event moved to October! So, why would they do iPhone September and iPad in October?! This doesn’t make sense and yet every single rumour says this! My prediction: iPad/iPod event September, iPhone event in October! Don’t you think?


    To be honest, I don’t like the idea…

    Apps will need to be updated, and having old apps run in a letterbox is less usable, as people use their phones HORIZONTALLY.

    Yes, I do watch a few flicks (youtube, dailymotion etc.) but I don’t watch whole movies on a phone (not the iPhone, not any other phone).

    The main use of the device (for me) is a phone, browser and apps, all through the day while I’m mobile. And, while I’m mobile, it’s best to hold it upright, not vertically. And, a longer display is not the best way to give me extra display… Not for me at least.

  • TheAntman217

    The iOS 6 SDK was said to be able to automatically resize apps at WWDC so I would assume that all the current apps would be able to automatically stretch themselves out to widescreen. They would probably just need another retina display update to change the current 960×640 compatible apps and make them take advantage of the new (possible) 1136×640 size. I’m just really hoping that I’m right and we won’t have to deal with apps having black bars on the sides lol.