Thanks to new in-cell display panels, a smaller dock connector and other modifications, the new iPhone is going to be thinner than ever before. How thin? The casing for the handset has been measured at 7.6mm.

While that doesn’t sound like a very big difference — just 1.7mm thinner than the 9.3mm 4S — it’s certainly noticeable. Just look at these two comparison photos showing the new iPhone, the 4S and the 3GS…

The two pics above were taken by the folks over at iColorOS and reposted by our friends at And they give us an interesting look at Apple’s [purported] new smartphone, compared to its predecessors.

It’s actually amazing how smartphone technology has progressed over the past three years. Look at how thick the iPhone 3GS looks compared to the other two handsets. I remember when we thought it was thin.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Apple is rumored to be outfitting this extremely slim device with a bigger battery, larger screen and LTE chips. This in and of itself would be quite the engineering feat.

But obviously this is all still speculation until Apple actually unveils its new handset. Luckily, the event is now less than two weeks away.

  • It’s NOT EVEN OUT YET. Holy shit everyone is getting so carried away…

    • Welcome to the hype machine. You are a little late to the party, but at least you finally figured it out.

      • Actually, no other blog I know of puts “The new iPhone is ….” When it’s not even out yet. Most say “Reports claim…”

      • I do think the hype this year is kinda less than last year

      • It seems like there were a lot more leaks this year than last though, but the hype isn’t as up there as previous years. My guess is mainly because most everyone who wants an iPhone now has one and we know what to expect. Bigger, better, faster kind of thing.

  • imot65

    Why the absurd persistence on calling it the “iPhone 5”??? IT WONT BE THE FREAKING 5!!

    • No more Obama

      because 5 sounds less old of a phone then iphone 6. with higher numbers people will pay attention more to how little has changed in the look of the front of the phone and more importantly the look and feel of iOS 🙁

      • imot65

        If you’re holding a 4S then THAT’S actually the 5. Apple most likely will call it The New iPhone or maybe even iPhone 6 which is in fact the 6th generation of the device (if history repeats, calling it iPhone 6 will most likely coincide -according to rumors, mind you-, with the release of iOS 6, same thing that happened with the iPhone 4 when it was released at the same time iOS 4 was, back in June 2010)

      • What about IOS 2 = the iPhone 3G

      • iPhone – iPhone OS 1, iPhone 3G – iPhone OS 2, iPhone 3GS – iPhone OS 3, iPhone 4 – iOS 4, iPhone 4S – iOS 5, iPhone 5 (new iPhone) – iOS 6.

        Why the hell would they call the next iPhone the iPhone 6 then?
        Btw, I still call my new iPad the iPad 3… are you seriously telling me that you would call it the new iPad? The numbering makes it so much easier to orient in the devices; the MacBook Pros are sorted like this – Mid 2010, Fall 2011 and so on… I see no point in doing that with the iPads.

      • imot65

        iPhone version 1= iOS 1
        iPhone version 2 (3G)= iOS 2
        iPhone version 3 (3GS)= iOS 3
        iPhone version 4 (4)= iOS 4
        iPhone version 5 (4S)= iOS 5
        iPhone version 6 (??)= iOS 6
        If you don’t see the obvious, then I really don’t know.
        It’ll be either “The New iPhone” or just the 6. I’ll willing to bet on it.
        And I call my (New/3) iPad Matilda BTW.

      • No more Obama

        it will be called new iphone because apple doesn’t want people to realize its a old ass design of a phone. after 6 years people will say why hasn’t something changed. it’s to manipulate people

      • Kok Hean

        Everyone calls it the iPad 3 😀

      • anasiatka

        This is the first good argument for it being called iPhone 6 – related to the iOS 6 update. All other related arguments, such as being the 6th iPhone I do not think are valid given that they did iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and whatever is next.

      • If your holding a iPhone 4S your holding a iPhone 4S ..Apple called it that .. There was no mention of it being called a iPhone 5 it’s a 4s …

      • imot65

        Agree… but the fact is that the whole world is assuming that the next version will be a “5”, which is totally wrong considering the fact that it’ll be the 6th generation. Point is Apple will call it whatever the heck they want to… it’ll still kick butt even if it’s call some dumb silly name.. BRING IT ON TIM!!!!

    • Kok Hean

      What if it’s a 5 inch phone?


  • Following the stories and assuming this is the new device with its standing purported look, it almost feels right to assume they will call it something along the lines of, ‘The all new iPhone’.

  • Am I the only one who’s wondering how the f* is that iPhone4 blue?

    • Dude, blue sticker, the iPhone is actually white, look at the home button

      • yeah, I noticed, but… Wich kind of sticker? what conversion kit? how?where? why?

      • Paul

        It’s not a sticker, it’s just regular custom conversion kit (you can get at least 20 different colors) and home button is not a part of screen, so you can put any color. example: red screen, yellow home button and green back glass 😉 even middle metal plate you can change to different colors 😉 just google about it or check on eBay

      • It’s a conversion kit. They sell em at most chinese websites like focalprice and dealextreme

    • Kok Hean

      It’s a conversion kit for the screen, not a sticker like Devnath Devonic said.

    • Google ..mendmyi… And have a look… Best conversion kits

  • notewar

    Christian Zibreg got fired? I feel that IDB has less rumors without him. = P

    • Yay !!!

    • Hyr3m

      Hope it’s true… and it was about time!!! I couldn’t stand that guy… although sometimes he’d be so bad it was actually ridiculously hilarious! I might miss that ^^

  • Ive been following rumors and news about the next generation iPhone since who knows when, but what I don’t understand is “security” and “privacy”. I remember when the iPhone 4 was still in “rumor state”, Gizmodo revealed the phone before the official revealing and presentation of the phone and immediately Apple went crazy about it and well we know the story. My point is, even though all these next generation parts, and designs everyone puts up in other headlines look pretty legit, why hasn’t Apple even bothered to do anything? The latest leaks this week has positioned me to think this is not going to be the next generation iPhone, due to the reason that Apple has stayed quiet and done nothing about all these leaks.

    • armandolara94

      Well they can’t silence every website out there, plus the pictures are like…. everywhere. When they tried to get rid of the iPhone 4 leaks many more still found out about them despite Apple’s efforts. Besides, it’s free publicity, builds up more hype?

    • Alex Blaha

      I have the same thoughts. I think it may be because Tim Cook is now CEO and he has different plans for Apple’s future. As Samsung does not care whether people find out about their devices before release, and I think Tim see’s this and this is why he is changing. I miss Steve Jobs very much, and I think Apple would be better with him.

  • Mahjikk

    What new iPhone?

  • GameCenterGames

    That’s awesome. I can’t wait. I think they made the right move by not making it wider. I take mine out of my pocket way to many times in a day to be fooling with those wider phones. This looks perfect. I nice happy medium between the two.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that even though these phones are getting thinnger, the 3GS fit perfectly in the hand and the newer ones don’t? Hands, for the most part, cave when holding something. I really think these are all just fake leaks and Apple will actually release the teardrop design this time.

  • Ali Alsarraf

    Can’t wait

  • Not gonna happen people . Apple hasn’t announced WWDC yet