Over the past few months, we’ve seen just about enough next-gen iPhone parts to… build a next-gen iPhone. We’ve seen fronts and backs, and batteries, and charging ports — pretty much everything except the processor. Until today.

A new image has surfaced this morning of what is said to be the logic board of Apple’s sixth-generation handset. And, if legitimate, it confirms that the smartphone will house the long-rumored quad-core A6 processor…

The above photo was posted by Sonny Dickinson (via 9to5Mac), who has been responsible for several part leaks as of late. We’ve seen next-gen iPhone logic boards in the past, but never with the processor uncovered enough to see the model.

Whether Apple was going to use the A5X processor from its new iPad, or an all-new quad-core A6, in its new smartphone has been a mystery up to this point. Over the past three years, it’s introduced new processors in its iPad first, and then used them in iPhones. If this year’s handset gets the A6, it’ll definitely be breaking its pattern.

That being said, the part looks legitimate, and reminds us of the A5X logic board that surfaced just ahead of the third generation iPad launch earlier this year. That one ended up being the real deal, so it’s entirely possible that this one is too.

In addition to the logic board, several other photos of next-gen iPhone parts courtesy of our friends at Nowhereelse.fr. Most of these we’ve already seen, but are much clearer than previous images. First up is a front panel compared to a 4S.

And now here’s one of the inside of the front panel. You’ll notice the mystery chip is still there at the top of the handset, which was once believed to be an NFC sensor. But we’ve since been told that it’s likely a relocated earpiece speaker.

While the iPhone 5’s appearance doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery anymore, its exact specifications are. The handset is believed to be housing an 1136 x 640 4-inch display, LTE technology, and, if the above photo is accurate, an A6 processor.

Apple is expected to unveil its new handset at a media event on September 12th. And if the schedule holds true, the new iPhone will become available for pre-order that evening, and start popping up in stores the following friday.

  • Zorvage

    I hope the A6 has a 1GIG RAM 🙂

    • Gorgonphone

      yes it will

  • And why exactly is there a green iPhone 4S? Are colors coming to iPhone? I want a (RED) one 🙂

  • getting one for sure….

  • getting one for sure……

  • chin2793

    Why Apple hasn’t officially declared the event if it is on 12th September? Doesn’t Apple usually declare it before 2 weeks of the event? or is it one week? I am not sure..

    • I think they will tell us on September 1st

      • They never announce stuff on the weekend. Next week perhaps.

  • Wow ..

  • give us an HD front facing camera and 1GB of RAM with a much better battery life and we are in business!

    • Ram i am not to worried about my 4S works and responds very fast. Battery life yes and HD front facing camera yes agree.

    • No more Obama

      android phones have 2 gb. you sure you dont want a little bit more? my 4S has problems handling some games while other things are running. but for the most part im not complaining

  • I think the next iPhone processor will be A5x as the new iPad

  • Here is my guess:

    4G LTE
    A6 Quad Core Cortex A15 1Ghz 8 core GPU (28nm)
    1GB of RAM
    12 Megapixel rear facing camera
    HD facetime Camera
    4.0in Retina IPS display 1136×640 @~330ppi
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Maybe USB 3.0/Thunderbolt compatible

    • Jumping from a 2 Core for a 8 core.. I don’t think so. It will be a huge difference between the iPhone 4 and this 6th gen, wich means that the AppStore and all ecosystem could hurt the retrocompatibility, givin less lifespan in older models…

      I think the A6 will improve the performance/battery using, like you said, a 28nm…but 4 cores instead or 8.

      • I was talking about jumping the quad core GPU to a 8 core GPU in the A6, your right A6 will most likely be a quad core CPU not 8

    • AMB_07

      While I do think we will see a totally new processor (most likely A6) I don’t think it’ll be quad core but rather still a dual-core. No I believe we’ll see quad core on the iPad first. 4G LTE is a given, camera will likely remain 8mp (they might improve the lens). As for facetime, they might make it 1-1.3mp but I’m not expecting anything higher and that’s IF they change it. Somehow I expect something slightly bigger than 4.0 inch for the screen, perhaps 4.1-4.2. Why? I think the main selling point of this phone will be the increased size of the screen and they’re going to make a big deal about it. Just like retina display was for the 4 and siri for the 4S.

    • a smit

      wont be an 8 core, thats for sure
      and I say they will stick with current camera setup as it allows apple something for the masses to look forward to and give them a reason to upgrade to in the future

    • I really, really hope you are right about the USB 3.0/Thunderbolt. If Apple wants to continue to move forward, they need to be updating the simple core components that nerdy computer geeks like myself are hoping for! haha Also, the Quad Core would be the only reason I would jump from the 4S to the “new iPhone”. If it doesn’t improve on that, what is the real point in getting it? A little larger screen? I don’t think so!

  • quad core? it’ll probably have even worse battery life than the 4s.

    • No, increasing cores doesnt mean that they will use the same architecture.
      They will, obviously reduze the “nm” wich means, less power requirements.

    • Bigger phone = bigger battery, though, among other items being smaller with advanced technology may not necessarily mean worse battery life.

    • a smit

      more cores can mean less power used if the software is properly tweaked to use multiple threads as it would take less time (power) to accomplish the same given task

  • I really don’t think there will be an A6 Processor.
    Most likely is a A5X Chip

  • I think 2GB ram is more likely.

    • No more Obama

      more likely from samsung/htc/motorola/bb, but we are talking about apple dude

  • And the A6 will probably 1.5GHz min, i could easily imagine it being 2GHz or more

  • apple have better use the A6 than A5X because in my opinion this is alittle outdated for a phone like the iphone because smaller companies have shifted to quad core . if apple stays in dual core what the diffrence will make a part from the re designed shape. im expecting more from apple and im praying to god that they use the giant A6 chip man i just love the quad core and how its amaizing on the s3

    • Can you seen the difference ??? No the softwares and eco system of ios combined with a iphone4s already is perfect no lags nothing you dont notice it, quad core or dual until unless the apps start coming upto that level of performance and usage it wont matter much whether you got a quad core or a dual core.

      • you are right for starters its okay but for me especially in 2012 i want to have a quad core rather than the old outdated dual core and keeping in mind that apple has no quad core phone in its line of products plus the huge ammount of games that are demanding on the cpu . you may want to have a lag free dual core but what if the software combined with a quad core i mean you can open apps with blink of an eye especially nowdays android 4.1 is released and its allready faster than ios

  • Matt V

    Here’s the problem with it being an a6. It’s rumored to be a quad-core, built on samsung exynos technology. Guess what. Not compatible with on board LTE if thats the case. Thats why samsung themselves have used a dual-core snapdragon in the states for the s3. Now they could add LTE as a seperate chip, which would then drain the battery. Which do you prefer. suck ass battery, or no LTE. It’s going to be an a5x almost certainly.

  • Gorgonphone

    I will keep my 4S until the 5 is full jailbroken..

    • As opposed to only half-jailbroken? 🙂

      • Luke Johnston

        He could be referring to an untethered jailbreak vs. a tethered jailbreak.

      • No more Obama

        obviously haha

      • You made me laugh, so like!

  • Nicek1d

    I don’t like the longer look. Last thing i want is the iphone ending up looking like a tv remote next to my ear. also the front plate still looks like the 4S with the squared shape. Apple should have just scaled it bc i wouldn’t mind a little bit wider for a bigger display but longer/taller seems akward.

    • No more Obama

      haha “tv remote” … i agree, i wanted a scaled increase in the size of the phone not just longer. and 4 inches is old hat. when i look at android phones that are 4 inchers, i feel they are outdated. 4.3 would have been awesome. but i’ll take anything bigger. 3.5 inches is just so small – even though in 2007 i was loving 3.5 🙂

  • I hope
    Amazing HD FaceTime camera
    12MP or 8 wifh xenon flash
    A6 quad core
    1GB Ram or 512MB
    HD Display beats anyphone
    4G lte worldwide support
    Better battery beats any phone
    Notification led
    Spcial Sound chip such as Bose!
    A something new from apple

  • babiloe

    just more battery juice like moto razr maxx

  • this is a fake look at the photo of processor it the same they rotate the other one and edit the photo make a a6 processor and they remove the cover metal