Apple Store Geniuses are some of the most recognizable employees in the industry. Where as most retailers have moved to phone tech support, Apple takes pride in its in-store helpers.

So much so, in fact, that it’s starting to offer the personalized support to online shoppers as well, meaning customers can now get Genius-level help without ever leaving their house…

As noted by TheNextWeb, Apple has added a new ‘Ask Now’ feature to its UK website that will allow you to initiate a live chat with a Specialist who can help with a various of things.

Here’s how Apple describes the service:

“Expert advice. Personalized help. Every step of the way. Now there’s a whole new way to get help from the Apple Online Store. When shopping for a new iPad or iPhone, you can get answers to all your questions through a personalized, online guided tour. We can even help set up your new product after you get it.”

It’s pretty easy to activate the online chat. From the main Store page on Apple’s UK site, you’ll see the link on the righthand side of the page. Click it, and just follow the instructions.

The guided tour option seems pretty interesting. It serves up streaming video of your Specialist’s screen to your computer, as the two of you explore web pages and view apps together.

At the moment, it looks like the service is only available in the UK, Spain and Brazil. And so far, there’s no word on whether or not it will becoming to the US. Here’s hoping that it does.

What do you think of Apple’s new Specialist service? Good idea, bad idea?

  • Great idea but still limited and ignoring rest of the world where a large majority of apple product users have abolutely no access to apple retail store and ofcourse the Geniuses !

    • Miras safadi

      You are 100% right! That’s exactly what i think!

  • for all the devs and folks in this blog . im in middle east and belive me the people are willing to pay as 1000 dollar for a single handset from apple . why we cannot find retailers in this region . personally i paid 980 dollars for iphone 4s and i had a relative in US thats why i got it early . why nobody in apple is working on this and I DONT KNOW HOW TO LET APPLE HEAR ME . because that blender company called samsung even have a store in africa.. i mean heloo we are in 2012 what happened to all that technology ?

    • Middle East is not a secure place for Apple! Full of uncertainty… Not only samsung that has store in Africa; Apple has too and so do other mobile company. Middle East need to clean some of their mess before a company like Apple will invest there. Insecurity at the higher level understand?

      • Investment by itself is insecure like the example between samsung and apple in courtroom. and I think you are out of topic. major oil and construction companies are investing here and belive me we have some nice brands that even in the US is not available. here in Dubai we pay four times you pay for an apple product UNDERSTAND?

      • Well explained dadu !

      • Guest

        yes brother i know this old information . but what i wana say is not only we want this apple for dubai because theres a bunch of other countries in middle east needs this

  • What is the point of this? If you ask more something like ‘How much does it cost for engineer to put SSD into my machine’ they say ‘Please call to your store’…