With Apple’s media event (or two media events) getting closer, the rumor mill has gone into full swing. Earlier today, reports surfaced regarding the new iPod touch, and nano. And now this.

Citing an Asian source, Japanese blog Macotakara says it has learned that Apple will be in fact calling its smaller tablet the “iPad mini” — a name used often by the media to describe the device…

The blog reports (machine-translated):

 “According to Asian source, the name of Apple’s new product, which are expected to have 7’85” and called as iPad mini, will be named as “iPad mini” officially. This source expects that “iPad” logo will be printed on back of case same as “iPod” is printed on iPod nano and iPod touch, and it means one new product will be added on iPad’s product brand genre.”

The site says it is also hearing that Apple will be re-releasing its third-generation iPad, a rumor we’ve heard on several occasions. The tablet is expected to be retooled, outfitted with a new IGZO display and better heat dissipation. It’s also said to feature Apple’s new, smaller dock connector.

We’re obviously filing these away in the rumor category until Apple makes it announcements, but Makototakara has been accurate in the past and is known to have some good supply chain sources.

Apple was originally expected to unveil the iPad mini alongside the new iPhone at its September 12 event, but recent speculation points to an October showing. There’s been no word thus far on when we could see the retooled third-gen iPad.

What do you think, will the smaller tablet be called the iPad mini?


  • I don’t believe it will be called iPad mini, I’m guessing we are getting a new 7″ iPod touch.

    • Kok Hean

      “With the iPod touch, gaming has become even more portable. When we introduced the iPod touch 4G last year, we thought that we can’t improve it further. However, engineers at Apple proved us wrong. Because today, we’re introducing the new iPod touch 7. It has a gorgeous 7” screen and still functions as smooth as an iPod touch would. The new screen is simply amazing.

      The display is what iPod touch 7 is all about, so when you enhance the display, you will enhance everything and the retina display on the fifth generation iPod touch is just spectacular. It’s got resolution of 1920×1280, that’s 2.45 million pixels, 4 times more than the previous iPod touch and over three hundred thousand more than what’s called “High Definition” on other devices. And we’ve packed all of these pixels into a display that’s just 7 inches. But engineering it wasn’t as simple as just jamming in more pixels. A pixel was made up of red, green and blue sub-pixels, with the signal telling each one when and how much to light up – that’s how colours are created. But when you squeeze 4 times the pixels into the same space, signals can get crossed, colours become distorted and images get fuzzy. To solve this, we had elevated the pixels onto a different plane and separated them from the signals. It’s a major breakthrough, and it’s the key to making the pixels so small and so close together that the human eye can’t even distinguish them, so text looks razor sharp and you will see details and photos in ever were there. A wider colour camera brings in even more detail and gives you colours that are incredibly rich, deep and active. This is the just most advanced display you’ve ever held in your hand. It’s the most advanced display you’ve ever seen.

      • You sure watc those keynoes

      • I’am sold i’ll but it now … Lol..
        Now tell the truth you write Apple key note speeches don’t you .lol

  • Yeah I doubt apple would call it “mini” maybe ipad “S” or something….

  • fuckyou

    7’85” LMFAO That would be one big ass mini ipad!

    • macboy74

      Ha that’s funny a 7 foot iPad mini.

  • seyss

    I’m sick of these bullshit rumors.. I remember right before iPhone4S came out all sort of rumors from “trusted sources” about teardrop design proved to be LIES.. hell even cases were made

  • Shadowlink

    “indeed called ipad mini” hmm
    Just like tha last ipad was going to be the ipad 3 right?

  • Suddenly there are so many rumours of iPad mini, but I don’t see any sort of parts or anything.

  • I really hope the so called iPad Mini would really cost a lot cheaper than The new iPa

  • Hope the price is good, if it actually come out

  • XK5

    iPad nano.

  • fuckyou

    Am i the only one that passed math class? Why do people keep calling this the 7″ ipad when indeed measures 7.85″ much closer to 8″ ipad

  • My first thought on this was “no way it’d officially be called that,” then I remembered they already have the Mac Mini, a product officially branded with the moniker “Mini,” so maybe it’s not that far out there. Though I definitely agree that iPad S sounds better.

  • SirPL

    If iPad 3 was called as ‘The New iPad’, i think iPad mini should be called as ‘The Small iPad’. No, really, I think ‘iPad mini’ is really good name for this mini device.