Up until a couple days ago, it was the general assumption that the iPad mini would be unveiled at the same time as the new iPhone, likely on September 12. To be honest, I never thought that would be the case (see conclusion of my Nexus 7 review), but I never really cared to explain why. On Thursday, John Gruber took it to his blog to explain why it didn’t make sense for Apple to hold one event to unveil both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

And he makes lots of sense. Why would Apple unveil two major products at the same time and risk diluting the publicity around both of them. As Gruber himself puts it, “Why share the spotlight? Why have another Apple product battling with the iPhone for the top spots in news coverage?

Turns out he was right, as a semi official confirmation coming minutes later from legendary Jim Dalrymple brought credibility to the claim. Today, AllThingsD confirmed the story with their own sources and though there has been no official word from Apple on the matter, it does seem like the iPad mini will be unveiled in October…

John Paczkowski reports:

As it turns out, sources said, it more than makes sense — it’s so.

With a new iPhone and a new, diminutive iPad in the pipeline, Apple has two opportunities to commandeer the tech news cycle ahead of the annual holiday shopping binge and it’s going to take them both.

So, expect two Apple events to be announced in the days and weeks ahead with Apple’s two biggest hardware announcements of the year to follow.

The iPad mini is expected to come with a 1024×768 display, an iPod touch-thin profile, and smaller bezels on the sides of the display. Unlike the new iPhone, we haven’t seen many leaked parts for the iPad mini, which may indicate that the device hasn’t even entered production just yet.

With just a few more weeks to wait, it looks like it’s just a matter of time until Apple sends the media invitations for the event. We’re very excited, are you?

  • Really skeptical about having 2 Apple events, I don’t think apple will split.

    • If anything I would expect the iPad mini to come out next year at the usual iPad event and leave the new iPhone to take the spotlight throughout the holidays.

      • harsh

        They would let the sales go by the iPad as the holiday season gifts will be the iPads .

  • JerseyD

    If the iPad mini sells for $199 or even $299 I easily see it becoming Apples most popular product.

    • i doubt it, they would destroy ipod touch sales. i see it at like $400.

      • anasiatka

        Keep in mind you can get an iPad2 for that much. This is my theory – they will sell the iPad Mini 16GB for $200.00, the iPod Touch 8GB version only for $99.99 and then go up in size to increase the price which would allow for choice to be available to the consumer. I think Apple’s plan is to have the consumer own both an iPhone, iPad 2/3 AND/OR an iPod Touch. They are going to price the devices not to compete with each other, but to compliment each other. I think what people tend to forget is that whether they sell you an iPad Mini, iPod Touch or iPad 2/3 is they make money on any of these once the technology to mass produce is decreased. The chips for storage in these devices are probably the same as the ones in 2009 so by now they have perfected the mass production of the chips. While the other components have become advanced, I think that the memory chips primarily have stayed the same… I could be completely wrong on the memory chips not changing – I figure they are fast enough since they are solid state. They are not really doing that heavy work with iOS apps and picture taking; besides the 1080 pictures and movies now I guess things have relatively stayed the same. I am guessing the same is true for the RAM chips? I guess my point to what I am saying, is as they devices sell more the cost to produce the chips that they have in common goes down. While there may different APU/CPU chips the other components I think have stayed the same allowing for them to still make a profit on the iPad Mini even selling it the same price. The more devices a consumer has that uses Apple’s ecosystem, the more iTunes and App Store will profit. Think about the people who don’t want the larger iPad and would normally choose the Kindle or other non-Apple device… Now, with the iPad Mini these consumers will buy into the Apple ecosystem who may not have been before. Apple can afford to break even on the iPad Mini and iPod Touch because they make profits with the other devices. Am I making a good argument?

      • i feel like Apple kept the iPad 2 so they could try to compete in the market that the supposed ipad mini would. Once the new ipad mini is out (if it even does come out) ,the ipad 2 wont be seeing store shelves much longer i think

      • anasiatka

        Hmmm… I guess that could be a possibility that they would nix the iPad 2, in favor of the iPad Mini and New iPad. That would make sense for the naming scheme, then you would only have the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone and iPod Touch. Still, I think that the price point for the iPad 2 is perfect for the market right now. I feel as if they would lose on profit as people wouldn’t neccessarily dump so much money for the iPad 3 but want something bigger than the iPad Mini. To me the pricing is the only thing I could see get in the way. If they can not market and price the Mini and iPad 2 at the same time, they might be forced to nix the iPad 2. There is not much room for adjustments between the different sizes and whatnot considering that the iPad 2 sells for $399. Somewhere you have to fit in the iPod Touch too price-wise. I know that there is definitely a place in the market for the iPod Touch still… I’m not quite sure they’d nix that. One thing to consider though, is how they have the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and soon to be iPhone X in a few weeks. My guess is that they will nix the iPhone 3GS and have only the 4, 4S and X for sale. They are priced in different brackets, and the oldest generation is always limited to 8GB size. That is probably where they are able to shave off some of the cost and sell it to the carriers for less. Then again, maybe the iPad Mini will get some new features that will merit (in the consumers eyes) the higher cost and the cost difference between the Mini and iPad 2 – if they were to market them only $50 apart. Still, considering that they have the larger screen iPod Touch apparently, the devices are all getting larger screens and there only seems to be the iPod Shuffle/Classic left in that smaller size factor. This will be very interesting I think to see how this plays out; heck, the market is going to be completely different by the time the holidays come around. If Apple goes after Samsung and other OEM’s to have the devices taken off the market, that impede on their patents – that alone will cause quite a shock in the consumer world. Having so many choices could either hurt Apple or help them.

    • Geeks on Hugs

      If Apple sells it for a competitive price I will soften my view of them. Their business model has been to do image marketing and charge a premium and reap obscene windfall profits selling long comoditized computer components. That should have become obvious when they switched to PC standard x86 architecture on the Macs with no price relief for their loyal customers.

      I hope they do sell for 199, I’d buy one right away. But if they do it would be a sea change in pricing strategy.

      FWIW I predict it starts at 299

  • What would happen to the iPod touch if they are to release an iPad mini.. Am I the only one here who thinks that the iPad mini is not that necessary?

    • I think both an iPad Mini and a new iPod touch are not necessary.
      Personally, I would love to see a 15″ iPad though.

      • Kok Hean

        If that happens, I can foresee people making TV like cases to make it look like a television, or even cut out holes in the walls.

    • I need an ipod touch as it is cheap and portable ipad mini wont fit with the pocket

      • Exactly, the iPod touch is cheap, that is why it shouldn’t be produced anymore, only people who can’t afford an iPhone buy the iPod touch.

  • With iPad mini, we could totally forget about iPod touch!
    iPod classic is always the best choice.
    Hope there would be a new model of iPod classic

  • WTF i was hoping to have an IPad Mini Just after started School Again

  • Tom

    NO IPAD AT 1024×768, the Pixels per inch will be 163 which is the exact same ppi as the iphone 3gs and below. If apple were going to make an ipad mini they would at least give it retina display

    • How did you count the PPI when you don’t know the screen dimensions?

    • Tell me one thing….do you have any prob with ipad 2 display..???…No right..!!…so if 7.85 inch tablet has the same resolution as a 9.7 incher, its pnly better not worse….it ll be real close to retina…

      • Tom

        Seriously, they wouldn’t make a iPad mini at a low resolution when they’ve made a retina display environment for themselves

  • I think it will be retina I doubt apple wont make it a retina display

    • SimonReidy

      Remember that it’s 1024×768 over 7.85 inches though, which makes the pixels roughly 30% denser. That’s not retina dpi, but it will still look much sharper than an iPad2 does at the same resolution.

      Not quite as good as the Nexus 7’s 1280×800 resolution, but that is 16:10 widescreen, where as the iPad Mini will be 4×3, so it makes sense to stick to 1024×768.

      The other advantage of using that resolution is that all existing iPad apps already support 1024×768, so every app will run on it without any work required by developers.

  • And why they are not saying any rumors about iTV? Guess what, they are saving them for the next year :/

  • October the 5th, for Steve ?

    • That would be an insult as Steve proclaimed that Apple would never make a smaller iPad. Remember him saying that they did all of this research and they decided consumers didn’t want anything smaller than a 9 inch tablet… until Amazon sold an ass load of Kindle Fires last Christmas…

      • How long ago was this research conducted?
        Consumers decisions can change with time, your argument is invalid.

      • So when Steve Jobs was alive, mini tablets were retarded and something consumers didn’t want. Steve Jobs dies and now Apple has a change of heart and decides to put out a mini. Funny how that works.

      • For starters, Steve Jobs is no longer CEO of Apple. It is now Tim Cook, who’s to say that Tim Cook is not his own person and cannot think for himself. People change, companies change, people’s ideals will change. What’s wrong with that?

      • harsh

        its like a little disrespect of going against the mind of the producer of the company, I hope you get the point(no offense)

      • Yeah I get that.

  • I hope Samsung sues the ever living hell out of them for ripping off it’s 7 inch design.

    • Will not happen. iPad mini is set (by rumors) to be 7.85″ wich is closer to 8″ than samsung’s 7″ galaxy tab

      • strange, because the Galaxy Tablet was 10.1 which is larger than the iPad… yet they convinced a jury that it was a rip off of the iPad. Argument is a valid as Apple’s was against Samsung.

      • It was not the size, it was the design.

      • Ever look at cars? Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Ford Focus / Fiesta, Mazda 3 / 2, Lexus CT… all amazingly similar in “design” Do the car companies sue each other for that? NO!

        The design aspect was bloody retarded… black, rectangular, rounded corners… icons on the screen. WTF? Seriously, if you think Apple invented that and deserves a patent… then you are what’s wrong with the technology world right now. Pinch to zoom? Look up the multitouch TED demos and see that being done before iPhone came out. I’m sure they didn’t get the idea from Minority Report either… they just magically pulled it out of their creative asses.

        I may sound harsh on Apple, but I do like Apple. I just hate the hell out of patents like this.

        My TV and my monitors are shiny black, thin, rounded corners, rectangular… had them before the iPad and the iPhone… so whoever approved some of these patents for Apple is a freaking idiot.

      • First come, first served.
        It is not Apple’s Fault (or Problem) that the others were too stupid to patent their technology.

      • No, but Prior Art should invalidate the patents. It’s pretty shitty to patent another persons ideas and claim them as your own and then sue everyone else who uses them.

        But it doesn’t matter, because Apple has this reputation as the great innovator, so they would still get credit for inventing something already invented.

    • Apple dont rip off…i bet ipad mini wont have any similarities with galaxy tab….jfyi why the hell would they copy a flop samsung product.

    • anasiatka

      Sarcasm or not, I feel like you may have the wrong understanding of what the whole trial was about – it was very clear based on the evidence provided (falsified or not, we will never know – but I am going to assume it was real) Samsung deliberately mirrored Apple in a lot of their products. It was not the size of the device alone that was the infringement – it was the obvious combination of similarities that as a whole was infringement.

  • The iPad mini will more than likey have a Retina display. Why wouldn’t it? I mean if the iPod touch 4 has Retina, why not the iPad mini?

    • Dont think retina is possible as they need to keep ipad2 resolution on mini….but it ll look good as ipad 2 screen is gorgeous and if that many pixels are there on a 7.85 incher will only make it better…:)

      • It is possible. Who says they have to keep the iPad 2 resolution?

      • The article above states that and its common sense….no way apple are adding another resolution for the devs to work on….fragmentation is not apple types….

      • Then why did apple even bother putting out a Retina display 15inch MacBook Pro? Isn’t that fragmentation to a certain extent?

      • You are kiddin ryt..???…
        Desktop os if diff from mobile os….i can run my pc with several resolution can i run my iphone with diff resolution.??..NO…
        Fragmentation means like androids…several resolutions for one single app…its a headache believe me..:/

      • The iPad mini will have retina display. Apple is not likey to take a step backwards.

      • Regular display for 1st gen. Retina for 2nd. :/

      • iPad mini?

      • then you dont know apple….ipad mini will have ipad 2 resolution….giving everything in 1st gen device is not apple style…do some research….
        If fragmentation wasnt their concern then there would not have been so much drama for bigger iphone screen….

      • Nobody knows Apple besides Apple. You for sure have no solid evidence to back up your claims.

      • Listen kiddo i get it that u like apple very much…bt believe you dont like em more than i do…so use some common sense and logic and read my comments agn you ll understand.

        Maybe we dont know apple thinkin bt v surely hav a vry good idea abt it…

      • I re-read your comments and all I found were grammatical errors and bad spelling, and all you’re doing is just recycling rumours.

      • Haha god, you are stubborn and dont have a bit of common sense and logical ability….
        You really think apple will add a new resolution just for iPad mini…you arr the only person that thinks so…i bet even apple wouldnt have thought of a new resolution for it…there’s a reason why ipad 3 resolution is 2X the ipad 2 resolution….apple makes life easy for devs…non fragmentation is their USP…

      • So your argument is pretty much saying, in a world of just over 7 billion, I’m the only person who thinks the iPad mini will have a retina screen… Not sure if stupid or trolling…

      • i said they ll not add a diff resolution just for ipad mini…if they do so there will b no apps for it @ of its launching….
        sorry to say but you are kind of dumb.

      • You can’t even construct a proper sentence, let alone spell. You’re midly retarded.

      • SimonReidy


      • 🙂

      • Suck it up kiddo…u dnt hav ne valid argument left regarding apple…:sad becoz i really liked your previous comments and the fact that you respect apple as much as I do…:)

  • macboy74

    So this rumored iPad mini event, which don’t happen until March-April is confirmed. But we don’t have a solid confirmed date for a iPhone, iPod event which is due in a week or so??? :-/ OK lol

    • 21st september. Mark the date on your calendar

  • Whoa! So 1 event on the next two months?
    That is quite hectic schedule I guess
    Maybe they are trying to boost up a lot of revenue for the holiday season since they are not doing pretty well on iphone the last Quarter