Even though we haven’t seen much evidence, the tech world seems pretty convinced that the new iPhone will be LTE-capable. After all, Apple’s latest tablet supports the 4G tech. And Android devices have for years.

But as it turns out, folks may not end up caring that much about whether the new iPhone supports LTE or not. A new report is out this morning, claiming that nearly 50% of US consumers don’t feel that they need it…

The study comes courtesy of Piper Jaffray. The investment firm polled 3,000 individuals on the topic of LTE, and analyst Christphoer M. Larsen shared the results in a recent note to investors obtained by AppleInsider.

“The survey found that 47 percent of consumers feel they don’t need 4G LTE, and another 26 percent indicated that they feel all 4G network technologies are the same. Just 15 percent of those polled said that 4G LTE is the best network technology.”

Obviously, the results from this survey are far from scientific. But they do provide some nice insight. And it’s not the least bit surprising that the average consumer doesn’t know or care much about 4G technology.

To be fair, carriers haven’t exactly been doing their part to help educate customers on 4G tech. Both T-Mobile and AT&T call their networks “4G,” putting it in the same category as Verizon’s LTE, despite their massive differences. In fact, AT&T has been trying to convince its subscribers that its iPhone 4S is 4G.

Nevertheless, we’re fully expecting Apple’s new smartphone to be LTE-capable. But whether it’s going to work with these networks outside of the US and Canada or not, is still a complete mystery.

How do you feel about the new iPhone having LTE? Will it be a deal-breaker if it doesn’t?

  • Geeks on Hugs

    I’ve always thought 3G was plenty fast and don’t think 4G is worth the battery drain. I’m more interested in affordable unlimited data and improved coverage area. Then maybe 4G might be more interesting.


    I know i sure don’t care, especially since the cell companies want to charge up the a#% for it. Wifi ftw!

  • adent1066

    Simple reason why we don’t care. With caps like 2GB per month and then paying $50 to $100 for that, who wants to blow through all their monthly data in an hour ?

    • Trob

      I have used all of my 20 gb of internet(per month) on my iPad, and my internet connection is 1.5/4.0 mb/s!!!
      With LTE I couldn’t imagine, I would spend it in like 2 days!!
      Ps. 20 gb = 15$ m. Here 😛

  • ThisBrian

    I don’t really care myself unless they are giving me unlimited data. I know others may need it but my area is pretty fast and I can stream tv or music without a problem, at least most of the time.

  • Kok Hean

    You should have used the LTE theme from Cydia -.-

  • MadAndronicus

    As long as I can keep my grandfathered unlimited data bring it on. I have a bad feeling AT&T is going to pull an AT&T and try to screw its customers out of unlimited somehow.

    Question. Do other phones on AT&T that are LTE and grandfathered into unlimited get throttled the same as 3G/HSPA+ users?

    • Lordthree

      I doubt it . You can be sure AT&T will make you change data plans if you want lte. What a joke

    • Those using LTE Phones with an unlimited data plan get throttled after 5GB compared to those on 4G will be throttled after 3GB.

      • MadAndronicus

        Thanks for info!

      • Anytime!

      • Bo

        Verizon doesn’t have throttle their LTE network at this time.

  • ExRoot

    I use wifi 95% of the time so I could care less. if I had a choice though I would choose 3G. Good enough for me.

  • Brad

    That’s because they don’t know what it is or don’t have a need for it. In the near future when LTE will be vital to streaming radio, music, tv, etc…many more users will know and WANT LTE!

  • AmazingBJW

    I’m fine with HSPA+. Perfectly fast, more coverage, doesn’t drain your battery and T-Mobile’s Monthly4G gives you unlimited text and data for $30 a month! Of course you do have to pay full price for the unlocked iPhone though… but when everything adds up it’s soooooo much cheaper.

  • 1337lolzorz

    I’m definately looking forward to LTE as my area has had it for a while.

  • Gorgonphone

    um they care about it when they see how damn fast it is..FACT

    • Lordthree

      No dice.

    • Yep. Hold an iPhone 4S beside an iPhone LTE and do a Safari comparison test… that 50% will drop dramatically. You sir, are correct!

      • ApplePro0925

        The AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4s is not 4G

  • Nothing like half full half empty theory. Statistic = manipulatig numbers to make your theory plausible

  • Dlevi309

    cant wait for iphone LTE it’ll b great 😀

  • anasiatka

    I agree with the survey… AT&T has my speeds chopped to nothing, so there is no difference the “extra speeds” will make to me except to use what ever amount of data AT&T “deems reasonable/average” and then it will go back to EDGE speeds anyways…

  • They don’t care b/c they don’t have it yet and/or because they figure it’ll be way more expensive, too.

  • Damani Brown

    We barley get 4g… So LTE would just be another service we are paying for, and not getting the service in most areas. That is why no one cares, because they wouldn’t get it in their area anyway.

  • Alec Vanek

    That’s a sign of where the US is going. Dumb, dumb, and dumber…

  • walalang

    3G or 4G still useless if the network carrier is not supplying 3G or 4G in some places. Lots of provinces in some countries did not install even 3G signal in their cell sites.