Even if this tweak turned out to be a dud, you have to give respect where respect is due when it comes to its clever name. ScrollThindicator, as its title ever-so slyly alludes to, is a new jailbreak tweak that trims the fat off of iOS’ scroll bars.

True, there’s no real functionality to be gained from using ScrollThindicator, but it is an aesthetic change that many might enjoy. Take a gander at our hands-on video inside for brief overview of how it looks.

While many comments on our YouTube channel deemed the tweak to be worthless, I think it’s a good addition to Cydia. For one, to my knowledge, a tweak like this has never been done before; and two, it looks fairly sleek to boot.

What do you think about ScrollThindicator? It’s a free tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’ve given it a try, or are considering doing so, please sound off in the comments section below.

  • AMB_07

    It is absolutely worthless, the scrollbar isnt even that fat to begin with. I’m not even going to praise it or its cheesy name. Good for the 5 people who will check it out I guess.

    • Who cares… It’s not like in order for this to be in Cydia you have to give up one of your favorite tweaks

    • i would not say it is worthless, because after all the guy who did it put some effort and thought into it. (:D) . This tweak is just funny. Because it tries to make something not noticeable, which is already almost invisible.

      I have suggestion: Make an option for the bar to completely disappear, Make also a possibility to choose the width of the bar. Chose the position on the screen of the bar. And lastly make a possibility to choose a different colour and transparency.

    • Kok Hean

      I have it installed. It looks really clean.

  • I hate that people call something like this worthless…
    A. It’s not like it costs money to download
    B. While its not a “jailbreaking necessity” it just further shows that us as jailbreakers can literally customize anything up to the smallest detail like this.

    • you are right, but dont get emotional.

      • Gorgonphone

        no he is wring.. .the tweak is lame as hell.. can i have a proper back grounding tweak instead please?

  • what happen to your voice Jeff ?

  • Never even noticed the bar. Until now. Now it’s hypnotic.

  • seyss

    Changed my life.

    • mine too lol

    • Sina

      What a great life you have !

  • this was the last thing i could think of to tweak in the phone. But hey, it is good to have even such a minimalistic change available. You never know, there are some people who love this detail (freaks). It is free, give it a try.