Apple’s suppliers must be speeding up production on next-gen iPhone parts, because the component leaks are becoming more and more frequent. Just a few days ago we were looking at the handset’s dock assembly and rear casing, and now this.

A new video has surfaced tonight, which compares several parts from Apple’s next-generation smartphone to their iPhone 4S counterparts. The clip gives a close-up look at the new iPhone’s front panel, dock connector and other internal pieces…

MacRumors shares the video, which was shot and uploaded by repair firm SmartPhone Medic. The footage doesn’t reveal much new information about the handset, but it does give us a better look at the next-gen iPhone parts we’ve been seeing for months.

In fact, these components match up perfectly with previous leaks. The larger display, the relocated FaceTime camera, and the smaller port — it’s all there. If you’re still skeptical on their legitimacy at this point, I’d like to invite you to a poker game.

Of course, we have yet to see the next-gen iPhone’s more interesting parts. We still don’t know what processor it’ll come with, the amount of RAM it’ll have or the size of its camera sensor. Perhaps the device will come with a few surprises after all.

  • AmazingBJW

    God, this is getting insane…

  • @dongiuj

    Instead of making videos of parts you should use that time to just build the damn thing so we can get the phone sooner.

    • waiting2

      That’s one as***ne comment. bravo! you hear that Foxconn? /sarcasm

    • Zenin

      no point building something no one wants…

  • No more Obama

    just a few more weeks away till we get to see the 6th gen of a phone i wont be getting (still in contract)

    • Gorgonphone

      get it used.. that what i always do..lolg got a used 4S for $250 3 months agoe

      • No more Obama

        thats awesome. here in korea 3gs is still selling for 200 or more. i sold mine a few months back for 230 and my wife’s for about the same. $250 for the 4S, you did awesome!

  • Guys this is gonna be it! Prepare to getting an Gs3 !! Lets make this an gs3 blog when the new iPhone drops.. LoowL….

    • Why get a GS3 ?? whats so special about that ?? its so freaking big and ugly the touch response is no where near like the iphone and seriously dont like the ugly plastic body.Its good initially when you get you are wowed by the massive screen size which is just too big but after a while it looses its charm when it comes to use and functionality and apps. My only down side with the iphone was the screen size which thankfully will be now perfect 4″ you can easily operate it with 1 hand , which you cannot when using S3 (i have big hands) so that downside has been checked off my list.

      • Andrew

        I have big hands and can operate a galaxy note with one hand. 4″ is not a large enough screen especially if they are only going to increase it length wise. The next iPhone looks awkward, not like a perfect apple product. What’s so special about the GS3? It has many features the iPhone currently does not and the next one won’t either. My guess is you really don’t have big hands but actually medium-sized hands because the 4.8″ is perfect, and I don’t have to cram my hand together to use the tiny screen on my iPhone 4.

      • Well said dude!
        my girl has gs3 and has small hands and had a iphone 4 and never wants to go back to that small ass screen.
        The video playback is outstanding combined with that HD res screen. I sold my 4 and waiting for my gs3 to arrive.
        Boring ass iPhone im sick of it jailbroke the hell out of it and still was bored after several years.
        Also the browsing is wayy better with a screen like that.
        For me to come back to iphone a lot has to change i want customisation and a lot of it, enough of this boring stuff.

      • Ronald Weaver

        You don’t have big hands. i have have medium size hands and i can operate a s3 with one hand while driving down the road smoking a cigarette. And i almost forgot, …my car is a stick.

  • I can’t wait for 12th of september because than all roumors of the iPhone 5 will end.

    But wait, shortly after that the roumors about the iPhone 6 will start…

    • iPhone 5s u mean

      • Gorgonphone

        yup we have t spend 2 years with this body style i wonder if the 6 will get a properly proportioned screen?

  • I’m so excited 😀 Pleeease confirm 12. Septemper! Gonna preorder as soon as the Store is back online after the Keynote :->

  • Next time these guys better clean up theire fingernails before they shoot a video LOL

    • Gorgonphone

      my nails are terribly dirty now O_O

  • I dont think this is wat Steve Jobs had in mind. The proportion of that screen isnt perfect. And he was a perfectionist. With that said i was an Apple fan boy since the very first iphone. I bought the S3 two weeks ago out of pure disappointment in the new iPhone design. Only gripe i really have is the screen resolution (sometimes) and thats just cause i still have a place in my heart for the iphones retina display. Many times ive said if this Galaxy S3 was running jailbroken IOS and had retina display it would be unbeatable. But i still have hope that these are just rumors. Il happily sell this S3 for a well proportioned redesigned iPhone. I dont want a 3rd gen iPhone 4.

    • Gorgonphone

      and a 3rd gen iphone4 is exactly what this looks like now.. its really sad hos small the screen still is compared to the S3

    • No more Obama

      haha 3rd gen iPhone 4, such a true statement. my wife wants us to move from apple to anything else. i’d be interested in giving a samsung phone a try but i’m really interested in seeing what will happen with windows 8, and nokia. but if the iphone was better proportioned, i would say sorry to my wife and we would stick with apple. but i really want a new designed phone. i’m not one for having the same look and feel for things for years.

      • Sold my 4s, bought an S3, waiting it to arrive :)..
        my girl has one nd my moms has one, played with S Beam feature yesterday.. I like it, sends hd vids out faaaaaasssttt…
        The camera and screen displays nicer than my full hd tv lol.
        Its so nice get it!

  • That screen proportion is absolutely disgusting. Steve Jobs was all about things looking well and working well, and this…this just looks ridiculous. I know he was supposed to have worked on the next few generations of iProducts, but I really think they changed this from his original design.

    • Ronald Weaver

      I agree about the screen completely. A person in another post here said that it would be great for watching movies. That so far is the only semi logical use for it. Other wise i just don’t get it. The change from generation to generation of iPhones has been monumental each time. I feel this might be a big flop if this is it. I’m saving my hard earned money for the release. But if this is it, i might have to skip this generation all together.

      • I agree. The only thing a 16:9 screen is good for is watching movies. But on a screen that’s only going to be 4″? That doesn’t really make sense. I’d rather have a 4.3″ 4:3 ration screen.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    As good as the device is, The very unfortunate problem with the S3 is that it uses an OLED display.

    The problem with OLED is much shorter life than a traditional IPS LCD. Now I know most of you are thinking, “well magic I don’t really use my phone more than two years.” But the problem is, these screens tend to degrade certain colors faster than others. Ultimately this results in some colors being even more at oversaturated overtime. And let’s not forget the bluish tint you get when reviewing white pages

  • I don’t think I like it I would like that screen to be wider as well not taller :/