With the witness testimony stage over with, and the trial set to be handed over to the jury this week, Judge Lucy Koh pleaded with CEOs from both companies to meet one last time today to try and resolve their differences.

Well according to Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson, the two CEOs did speak today. But, as you might have guessed, the last-minute settlement talks failed. It looks like the high-stakes trial is going to be left up to the jury…

The Verge reports:

“We’d heard rumors that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung were getting together today for one last court-mandated meeting, but their discussion proved unfruitful. Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson just told Judge Lucy Koh that “The CEOs did speak…There was no resolution.”

The meeting was a last ditch effort to bring the legal battle between the two companies to a halt before closing arguments start tomorrow. Because after that, the verdict and fate of these two tech giants will be put in the juries hands.

Judge Koh has stated on several occasions that the stakes were too high in this trial to leave it up to a group of citizens. And that’s why she has continued to urge both companies to try and resolve their differences outside of court.

That being said, the schedule for the remainder of the trial is as follows: closing arguments are set for tomorrow, and jury deliberations are expected to begin Wednesday. And then, it shouldn’t be too long before we hear a verdict.

How would you vote? Is Samsung guilty or not guilty of copying Apple?

  • Kok Hean

    Highly influenced designs.

  • We lose either way.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Ditto :-/

    • SimonReidy

      So true. If this isn’t the case to demonstrate the absolute necessity of a change to the patent system, I don’t know what is.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        If there were any hope of the singularity occurring in our lifetime software patents are going to dash it. Sorry people, no immortality for you. Apple is gonna make sure we all have to die. If only you were born 100 years later…so close, but so far away lol.

      • SimonReidy

        LOL. I actually I don’t know why I’m laughing, given you’re probably right. Or maybe you’ve been reading too much Ray Kurzweil material 😉

      • Geeks on Hugs

        ROFL I actually eMailed Kerviel yesterday asking about this point after I posted this. To be honest I’m dubious and even if it happens and say you can transfer your consciousness into a computer what kind of hell could you have if a malignant force gained control over it? Will the singularity end psychopathic mInds? Just a concern I would have to consider. I’ll post back here if he replies btw 🙂

      • SimonReidy

        He’s a legend (I read “The Singularity is Near” recently which was awesome), but Kurzweil is still a bit of a loony. He plans to bring back his dead father’s conciousness within the next 50 years so he’s certainly optimistic! 😉

        Having said that its easy to laugh at his ideas, but a lot of prior predictions of his have actually come correct. He certainly understands the exponential rise of technology (and its impact on society) better than most people on this planet.

        By the way if you’re interested in the future of technology and human body augmentation (a philosophy which Kurweil is behind known as Transhumanism or “H+”) then check out Bryan Singer’s (director of X-Men) new web series on YouTube called “HPlus”. Its a very cool series of short films that look at the potential danger of ours brains all being wired into the net in the future. I’d give you a link but then my post wont be approved by a mod.

  • I think it’s obvious that Samsung has copied Apple, but I don’t think they’re the only ones. I don’t think Apple should be worried, they’re always gonna be #1.

    • Ya sad for apple, even those Chinese android phones copy iPhone presentation and design shamelessly, sad. 🙁

  • fuck this shit im going with samsung on this one i used to hav the galaxy s but i didnt like it so i got the 3gs which i no longer have and they both look nothing alike even the icons they both look different.

    fuck every phone ive used uses a green background and white phone in the middle even phones before the iphone came out (nokia).

    • No they didn’t, there was no phone icon on Nokias… Just by looking through some images on google you can see how different Nokia is. Samsung is simply ripping off of something succesful.

      • lol you sure about that? nokia n97 BAM!

      • Blue icon with white “person” in it, called Contacts.
        Atleast check google images for gods sake.
        I don’t understand why do I have so many downvotes, when I am right.

      • James Beatie

        oi mate before you go and fucking judge people and tell them that they are fucking stupid go do some proper research and not fucking go to google images. ive had a bloody n96 and n97 and they both have a fuck green icon with a white phone and i aint giving a shit about what they have called the icon contacts/phone no one give a rats ass mate fuck seriously go fucking check the UPDATES the the phone has been through and look at the icon from there.

      • n78 n95 n96

      • I just checked and these have blue icon with white phone in it, called contacts.
        The phone icon is almost identical on iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S.
        You must be stupid to say that it isn’t.

  • BoardDWorld

    It is what it is, fact is until the original Galaxy S came in Samsung were tailing well behind HTC. Shamelessly ripping off the iPhone is the only reason it put them so quickly in the lead.

  • Nicolas Loots

    This is actually getting kinda boring. Another lawsuit, another ban, another company mad. I’m getting sick of this!

  • Apple gonna loose a big amount of their reputation if they loose this case….

  • Kayneeezy

    Guilty as all kinds of FUCK!!! FUCK YOU SAMSUNG!!! I love your TV’s and Appliances !!

  • Mikael Pozzi

    How will the jury vote? Ask them to put their phones on the table. Voila, Apple wins.

    • LOL’ I was actually thinking the same thing. What phones are the jurors using? Hopefully they picked a pool of jurors that are all using Nokia. Oh wait…

  • “Shouldn’t be too long.” Uh, really? This case is gonna take a while for the jury to decide, and even then I see it ending in a hung jury. Both companies copied someone else, both companies also rely on each other. Have Samsung pay the damages for the Galaxy S, and then make both companies cross license their patents so we can end this garbage of a trial. Either way, both companies loose in this trial. I’ve lost respect for both of them tremendously.

  • steelahlive

    The decision of the council must be unanimous Jor-El……Guilty

  • Guest

    there is a difference between windows and the nokia os that used to be made