Final settlement talks fail between Apple and Samsung CEOs

With the witness testimony stage over with, and the trial set to be handed over to the jury this week, Judge Lucy Koh pleaded with CEOs from both companies to meet one last time today to try and resolve their differences.

Well according to Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson, the two CEOs did speak today. But, as you might have guessed, the last-minute settlement talks failed. It looks like the high-stakes trial is going to be left up to the jury…

The Verge reports:

“We’d heard rumors that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung were getting together today for one last court-mandated meeting, but their discussion proved unfruitful. Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson just told Judge Lucy Koh that “The CEOs did speak…There was no resolution.”

The meeting was a last ditch effort to bring the legal battle between the two companies to a halt before closing arguments start tomorrow. Because after that, the verdict and fate of these two tech giants will be put in the juries hands.

Judge Koh has stated on several occasions that the stakes were too high in this trial to leave it up to a group of citizens. And that’s why she has continued to urge both companies to try and resolve their differences outside of court.

That being said, the schedule for the remainder of the trial is as follows: closing arguments are set for tomorrow, and jury deliberations are expected to begin Wednesday. And then, it shouldn’t be too long before we hear a verdict.

How would you vote? Is Samsung guilty or not guilty of copying Apple?