Despite the fact that we’ve seen a number of matching next-gen iPhone parts, from several different sources, some folks still maintain their skepticism on their legitimacy.

If you happen to be one of those people, check this out. The photo above is of one of the previously leaked dock connector/headphone jack assemblies, fitted into the frame and rear shell of what is believed to be the new iPhone

The images come from the folks over at iResQ, the Kansas-based repair shop behind last week’s dock connector/headphone jack assembly leak.

“We were able to fit the docking port and headphone jack assembly that we showed you on Friday into the new iPhone’s frame/back casing. The docking port and headphone jack assembly seemed to fit perfectly inside of the frame. One of our technicians was even able to screw the assembly into the pre-aligned screw holes inside of the frame. All of the threading and screw holes lined up perfectly with the screw holes in the docking port/headphone jack assembly.”

And this photo gives us a good view of what the bottom of the next-gen iPhone is going to look like, if current expectations hold true. As you can see, both the smaller dock connector and headphone jack line up perfectly into the pre-cut slots on the aforementioned rear shell.

While this doesn’t exactly prove that these pieces are legitimate, it does prove that it’s very likely they belong to the same handset. And with that in mind, these leaked parts we’ve been seeing are either the real deal, or belong to the best knock-off we’ve ever seen.

Our money is on the former, but obviously we won’t know for sure until Apple unveils the new iPhone itself during next month’s media event.

What do you think?


  • I am skeptical on it being the final unit, only because it isn’t very neatly put together.

    I have seen alot of open iPhones and that leaked part looks very messy, even the screws are quite big for those parts. I am leading more and more towards that these leaks that we have been seeing are the units that apple used to test with, if this was that actual next gen iPhone, where are all the take down notices like when the iPhone 4 was leaked?

    • I know for a fact this is fake, because those screws are not coated, they would rust inside the phone in less than a month

      • You must be some kind of idiot.

      • Im with you Maxim. Definitely less than a month to rust out, maybe 2 weeks. Great point. Nice attention to detail. Genius.

    • Alex Blaha

      Totally agree.

  • If this is the new iphone i will be very disappointed, a slightly bigger screen is not reason enough to upgrade from the 4s. it might be time to switch to the Galaxy s3!

    • Why does the iPhone have to change dramatically every version? Flat screen tv’s don’t change that much, new cars change but the same basic design is there, and computers haven’t changed in the last 5 years. In fact android devices haven’t changed that inch either besides the fact that each model is different. The Galaxy’s same basic form remains the same. It is not logical to think that that Ape can produce a completely refusing e iPhone every single year. In fact, it’s not smart. People recognize the iPhone for what it looks like, if the design was altered dramatically The iPhone would not be as popular as it is today.

      • totes agreed!

      • @dongiuj

        I think he’s looking for something different. I’m bored with my iphone and need something different. I hope the next iphone is a lot more interesting than the past 4 years i’ve been using it.
        It’s just what some people want. Some people just get bored sometimes.

      • It doesn’t have to dramatically change every year, but considering it has remained almost the same for 5 years now, it has to change. Yes, there were two design overhauls, but it is still that same 3.5″ device it was in 2007. Look at how much Android changed and improved over the years. Starting with the G1, and all the way to Galaxy Nexus, differences are more than obvious. Hardware *and* software wise.
        The mobile industry is definitely the fastest growing industry today. Things change very fast, from year to year. Just to give you an idea, two years ago, single core processors completely dominated the market. Now we have quad cores smartphones, widely available LTE, etc…. Apple simply has to do something big this year, and by what I see, stretching the screen vertically isn’t really all that much. Maybe they will include NFC (for the new Passbook app) or even LTE, but we can’t know that at this point.

      • No more Obama

        it doesn’t have to….but it should. can’t they innovate? this design is from two years ago. time for a change. a little longer doesn’t cut it. and dont get me started on ios

      • ^^^i agree 10000% apple is being lazy and relying on the classic iPhone 4 design/… let it go now and give us a change like what we saw from the 3GS to the 4/4S.. not another 4S type design

      • No more Obama

        iphone 4/4s was a beautiful phone. but when i look at my 4S these days it just looks like an old design. mainly because it reminds me of my ipod touch from 2007 and my 3gs. the sides are nice and i love my clear glass backing but please innovate. but apple doesn’t change much. it takes years sadly. i’m a person who needs change often. we can hope no? :-s

      • And let’s not forget the lack of fluidity and extreme lag from time to time. They’re just not smooth phones.

      • Not even getting into an Android vs. Apple debate. Just stating that most companies flagship products remain the same because, well, people like them as they are.

        This is completely out there but just take a look at Coca-Cola. They changed it and people got pissed because they had already perfected it. Not saying the iPhone is perfect but you get the idea. Why not stay with what works and slightly tweak the parts that don’t work so much.

        Even Androids best sellers perform well because people previously bought the last model of said phone. The Galaxy SIII is a solid phone and people know it because they have either owned or have previously heard good things about it. It remains (relatively) the same as previous generations. Samsung knows this, that’s why it has stayed the same, except for software of course, which has jumped dramatically for the better in recent versions.

        Basically, all I am saying is that Apple has a good thing going. Changing the design of the iPhone will take away from the hoopla that they have already gained. Why not bank on it while they can. My girlfriend, who couldn’t tell the difference between a house phone and payphone, can notice an iPhone when she sees it. Apple has accomplished their goal when it comes to recognition.

      • BMW has changed their cars alot over the years and apple need to be more brave and do the same..

      • Kok Hean

        I don’t think the S III isn’t smooth.

      • no androids are ever smooth..lolol

      • THAT IS TRUE BUT THE iPhone needs a proportionally larger screen and stereo speakers and 4G LTE and better cameras and a 128 GB option

      • SoCoMagNuM

        correction. Galaxy S3 is different than the Galaxy S2 in many was even shape of phone.


      • No more Obama

        iphone can fit on the screen of the galaxy note and there is still a lot of screen left. i call the iphones screen a baby screen. im glad we will have a bigger screen but when i see my friends 4 inch androids to me they look outdated. so maybe 4.3inches would be better for my tastes? you?

    • blckaapl

      Disappointed with the 4S and already jumped to the S2 wagon last year. Predicted the same for the next iPhone Gen, already jumped to the S3 wagon. LOL! Got tired of the UI. Ain’t no debate here as i loved both Droid and Apple! Each to their own uniqueness! 😉

      • the 4S is the best iphone performance wise but it looks the same as the 4 so it is boring and yes the IOS UI is very boring and IOS 6 will not change that so jeailbreaking is essential to add cool features to the iphone..

      • blckaapl

        But whatever it is, I still can’t seem to let it go ~ lol!

  • seyss


  • takean

    I’m not sure if this is apple. I have opened my share of different apple products and this looks clunky. Other apple products are designed within with a clean layout and design. It may be legitimate…but it doesn’t look apple IMHO.

  • seyss

    If you really believe the next iPhone will have that bottom and that back you should kill yourself

    • No more Obama

      because the back is so ugly or because the back is so ugly?

  • That headphone port doesn’t look right

  • I still do not understand how can you believe that apple are going to believe that this is the future iphone, is rubbish and never ever will be, nor is the iphone 6

  • Irfan Tarique

    It would be a huge win for apple if they can incorporate a larger screen on the current dimentions of the iPhone

  • No more Obama

    please give us a new design apple. thank you

  • Kok Hean

    I’d be really pissed if there’s going to be a smaller dock connector.

  • harit7

    It would be great if its a knock off. 😀

  • akshay babbar

    Dear Apple,
    I have been loyal customer for you since last 4 years.. Please don’t force me to look for an another alternative. You have been innovative and I hope you would come out with all new design for Iphone 5.

    Loyal Customer

    • No more Obama

      innovative? really? umm iOS is and has been pretty stagnate the past number of years. iphone 4 was innovative. iphone 4S, nope. adding a little length to the iphone 4/4S? nope please truly innovate! we all want innovation!