Apple’s stock has taken down several major milestones in the past couple of days. Last Thursday, AAPL closed at an all-time high of $636.34 per share, and it has since surpassed its all-time high of $644.

Today, the stock is trading at a staggering $665. And given the fact that it has 937.41 million shares outstanding, that gives it a market cap of $623.05 billion — the highest ever for a publicly-traded company…

Apple surpassed the record for highest market cap today, a title held by Microsoft since late 1999.

MacRumors does the math:

“Microsoft’s market capitalization peaked on December 30, 1999, reaching an intraday high of $119.94 per share. With Microsoft having documented 5,160,024,593 outstanding shares as of October 31, 1999 in its quarterly earnings report, the company would have had a market capitalization of $618.89 billion on December 30.”

The site goes on to point out that if adjusting for inflation, Microsoft still retains the title by a hefty margin. And there are a few other technical caveats. But on paper, by the numbers, Tim Cook’s team takes the cake.

Apple’s recent surge in popularity with investors can be attributed to a couple of factors. For one, the company just handed out its first dividend in the last 15 years. And it has an extremely powerful 6-month forecast.

Next month, Apple is expected to unveil several new products, including an all-new iPhone, a smaller tablet, and a line of revamped iPod products. Needless to say, analysts are expecting a record-breaking holiday quarter.

  • stats are fun.

  • Manuel Molina

    Now seems like the perfect time to put some money into Apple stocks.

    • Dan

      I actually thought about it back when the stock was below 300$… Kicking myself today!

  • notewar

    $664.55 per share? Man…thats my weekly wage

  • Mac_Guy

    When you account for inflation, Microsoft back in 1999, would be worth $800+ billion today. I’m happy to see Apple stock come back up but it will dip slightly once the new iDevices are announced. Then Apple stock will rise substantially again when the devices are released. $800/Share by the end of 2012Q4 seems like an easy task for Apple to accomplish.

  • coejam

    You can return your ipod to Apple store for exchange.

    • No its ONLY on this page/article .its fine otherwise 🙂

  • Hyr3m

    As ridiculously overpriced as every single Apple device or item. Not really surprising… Apple has made an habit to fuck people over…