Google-owned handset maker Motorola Mobility on Friday filed its second lawsuit against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that could see Apple’s Mac computers, iPhones and iPads banned from sale in the United States…

Bloomberg relays an e-mail statement by the Illinois-based Droid maker:

We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations.

The Wall Street Journal chimed in, writing that Motorola accused Apple in the filing of breaching seven of its patents related to location-based reminders, Siri, push email notifications and media playback on cell phones, amongst others.

Motorola today also issued press invitations for a product launch slated for September 5 (Droid Razr HD, perhaps?), conveniently a week before Apple is rumored to unveil the next iPhone and the same day Microsoft/Nokia have their own Windows Phone 8/Lumia related presser.

It’s gonna be a crowded September.

Motorola and Apple locked horns over patents in 2010, following failed licensing talks. Apple argues that the Droid maker is refusing to license standards-essential patents on fair terms while claiming that Motorola’s Android-driven devices ripped off key patented features of the iPhone.

The ITC is also reviewing a previous ruling from Motorola’s first ITC case against Apple. That ruling, due August 24, could have devastating consequences for California-based Apple because asserted patents cover crucial 3G technology used in both iPhones and iPads.

Apple on its part argued that the tech is standards-essential and should be licensed at a fair and reasonable price under the FRAND act.

Remember, Motorola previously won a case against Apple in Germany over its data synchronization patent. As a result, iCloud users cannot have iCloud email pushed to their iOS devices while located within the borders of Germany.

Now that Google has completed its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola, effectively becoming a handset maker, any settlement gets more complicated.

While Motorola as a standalone entity may be interested to take care of its own needs, Google clearly has broader agenda, especially in light of the ongoing Apple v. Samsung litigation, currently unfolding in its third week in a San Jose court in northern California.

What do you guys make of this?

  • They’ve already won it somewhere else, so pretty sure it’s gonna be easier to win here too. Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t it Apple?

    • Now I can see why Google buying Motorola is very good decision for Google and Android. Apple was silently removing Google from devices and striking Android phone companies. That’s how Google repays. lol

      Now Apple get to taste their own medicine.
      Actually it’s good for us, mobile users.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        Lol what a idiot you are.

      • Nabil Jaser

        Like to elaborate on that? Why exactly is he an “idiot”?

      • Motorola was one of their biggest Android partners, that’s why they bought them. It just made sense too.

  • @dongiuj

    Brilliant. I’m really starting to see that spoilt little child that never shared his/her toys. Keep going apple, soon you’ll lose a lot of your friends.

  • takean

    GOOD LORD!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not on any side as of now. Just wish a meteor would take them all out so I can go back to banging two rocks together again and no one sues others over stupid crap :p

    Grow up everyone!!! (corporations that is).

  • It’s clear MOT owns the parents, even APPL admits that. It’s a question of frand. I.E. Money!! This is why our phones cost so much.

    • Nabil Jaser

      But these patents have nothing to do with FRAND since they’re not standard essential.

      • It’s standard to the way iPhone works. And Android. Why GOOG bought MOT

  • ExRoot

    OMG. Enough already!

  • I’ll have to stick with my apple device that I currently own if they were to become banned. It’s not fair for either apple or android users.

  • Jose Cheong

    omg please let google win. Apple deserves to be punished since they started this whole mess.

    • hate to tell you… but google actually started this mess. re-read the article and you’ll find out that google started it in 2010.

      • Nabil Jaser

        Wow you’re quite the moron you know? Motorola filed the first suit yes…but Google had NOTHING to do with it since it wasn’t even in talks to buy out Motorola back in 2010. I wish ppl just googled shit before spewing crap.
        As for this lawsuit…these aren’t standard essentials which is a huge difference than ones under FRAND terms. So technically speaking even if Apple decided to pay up for licensing fees Motorola can still refuse (like Apple does with their patent portfolio). However I think this is the reason Google paid $12.5B to buy out Motorola. These patents are very powerful and quite unique. All Google is trying to do with this lawsuit is having the patent troll Apple agree to cross license their patents so they could finally stop suing Android OEMS for a fuckin rectangle. Once they reach a cross licensing deal Apple may finally decide to “innovate” once again. Less lawsuits = more innovation = better products for all of us (iOS, Android, BB, WP, etc)

  • There’s a BIG difference between standard technology (like GSM, SMS, GPS, and other stuff like that) versus patented software or hardware that can take different looks, behaviors and shapes. But somehow, some “derp genius guys” around the world can’t understand that.

    This is like apple being a dick for some things that they have made open-standard, like the MiniPortDisplay, OpenCL, WebKit…and many, MANY other things that haters try to forget at all… and are being used in so many computers/mobile phones around the world.