Surprise, more photos of leaked next-generation iPhone parts have surfaced. Over the past few days we’ve seen images of what are believed to be the battery and dock connector of Apple’s next smartphone. And now this.

New pictures of a purported next-gen iPhone piece have popped up online this evening. This time, the component in the photos is said to be the motherboard of the upcoming handset…

The new photos come from a WeiPhone forums user, republished by the folks over at The French blog has been the source of several images of claimed leaked iPhone parts over the past week.

Unfortunately, the motherboard images don’t offer much in the terms of new information regarding the handset. There’s no CPU or any other chipsets attached. But 9to5Mac highlights some interesting details.

After speaking with internals experts, the site says that the piece in the photos matches up with a number of previous iPhone 5 reports, including the handset having a smaller SIM card, a bigger battery and more:

“iDeviceGuys also says that more antenna connections are present (compared to the iPhone 4S), which may lead credence to the rumors pointing to this new iPhone as the first LTE smartphone from Apple.

Apparently, the digitizer connector for the display is also tweaked, and this may point to the already-rumored new screen technology coming in this new iPhone.”

A bit of photoshop work, laying the above motherboard image over a photo of the previously leaked back cover, proves that this part matches up with previous ones, suggesting that the components may be legitimate.

We obviously won’t know anything for sure until the iPhone event next month, but the stack of evidence in favor of a two-tone designed handset, with a 4-inch display and LTE-compatibility is getting taller by the minute.

  • Don’t you think that’s too much information??
    A super secret phone that apple builds it self around is just being leaked in bulk info and not even a word from the tech giant??
    Smth is fishy here

    • Manuel Molina

      I agree with you and Presidentwalter – things don’t sound like they lined up with one another. I remember when a video of the new Verizon iPhone 4 leaked with the change for the death grip on the last batch of iPhone 4’s, and the video was taking down so fast that most people didn’t get to see it. Apple would have usually hides or tried to stop media outlets from these pictures and leaks, and even more than that, they would have stopped it to prevent any lost to their Q2 sales — which happen anyways. The point is, it just sounds funny that the battery is so crappy, the phone looks ugly in my opinion, and Apple has done nothing to stop or keep this secret. Maybe this is really the iPod touch.

      • presidentwalter

        There is indeed some speculation that this string of leaks is an elaborate hoax by Apple. Something that I hope is true since I really wanted an all aluminum back iphone. But the sheer amount of detail in every case, from the antenna connectors to the consistent details on size make me take hoax ideas with a grain of salt. I think with the catching up of Android OEMs and giant leaps of progress Windows phone and Android have been making, the next iPhone will need to be the biggest leap Apple makes since the original iPhone and iPhone 4.

      • M.

        If we have aluminum backing, say goodbye to signal and say hello to Death Grip 2.
        It’ll have to be steel (as antenna) or something, but not aluminum. It’s cheap.

    • @dongiuj

      Could be a possibility that apple releases info to slow down sales of their competitors. Also, just enough info that doesn’t give away too much detail but just enough to keep some people interested and to hopefully stay on board the apple train. I know that a majority of people on this site will disagree with me and make comments like “that’s not apple” and “apple would never do that” as if they’re top possitioned staff in apple. But in my opinion, It’s a possibility.

      • i’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but that phone really doesn’t attract me at ALL…. if that appears to be truly the next gen. iphone then i would be really disappointed with apple’s designers 🙁

      • @dongiuj

        From what i’ve seen so far about the next iphone i feel the same. But for some people they will never change to another company’s phone because won’t be apple. It took a little to get used to using the iphone. It will only take a short time to get used to a different phone too.

      • Kok Hean

        Well, it took my mother like one day to get adjusted.

      • @dongiuj


  • I’m starting to believe that that is the new iPhone.

    • smtp25

      Just like when the 4s was doing the rounds and people thought it was a dev model in a ip4 body. This is the new (rehash) iphone

  • presidentwalter

    Everything seems so sketchy right now. Never before has so much been leaked on a next gen iPhone (other than the iPhone 4 itself back in 2010). I just can’t grasp the idea of apple allowing so many leaks or not even trying to take down some of them like it always does.

    • Impeach Obama

      iPhone 4 seemed kind of like a leaked phone for the iPhone 4S 😀

      • ReanimationXP


      • hahahaha @ReanimationXP:disqus

    • M.

      It’s a most wanted phone on the planet, unlike them android copies. People will leak pictures of it as there is probably millions made of them.

  • notewar

    IDB is so quiet today.

    • Daniel Levi

      its always like this on sunday. *sigh*

      • Kok Hean

        It’s Monday here.

      • Daniel Levi


  • The baby.

  • Irfan Tarique

    This is too much! They are giving away the surprise.

  • I think It’s time for someone to forget the new iPhone at a bar.

  • We keep getting all these parts but we arn’t learning anything useful from them, like CPU and gpu specs or the cameras mega pixel.