Now that the dust has settled from the revelation that Apple has done away with the stock YouTube app, what are your thoughts?

We’ve polled you about your YouTube app usage, but now we want some in-depth insight on your feelings about YouTube’s removal from iOS 6…

Last week, we asked you about the prospect of Apple developing its own gaming controller, so in this week’s video, we share a few of your answers to that question as well.

The most well thought out responses to this week’s question will be featured at the beginning of next week’s Question of the Week video.

What do you think?

  • MSD

    To be honest I hid the app from the very first day I installed SBsettings. Whenever I view YouTube clips it is via another app or link and with app browser the youtube app is completely redundant. So removing it will save me space. (granted not much but hey) and the option to delete the stocks app too please.

  • Não faz diferença nunca usava este app(YouTube) que venham outras inovações!!

  • DomPerignon1

    I couldn’t care less. I’ve been using ProTube since its release.

  • dont care…we can always use safari..which is far better

  • YouTube sucks as hell man! Try Foxtube guys, it’s awesome!

  • Foxtube’s way better than YouTube… Recommend it.

  • emeraldfyr3

    I am very happy that they are removing the stock YouTube app for a couple reasons. Firstly, it means that Apple will implement YouTube integration into Safari. It has always confused me why 3rd party websites can use mobile YouTube format to play videos without leaving Safari but YouTube itself cannot. Secondly, this also means that Google will probably create its own YouTube app on the App Store which, if we learned anything from Chrome, should be just as good or better than the current stock app, plus it will be optional. I like the YouTube app’s ability to manage subscriptions and uploaded videos, but the search page and the way to leave comments leaves much to be desired.

  • I feel great. The YouTube app is lacking in features and needs some love.

    • therealjjohnson

      What feature are you looking for to be added?

  • It’s about time. The Youtube app was an annoyance to say the least.

  • therealjjohnson

    Guess I’m in the minority because I have no problem with the stock YouTube app. I use it more than the website. People are complaining about features and no updates…it’s YouTube. I find the video I’m trying to watch and just move on. I use it mostly on my iPad and leave comments. It’s basic and straight to the point. I’ll miss it.

  • For me I’m dissapointed. I find the quality on the videos on the stock app to be better then that from the browser or ProTube. I could be wrong here on that but I know I’ll miss the stock youtube app

  • I used to use it sometimes, just because I don’t like viewing youtube in Safari, but I do agree that it was a pretty retarded app. I am very excited to see where Google goes with their own YouTube app.

  • Daniel

    As long as Google releases a Youtube app, I’m fine with Apple removing the stock one

  • Youtube is owned by Google. They are the ones who need to make the App and make it available in the App Store, not Apple. So, yes… I think its better because Google working on their on App will make it always updated for the latest features.

    • chin2793

      I hope they don’t make it like a Gmail app.

  • U can always get it from d appstore anyway.. And more than likely it’s gonna be free..

    • I have to ask, why do bother spelling out some words, but not others? U for You, D for The but you don’t do B for Be? I just don’t understand…

  • Love mxtube. love it more if it can download the vevo videos like atube, and has 1080p option like atube. hopefully there is also the vimeo video downloader at cydia.

  • A toast.. to the late demise of the YouTube iOS app, & to ProTube’s timely rise to newfound glory! :p

  • it’s really good job

  • I love protube better but I will actually miss it for my iPad. I find it easier and faster to check my subscriptions in the stock app than in protube. And that’s it. You get very limited results in the stock YT app.

  • I loved the Youtube app

  • Hugo Oskarsson

    HAHA Youtube was one of the only stock apps i didnt want removed! Iknow google is gonna make a new one for the app store but all of apples restrictions is gonna stop it from working the way it does now 🙁

  • The video quality seems much higher in the YT app than in safari, so I use it soley when I’m air playing.

  • It’s good that they remove it. i was always annoyed when i tapped on a search result which was a youtube video and the ipad took me to the youtube app, to watch it there. of course you can disable the youtube app in the settings, but if it’s only there to get removed, it should be gone at all! BTW protube is a good alternative to the stock youtube app, especially because of the download function but it’s only available in cydia. i think there should alsoo be apps as protube in the app store but apple won’t ever allow that…

  • dady king

    Any ways I don’t use YouTube app. If I use either I go from safari or protube.

  • I dont care .. iphone UI is very boring now.

  • I just go to YouTube using safari. Same with on my iPad.