Not to pile on after Sebastien’s review of the Nexus 7, but I just had to share this little tidbit of information.

I emailed Google customer service over an issue that I had with the Nexus 7, and I received a response. The problem is, the response came 17 days later. Yes, a one followed by a seven. 408 hours after the fact.

It’s just another reason why Google has a long way to go before they can come close to the Apple experience…

Here is the original automated response I received from Google Play:

And here is the follow up, a mere 17 days later after I received the initial automated response:

Okay, fair enough, they warned me about “extremely high volumes” (whatever that really means). I think it should read, “To be honest, we were caught off guard that people actually desire an Android tablet.” A delay is one thing, but this is beyond a delay, this is over half a month later. Sadly, I’ve read many reports that corroborate my experience on various message boards.

To add insult to injury, the response acts as if I actually spoke to someone at Google, when in fact, I’ve never spoken to anyone. No one’s called, emailed me, sent a pigeon; nada. How can you “promise” something, when I’ve never spoken to you in the first place? And does Al actually exist? Or is that actually AI, as in Artificial Intelligence? As in another canned response that somehow got sent out?

No big deal, I’ll just take my Nexus 7 down to the nearest Google Store. Oh, wait…

For the record, I still love my Nexus 7, but Google, and every other would be Apple competitor has a severe disadvantage in the customer service department. Like it or not, that counts for a lot.

  • Couldn’t agree more with this article.

  • JamesR624

    Ooh. So you cherry-picked one bad experience to talk down Google just so that you could make it seem like Apple’s doing great? I thought this was idownloadblog, not ifanboyblog. I come here for regular news about Apple’s iOS and Jailbreaking. NOT for articles made entirely to bash other companies just so Apple looks good by comparison. In fact, the very fact that you guys have to do this shit now shows just how poorly Apple has been doing as of late.

    • Don’t get mad. This wasn’t a cherry pick, it happened to ME. How is that cherry picking? I experienced it first hand, and many others have as well.

      • JamesR624

        Okay. so this guy and about 5 other people had this experience. That TOTALLY means Google is shit, and Apple has the best customer experience ever, right?

      • See my post above.

      • Nevermind, just saw the post you were actually referring to. My bad.

      • You’re missing the point. It’s not one bad experience. If that was the case, I would have never even thought of posting this. The truth is this: I’ve had more unsatisfactory customer service experiences with Google than I have fingers or toes, across all of their product lines. This is just the latest such experience, and it happens to deal with their flagship tablet, hence I felt it was worthy of posting.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        hey jeff no need to explain these tardroids.
        Just Ban these Fags, it’s their daily routine to Troll here.

      • C’mon man, let’s be civil. We can have a civil discussion without resorting to name calling, and that goes for everyone.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        i know, but it’s just pointless to argue with these empty brains you know.
        i don’t get one thing why these Apple haters spew their hate on Apple fan sites/blogs daily…talk about insecurity

      • I understand what you say, they nag on apple blogs instead on their own but reconsider what Jeff says, he knows what he’s telling us 🙂 I believe we can all read idb and respect the writers thoughts/facts/reviews without starting a big “drama” 🙂

      • Stop kissing his ass please. LoL

    • Kevin Holzendorf


    • adam lompis

      With all the respect James, Jeff in no way was “cherry-picking” Google at all. He clearly states ”
      For the record, I still love my Nexus 7, but Google, and every other would be Apple competitor has a severe disadvantage in the customer service department.” He is not bashing Google, as he even says he still loves his Nexus 7, just stating the fact that their customer service is lacking completely.

      • JamesR624

        Yes. So, my sucessfull order and return with refund of a Galaxy Nexus (couldnt get signal on that particular phone) means nothing and google has no customer service experience. If you guys want to cherry pick (and yes, that IS what is happening) try picking out some of the good experiences too.

      • The problem is, and I’m honestly not trying to be funny or cynical here, is that I don’t remember any good experiences that I’ve had with Google from a Customer Service standpoint. I’m a YouTube user, Gmail User, Adsense, Adwords, Android, etc. Of all of the times I’ve had to reach out for support, I’ve either never received a response, received an extremely delayed response, or they send me to some black hole of a message board, which caused me to totally give up, or find the answer on my own.

      • The bottom line is that you can rarely, if ever, talk to someone face to face, or over the phone. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I’ve never been able to do this. Every time I’ve heard of someone getting timely support with Google, is because they knew someone who worked there. Again, I’m just speaking from my own experience here, so correct me if you’ve experienced anything different.

  • slowdeath

    Once they send they pigeons, I’ll buy a Nexus 7.

  • Why is this site turning into a typical internet hater? It all started with a few posts here and there about how and what the competition is doing, and the same excuse was given every time, how it is fine to keep an eye on the competition. Until recently, this was my go-to place to find out the most recent relevant news and tweaks. But now all turned into a giant pissing contest. The site is now riddled with ridiculous Samsung and Google bashing stories… You based this entire story on one, only ONE measly negative experience as well as a few forum posts, and came to that conclusion how Google has a long way to go… What the hell! Once, it took Apple 12 days to reply to one of my emails, and do you see me ranting around everywhere? No, because that would be incredibly stupid and dishonest of me, plus I understand how my premium ass isn’t the only one emailing customer support! I feel as if you have a some sort of Stockholm syndrome where you became completely obsessed with the other side and you simply cannot let go. What the hell is happening???

    • JamesR624

      It’s called “defensive fanboyism” the idiots that think apple is a god go into this state when their beloved company starts turning to complete shit, cant keep up with technological advances and competition and turns to litigation to FORCE people into their 5 year old technology.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        oh woww so many butthurt fandroids droning on idownload blog, color me surprise.

        GTFO you assholes

      • The reason I’m here, is because I’m looking for Cydia tweaks, apps and ways to make my iPhone better, and certainly not to argue with uncivil, close-minded people such as yourself.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        GTFO Typical Tardroid

      • I think there is an error in your argument, because I don’t think a typical “tardroid” has an iPhone.

      • Idownloadblog isn’t the “center” for all JailbreakTweak tweaks, apps and “ways to make your iPhone better”, if you’re so desperate, find another blog, idb mixes well the content and they’re great writers 🙂

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

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      • Impeach Obama

        typical apple lover. have so much hate in you for people who don’t hate samsung, android, google. you must be a liberal like sebastien. which is why this site is going this direction

      • Techpm

        You’re not fooling anyone Tr1pTr0p.

  • Thomas Decker

    I think I’m gonna find a new iOS blog, if all you guys are gonna do is just hate on android. I really have only stayed for the cool tweaks that you show.

    • AforAppleAforAndoid

      go away..

    • Manuel Molina

      Jeff has mention in his Nexus 7 review that he loved the product, but it’s the company behind that product that isn’t doing their job. It’s like my experience with Sony. I loved their PSP but had issues with it and had a headache with getting service when I needed from Sony. These are big companies, so 17 days to get back to a customer who brought your product seems like you don’t care about that person. That’s kind of what a lot of Android users say about Apple and their buyers, when in truth, that’s not the case.

    • Just tweaks? Idb is more than tweaks and apps and “making you iPhone better” :/

  • My YouTube account got suspended for no reason. It took me a month to get it working again and Google didn’t even apologize + refused to explain how/why did the account get suspended

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. This applies to nearly everything that Google has their hands on. I love many Google services, and I’m a big Nexus 7 proponent, but I’m speaking about their CUSTOMER service.

      • Al

        I really believe it’s a situation of Google having their hands in so many areas. I mean, I’m not disagreeing with you on how poorly their customer service is. Apple has superb customer service, but I just feel with all Google services in so many areas.. they miss being able to communicate with customers on a personal level..

      • Agreed.

      • If that is the case then maybe shouldnt just dabble In 20different areas if they arent prepared. If they have so many good services ..then CUSTOMER service should not be a problem. Thats no excuse.

    • Kok Hean

      Mine got suspended without being restored. I’ve lost 500k+ of views.

  • This hasn’t been my only bad experience with Google, far from it. The fact of the matter is this: Google needs to have a better method for acquiring support if they really want to get serious with hardware. Yeah, yeah, Asus manufactures the Nexus 7, but the average customer sees Google.

    Bottom line: they need a better way to interact with customers. Have you ever tried to get support with ANY Google service in the past? It’s nearly impossible. They take forever to respond. As someone who’s used Google since its inception, I believe I can speak with authority on this. Their Customer Service is sub par.

    There’s no need for you to take offense to this post. I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.

  • I feel for you Jeff. Clearly anyone who disagrees with the fact that Google has 0 customer service skill never had to deal with Google. Try getting in touch with someone at Google about a Gmail issue, or a Google Analytics issue, or a Google Adsense issue… All you’ll receive is an automated email reply with a link to Google forums. We’re not bashing Google here, we’re just stating facts. I understand some people may want to defend Google, it’s totally fair, but if you have never had to deal with Google customer service, you just don’t know how this really works.

    • adam lompis

      Sebastien I completely agree with you. I work for Verizon and whenever we get a customer who forgets their Gmail password and comes into our store looking for answers to help them we cannot. At times they make you fill out a questionnaire that I don’t think 95% of customers could fill out being they cannot remember their password in the first place. Then you get a automated response from “The Google Team” saying “You will receive further instructions within 24 hours. And I will tell you that I have never had a customer get any type of response. There is no contact information, no numbers or emails, everything takes you to a forum or a pre determined location about “similar” questions without every speaking to anyone. Google does indeed makes some very nice devices, but customer service lacks a department and it is quite sad how awful it truly is.

  • Will Walker

    Totally unacceptable. I would have had to let them know their customer service was unacceptable.

  • Jonathan Mrdrexclusive

    Is not about been a Internet hater, this article give you examples of the horrible lack of costumer service some big company names out there give to there costumers.when we shouldn’t get, we spend a lot of money purchasing there products for them to give us bad/poor services.we have to be realistic at times and let them know the areas they are poor in lack of service.which big company upgrades the service like apple to save us a big headache which we don’t need.

    • I don’t get what you’re trying to say. I find a lot of contradictory in your post. I’m so confused.

  • Leo Sack

    I find this better than apple’s “cough up thirty bucks for help” policy.

    • You’re joking right? I rather pay $30 for Apple’s superb customer service then get left 17 days without a response from Google’s customer service.

      • Impeach Obama

        if you have a complaint then you will NOT get a response even when apple has done wrong.

      • I had an iPhone 4 a while back, the home button was faulty, I was also out of warranty. I called their customer service and they directed me to their webpage where I was able to fill out all the necessary information that was required. After filling it all out, it gave me instructions on how to ship my iPhone 4 to Apple. It included everything I needed, for example: Apple’s shipping address and the type of packaging required. It took me a week to get the iPhone fixed. Which is pretty reasonable considering the Australian post only post stuff on weekdays? And shipping takes a while…

        TL:DR, My complaint was the home button of my iPhone 4 was faulty, with no warranty. They fixed it, and shipped it back to me.

  • Before I buy any product my first question is about the warranty and after sale service. If there is any discrepancy I won’t buy it, but sometimes I won’t know this until the situation occurs. Currently I’m dealing with a company regarding a faulty product for the past 3 months. What pisses me off is that they’re telling me they’ve never received such and such email. It makes me want to drop a bomb in their office….

    • Would that company happen to be dell or hp?

      • No it’s nothing like them giants… Now I just want return it get my money back. What makes it worse is that I got it insured by them…

  • 17 days to forward an email to specialist?

  • Reading this I have deja vu. I ordered a Nexus and when UPS delivered it, they didnt require a signature (UPS says its Google’s responsibility to require one, thats neither here nor there), and it was stolen off the front porch. I called Google and explained the situation. They were very understanding and told me they would disable the device and send a request to send me a replacement, hearing from that department within 48 hrs. Its now been 3 weeks and I still dont have a replacement and everytime I call I get the standard “Our professionals are looking into it, rest assured they will get to you soon” response. I even emailed them and got the same automated response as above!!

  • 2008crna

    Truth be told if Google were to get their business model together and have tighter reign on QC from manufacturing, design and marketing of Android products they could be the dominate portable electronics company. The problem is they pride themselves with the idea of an “open platform” (a misnomer for sure) and Fanbois would raise heck about it. Wake up Google! It works to make Apple billions on 2-5 year old hardware so it can work for Google too when Android electronics have better tech specs to begin with.

    • Truth be told, their Android platform is more fragmented then any other platform. Unless Google can get this fragmentation under control, I don’t see any way how Google could possibly compete with iOS. Just my 2 cents.

  • Sandman619

    Although they only bought Motorola Mobility for its patents, this would be an excellent opportunity for Google & Motorola to add value to that single transaction. While I’m not familiar with Motorola’s customer service acumen, they could advise Google on actually developing a responsive customer service operation. Sadly, it appears that outside of some luck with search algo’s, Google isn’t in the ranks of exceptional businesses

  • i would say im pretty impressed with the google play store, of buying applications on the internet and it directly appears in your phone. other than that, android still sucks

  • What I find interesting (almost hilarious) is that the same people that complain about this post supposedly meaning that “because one or a few people had a bad experience, then Google must be the worst company ever” are the very same people that are saying that “because this blog is posting this article it must mean that Apple, its services and products must be going down the drain”. See the irony? Yes? If you’re one of those that think that way, heeeere’s your sign 😉

  • David Canfield

    wow this is relly a piss off contest gdet a life serosly

  • Rao U

    I have to agree with the sentiment of the poster about the Google Play Customer Support. I am an absolute fan of Google products. But their weakest link is their google play customer support.

    Let me recount my experience.

    1. I ordered a device.
    2. I found out that the order was unceremoniously cancelled by Google Play. When contacted, they said “the credit card charge was rejected by the bank”
    3. So, I called my credit card company to find out why. They said they had NO record of any charges being rejected.
    4. So I asked Google Play. This time they pulled another blatant lie: “we can’t tell you due to security concerns”
    5. So I called them to learn of this mysterious security concern. The supervisor basically said he never heard of such a thing.
    6. So I asked Google Play to explain. A long email thread ensued where they basically piled lies to cover previous lies.

    The interesting thing about google play customer support is – they couldn’t really care less about the customer! they should call themselves customer frustration team.

    Google makes great products. Google play customer support basically kills customer interest in their products.

    I wish Google would hand over selling to Amazon.

    I have the entire email thread which reads FAR WORSE than my review here. If you can help it, go somewhere else to buy google products – like Amazon!