You’ve seen the leaked components, in fact, you’ve seen tons of them. You’ve seen the third-party cases and you’ve seen the tell-tale discounts popping up. It’s pretty obvious that a new iPhone is on the way.

But just in case you needed more proof, a new report is out this morning claiming that component-makers in Apple’s Taiwanese supply chain just posted record sales for the month of July…

AllThingsD reports:

“Preliminary sales data for a group of component suppliers that generate 50 percent to 60 percent of their revenue from Apple rose by an estimated 14 percent month over month in July, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. That’s almost double the average sales increase of 8.5 percent that those suppliers have posted over the past seven years, and the strongest July on record for the group.”

Not only are these numbers indicative that a new iPhone is on the way, but they could also reaffirm previous reports that Apple has multiple product launches planned for the fall.

Alongside its new handset, Apple has been rumored to be unveiling a smaller tablet — dubbed the ‘iPad mini‘ by the media — and revamped iPod touches and nanos in Q4 of this year.

All of these products are expected to turn up at an all-but-confirmed media event on September 12. The iPhone is expected to be available shortly after, but there’s no word on the other products.

  • stop tagging the news “iphone 5”! there is no way it’s going to be the fifth iphone. it will be the 6th gen iphone or “the new iphone”. and you all know it. iPhone 5 is iPhone 4S

    • Al

      Honestly, if you follow the iPhone as much as any reader on iDownloadblog or technology website we are aware of this information.. notating it iPhone 5 is no big deal.. it’s definitely not going to confuse the reader.. unless the reader have no idea what an iPhone is.. but given the situation the reader is currently on iDownloadblog.. I doubt that would be the case..

    • Any once in a while a dumb fool says this…

  • rowan853

    Lots of talk about screen size and what the thing looks like but no official blurb on spec, camera, processor or any of that good stuff!

    • Please some Apple A6 Quad Action!

    • Please more memory

    • 1337lolzorz

      I’m guessing they will make it A5X same as the new iPad. As much as I’d like A6 I think they’ll save it for iPhone 5s (new new iPhone)

  • The title is kinda dumb you don’t need proof that a new iphone is on the way, everybody knows it, the title should be something like “more leaked pics” or something like that, this title made me laugh, as if after all the “leaks”, all of the sudden they’re just going to say “sorry no more iPhone”.

    • Maybe you should run your own iPhone/iOS/iDevices blog and come up with all this news and fancy story lines.

      • lol dude chill it was just some helpful criticism, i know iDB has good blog posts, you don’t have to get all pissed and stuff.

  • JasonT

    Am I the only person who is disappointed on all the rumored specs and design of the new iPhone? I never thought I would say it but I might be jumping ship….

    • markfulaytar

      I just jumped ships to galaxy s 2. I regret nothing

      • 1337lolzorz

        Even though the s 3 is out?

      • markfulaytar

        Yahh. I’m only 16 so that was a luxury I cudnt afford. By I am more than happy with the s2 skyrocket

    • 4p0c4lyps3


    • macboy74

      I never understood people who jump ship. I have a iPhone 4, SGSIII (that I am going to sell soon) lumia 900 Asus transformer and a nexus 7. Why jump ship when you can have the best of all worlds.

  • I’m all for the rumored Design, but please apple:
    1. Quad Core processors (Not really, but would be good to have )
    2. At least 1 GB Ram (Because when Jailbreak is released for it, I don’t want to have a slow device after a few tweaks)
    3. Much Much better battery (Perhaps the most important request )

    That is all 🙂

  • seyss

    New iphone……. Pls……….l

  • lol its actually very obvious that there is a new iphone coming because every single year a new iphone comes out