We get it. The status bar is useful for telling the time and for displaying your remaining battery life. But what if you don’t need that information to be always visible?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the real estate borrowed by the status bar, and use it for your apps? Some apps, like games, already do this; it’s called full screen mode.

What if you could force all of your apps to run in full screen mode? If you have a jailbroken device, then you no longer have to hypothesize about that scenario. That’s because Maximization is a jailbreak tweak, that allows you to do just that…

Once installed on your jailbroken device, nearly all apps are immediately forced to run in full screen mode. Some apps won’t cooperate, but the majority work just as you would expect.

The amount of space taken up by the status bar on the iPhone may not seem to be that big of a deal, but it does make a visual difference. You can definitely notice a difference when running, say, the Notes app in regular mode, and then switching to the Notes app in full screen mode. It might seem like the space occupied by the status bar is just a mere ~20 pixels, but that little bit of extra space makes a big difference visually.

Now obviously, hiding the status bar presents a small issue. You can no longer view the information that is contained there. But the developer — Rudolf Lichtner — was aware of this issue, and made a compromise. Instead, you can access the time and battery percentage by pulling down the Notification Center tab. This was obviously inspired by another jailbreak tweak in Cydia called NCTabClock — I’ll follow up with a post about that tweak a bit later.

Accessing your time and battery percentage using this method isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing method in the world, but it’s gets you by in a pinch, so that you don’t have to go back to the Home screen just to see the time or battery percentage.

After installing Maximization, all of your installed apps have full screen mode enabled by default. If you decide that you don’t want a certain app running in full screen mode, then you can easily disable individual apps by means of the settings panel in the Settings app. Each app is assigned a simple on/off toggle that can be used to enable or disable full screen mode.

Once you alter a toggle for an individual app, you may be pleased to hear that you don’t need to respring. Just kill the app and restart the app for the changes to take place.

Maximization is obviously a tweak that lends more benefit to the iPhone and iPod touch, considering that they both possess relatively tiny 3.5″ screens. You might not think that the iPad would be supported, but it is. I found that Maximization works just the same on the larger iPad, as it does on its smaller iOS counterparts. Even though the iPad has a huge screen, I still found it appropriate to run apps in full screen mode.

With such a useful tweak, you would think that the developer would charge for his efforts, but he hasn’t. Maximization can be had for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

Again, I never thought that such a small amount of space could make a difference, but it does. From a functionality standpoint, I’m not so sure, but for a pure visual standpoint, it certainly excels.

Be sure to let us know what you think about Maximization in the comments section below.

  • The_Rise_Of_The_Shrimp

    If you run this tweak and want to check the battery or time, just swipe down for Notification Center.

  • LOL at the first @ mention! The extra 20 pixels does make a difference. The only thing I really miss is the double tap to scroll up. Perhaps, a gesture to scroll up could be an added feature.

  • It is great for User Experience. As some apps need the status bar hiding. The tweak has some bugs but will be fixed later. Right now enjoy the tweak as rud0lf makes one good tweak (like this) and make 10 crappy ones after it.

  • This is cool guys

  • It’s a great tweak but I’m worried I’m going to miss double tapping the status bar to jump to the top of the page, I use that function too much to not have it.

    • Jeffrey Steiger

      is there a way to work around this? I can’t not have that.

      • I don’t believe there is. Ryan Petrich released a subsequent tweak that builds on this tweak. It allows you to toggle full screen via an activator tweak. By default, the gesture is to shake your device. It’s helpful when you want to view your status bar to scroll up.

      • Jeffrey Steiger

        Thanks! Do you know what the follow up tweak is called?

      • Sina

        Monocle on Ryan Petrich’s repo.

      • Jeffrey Steiger


    • You’re righ but actually you just need one tap to do that

      • Seems I’ve been wasting an extra tap for all this time. Live and learn!

  • this seems like a cool idea. the more screen real estate the better. i’m installing now to see. great tip!

  • Jeffrey Steiger

    I installed the app. It looks nice but I can’t jump to the top of the page anymore (by tapping the status bar). Is there a way around this?

  • Feel Free

    the teak shoud leave the choice deativacte the time and battery percentage! I use Activator and I have gesture in the status bar! please fix!

  • Feel Free

    sorry, 2 messages

  • i always want my status bar so this tweak is not for me

  • cool but i still think that the iphone screen is still too small :/

  • Sina

    I prefer using “Monocle” from Ryan Petrich (On his own repo).
    It allows you to toggle full screen via an activator tweak, Shake device by default.

    • Kind of. Ryan’s allow you to toggle the tweak via an activator gesture. However, Ryan’s tweak does not open in full screen, you’ll have to activate it. By default, it’s shake your device.

    • Monocle has far more Bugs, it works like this (with the toggle) because it is incompatible with NavigationBars (the Statusbar appears above them), I worked around this issue…

  • Hi Jeff, does it works for iPad or it’s just only for iPhone?

    • Jeffrey Steiger

      I think it says it works with the iPad.

  • I prefer full down method, just like safari tweak. It toggles to fullscreen when u full down and back

  • Raddi

    When a Cydia tweak can do that, Apple will do the same to fit the resolution of the new iPhone with larger display. I mean, the tweak adds 20 extra lines to every app, i think apple can do that too and then no app have to be optimized for the new iphone because the OS itself can handle it.

  • Warning…! my iphone is fucked up after that shit. It starts with my ipod app games and apps chrashing like crazy am so mad all was perfect before 🙁

  • Ye

    Do people care about status bar?it is not a bad idea!!!having it…